RIP Clark Park Gazebo

January 27, 2024


Mayor Casie Franklin and the Everett Parks & Facilities team have decided to remove the long troubled Clark Park Gazebo. In its place, the dog park will expand.

Clark Park Gazebo removal

Clark Park Gazebo to be removed.

We’ve reported about Clark Park and the Gazebo many times in the past.

In 2015, Six moms and a dozen bikers took back the park. In 2016 there was a fight over a sword. In 2017, the park was part of a story where 16 people were arrested in three days.

In 2021, a drug bust led to an arrest of a man with a Musket. In 2021, the Bayside Neighborhood used grant money to paint the park walls. A woman was stabbed in 2022.

Clark Park was named after one of Everett’s founders, John J. Clark. Built in 1894, it was originally named “City Park” for it was the first park in Everett. It had a grandstand and hosted concerts until the late 70s.

The Gazebo had fence around it for nearly a decade and was finally removed a couple years ago. Unfortunately, the Gazebo and park became a place for homeless to sleep, especially after the no sit-no lie ordinance because parks were exempt. Soon, the Gazebo will be demolished or relocated.

Clark Park 9

The Parks Department put up a chain link fence with padlock keep people out of the Gazebo due to vandalism.


Face painting in the gazebo.

Caroling at the Clark Park Gazebo

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