6 Moms And A Dozen Bikers Take Back Everett’s Clark Park

Clark Park

More than a dozen bikes line the east side of Clark Park

Clark Park 4

Everett Police talk with both groups.

Clark Park 5

A couple of the bikers invited by the moms stand watch.

Clark Park 7

A discussion on proper use of the park takes place.

Clark Park 8

While some talked, others collected bags of trash.

Clark Park 9

A chain link fence and padlock keep people out of the Gazebo.

It was an interesting sight Thursday evening as at least a dozen bikers accompanied a half dozen moms shortly after 7:00pm at Clark Park in north Everett.

They confronted two groups of people who they said had been making the park unsafe for the neighborhood.

“I live three blocks from here and when I come to the park with my kids I see drug deals, people flashing knives, fighting and I’m tired of it,” said “C” a woman who asked not to be identified.

As the bikers confronted some of the people who had been in the park there was some shoving and Everett Police were called.

There were no arrests and while the “moms” went around the park picking up bottles and trash, the bikers stood watch as the two groups that were confronted packed up blankets, backpacks and bicycles and left the park.

Another woman, “W” said she has started using Facebook and social media to try and organize people to make Everett safer.

“People are tired of being sworn at, threatened and disrespected by people who are hanging out in this park,” said “W”. “We’re going to take it back.”

Two hours later the only people in the park were the moms and bikers while several who had been run out were riding bicycles in circles and spread out through the neighborhood.

“We’ll be back tomorrow and the night after and as many nights as it takes to get word out that you can’t deal drugs and threaten people at Clark Park,” Said “C”.

Everett Police and Park Rangers have made many arrests and issued multiple trespassing warnings at Clark Park and have added extra patrols.

The City of Everett has put up a chain link fence around the gazebo in the park making it inaccessible and rendering it basically useless.

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58 Responses to “6 Moms And A Dozen Bikers Take Back Everett’s Clark Park”

  1. Kondrad Hyland Says:

    since the Gazebo has been fenced forever why don’t they just take it out i mean it takes away the beauty of it just sitting there having a fence around it (holds a sign saying “Save The Gazebo”)

  2. Andy Says:

    There is a drug house near us, the Everett Police don’t seem to want them to leave, the police are there every night, they know the people by name. After breaking into a garage, they deny it and nothing happens, after stealing our property, they deny it and nothing happens. If they police knock on their door, they ignore them and they go away.

    I would suggest the bikers start beating these addicts up so they are bleeding, nothing broken, then ride away and not answer any police questions, nothing will happen. I hope a bad dose of meth or heroin wipes these people out, but there is no need for good people to go to jail for them.

  3. Ross Says:

    That park belongs to Everyone ad a group of thugs need to try helping the than running there mouths about how they can kick there asses.they are like 12th graders picking on 3ed grades and I was there and stood up or the homeless and on of them big tough bikers tried to shove me on my ass four times and could not do it because he is a bitch just like the rest of them thugs. nothing Moe than bullies.

  4. soon to be former Everett resident Says:

    While I wholeheartedly support the moms and bikers, I agree with everyone that this isn’t going to stop the goings-on at Clark Park. My husband and I lived on 25th and Colby about 5 years ago and we absolutely loved it. We then bought a condo in south Everett, which is a nightmare. Now we are ready to sell and buy a new home. First we wanted to move back up to North Everett, but it’s so much worse now. The drugs are out of control. I was shocked to see panhandling in downtown, right on Colby and Wall. That never happened when we lived there. I hate to say it, but Everett is now disgusting and we are willing to fight traffic on I-5 from Boeing everyday to escape the crime and drugs and get out of the city.

  5. Concerned Resident Says:

    I live just across the street from the park, and have watched the situation unfold in the past months. I do feel for the displaced people who used the park as a day shelter–but that’s not the intended purpose, and this concerns the local residents. Although I have not experienced it personally, some of these people have brought problems into the neighborhood, which I feel requires decisive action. Clark Park must be a safe place for children and parents alike–otherwise people we’ll all be afraid of the uncertainty and wild behavior of some of these transients. I just knew this was coming to a breaking point, and glad that people intervened. For the record, I have never felt unsafe in the neighborhood or Everett town, despite some of the funky people wandering about. I have lived in supposedly “richer” areas with a lot more problems with break-ins, vandalism and violence. Most people here are friendly, and respectful of other’s property.

  6. 10 year Everett Resident Says:

    I have read every comment about the mom’s and bikers taking back Everett’s Clark Park.

    The City of Everett, Washington has one of the highest crime rates in not only the state, but the nation. Look it up–why??? It does not help that they release the mentally ill back into society here in the city of Everett. It does not help that the homeless are just getting herded from one area to another. Society should have addressed they people before they were dangerous by noticing they had issues when they were kids and young adults–but the mentally ill cannot be diagnosed until they are over 18 and that prevents family from taking action if they are a legal adult….and by now have started self medicating and filling up the legal system.

    I have been a resident in Everett for over 10 years. In the last 18 months, our “Historic Community” has had a rental property over-taken with druggie’s that local residents called about for months of suspicious activity. Then the house right next to ours caught fire and was a total loss…that family lost everything (2 small kids and they lost their dog in the fire). The investigators said it was spontaneous combustion in the grass catcher of the mower–I warned the fire dept. upon arrival that that mower could catch fire and explode–please get water there….well they did not listen. They wanted a closed case. I believe it was the druggies that did it–because that Dad had stood up to them. It was only after the fire that the police listened to all the statements of the other residents and then raided that rental duplex a week later and then the problems all went away….for now. Now there has been a women’s body found in the area pond…and lots of police activity in the local park…and rumors of 3 other dead women found that they have not released info. about to the public???? We are close to both missions also and they camp out in the park and on the nature path along the river.

    If you want to take back Everett, it takes all citizens to take action–GET ORGANIZED–stop talking and complaining and start doing!!! Start a Block Watch, start Citizen Patrols, Post signage announcing the community involvement. Attend your Neighborhood Meetings. Invite the Everett Police to attend and present the Neighborhood Crime Report. Apply to be an Everett Police Officer….yes–how about that? Have you walked in their shoes? I see volunteer senior citizens driving the Crime Prevention Patrol Units–they are taking action. Talk to your neighbors–know each other’s phone numbers in case of emergencies. Do late night patrols–rotate with others to keep a few from carrying the burden. Post cameras to provide proof for prosecution. Take pictures of license plates.

    Be good parents by knowing what is going on with your youth….they are the future citizens or druggies of Everett….do they show signs of mental illness or drug use…where are your kids, who do they hang out with? Are you a parent that is involved? or are you checked out–buried face in technology or too busy and too tired when you get home to be bothered?

    None of this is easy–but this is what it takes for a city to be taken back one neighborhood at a time. Everett was founded in Lowell…the founders of Lowell started with a logging camp and it grew with the hard work of a few men, then families, then town’s people. They knew what hard living was and they started a town and they made it happen. Why can’t we just start a Block Watch? We sure have time to “game” and use social media sites. Society now is too quick to complain but never takes action. Be an example, be involved, and take action–and stay involved to keep it this way. Hopefully our children will carry on these values to stop the zombies we label as druggies, street people or “homeless”. Who are they? Maybe they did not have to end up this way? Back in the old days they took the throw-away’s of society off at the county farm…the sight for the original Snohomish County Farm is now where the Evergreen State Fair Grounds is now located. Check your history. For now…let’s just fix it–we need more bikers and mom’s like these in the world. I’m with you.

  7. Annie Says:

    I’ve lived near the park for years and used to love the little gazebo, even in its chain-link encampment, and the wide grassy lawn with big shade trees. However, a few years ago, I was informed by a neighbor that I was surrounded by “drug houses.” I diligently drafted my observations of ‘suspicious activity’ over 3 years in EPD online crime tip reports. All to little or no avail! Not once did an officer contact me to say that my comments / complaints were even reviewed by the department, let alone acted on or dismissed for cause or budget. This is even after I documented how young girls who looked like they were still in high school were visiting these houses and possibly acting as the carriers between drug houses.

    I suggest that we press for more answers on what our police department is equipped to do with both person-power and fiscal budget. Allowing private homes and public parks to be commandeered by the sort of human being who will traffic in illegal goods or services because a corporate job with rules and responsibilities is too unappealing can destroy the safety of a block or entire neighborhood very quickly. Not to mention the risk to children and unsuspecting tenants or buyers of houses that have been contaminated by meth-manufacturing.

    After making several non-emergency / suspicious activity calls to police during one particularly rough stretch, the message I got is that it takes too much time and resources to ‘investigate’ this kind of activity. They would rather solve crimes that the druggies or drug-dealing generates residually, e.g. thefts, assaults, etc. than do behind-the-scenes work to prevent them. Let’s find a way to be proactive rather than reactive to keep our parks and neighborhoods safe.

    • soon to be former Everett resident Says:

      I feel your pain. I live near Mariner HS: tons of gang activity and drugs, along with tons of crackheads, tweakers, and other assorted lowlifes roaming near the Home Depot on 99. I fill out the online tip forms, document all i see, even personally call the Snohomish County Sheriff Office but I get ignored and told there are no issues. No follow ups, no contacting me, nothing.

  8. Laura Says:

    This is so awesome! I LOVE hearing about citizens taking responsibility for this city instead of just complaining and expecting everyone else to do it for them. What a great story. If there is a way for others to be involved, please point us in the right direction!

  9. Anon Says:

    Its amazing that it takes the public to clean the parks up, instead of city government. I’m sure that the officers would like to, but the leadership in the police department and prosecutors office has to support them. I know EFD is *very* short staffed on its patrols anyhow. If you want this stuff fixed permanently, you have to call the mayors office and demand action.

  10. Michael Says:

    Best thing I ever did was move away from that dump over 15 years ago. I just laugh at anyone who says it’s getting worse. North Everett has been a cesspool since the mid 1990’s. No one has cared about the issues going on there for many, many years. Apathy, ignorance, and poverty is a horrible combination. Combined with a police force that is only interested in revenue generation through traffic emphasis versus actual police work, is the recipe for the disaster that the area has become over the last 20 years.

  11. Everitte Says:

    I agree with Anonymous post above about setting up webcams for the public AND POLICE to see that can spot and report illegal activity as at least one proactive approach we could take.
    With this much attention and hopefully consequential arrests, it might make a difference.

  12. Nanette Says:

    Can there be a closing time, say of 10 pm. NO activity after that. It would not attract the wrong crowd so much everyone had to leave by 10, I would think

  13. Riveaira Says:

    I am a former homeless drug addict. I did not hang out in parks. These people are lazy. And yes their behavior & trashing the park is unexceptable. If they want to hang out, they need to obey the rules. Not sure of solution. Maybe try talking with them to see if they might agree to a few rules: stay away from children, pick up after themselves… Not all of them are bad people
    If they can act decently they should be allowed to stay. It is a public park. Some of them may agree to control their behavior. They can self police themselves and kick out the trouble makers.

  14. Rhonda Burke Says:

    I watched the police drop off some nut on the corner of my block, he started screaming, and carrying on, so we called 911 and made them come back and get him. Not sure what we are paying them, but it’s too much.

  15. FreeAdvice Says:

    The 2nd amendment, use it or lose it. Shall not be infringed!

  16. big man Says:

    I want to say a thank u to bikers against child abuse if it wasn’t for these selfless men the people would still be over running our park. God bless to these men me and my wife and kids say thank u for doing what others wouldn’t and giving back we are so happy for our kids having a park to play in again thank u baca

    • Pumba Says:

      Big Man, While there are BACA members involved with City Gaurd, it is actually a coalition of a few different clubs, and growing every day!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Just have a few people who live around the area setup cameras aimed at the parks and post “Area Under Video Surveillance” signs.

    Make the cameras viewable on the web AND record the video…make it known that you’ll provide the video without a warrant upon request.

    If people get the park and the surrounding streets with a few angles you’ll get enough info for prosecution.

    • Sami Says:

      I like this idea. I think I’ll drive over there today and do some recording myself. My kids work at Burger King and Wendy’s, and they have to put up with these people all the time. I go pick them up cause I’m afraid they will be at their jobs, being where they should be, but at the wrong time. And with these drug addicts any time can be the wrong time. I would rather it be me than them. It’s not like they can just change jobs either. They are adult teens with little experience and a baby on the way.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    these people choose this life style. They have stepped out of life. When these people gather to do their drugs or alcohol, they throw their trash and drug paraphanalia all over the place. They don’t try cleaning up after themselves. Life is tough for everyone and these people need to get a life. There are several programs out there that will help them.

  19. Craig Says:

    This makes me feel respect for the citizens of this city again.

    I am sick of the homeless sleeping in the parks, leaving used needles in my garden and stealing stuff off my porch. Tired of listening to the drunks on the street at 2am.
    When I go to the grocery store or the gas station, I have been threatened and cursed at, for not giving these jerks money.

    We have called the cops on drug deals numerous times, and they don’t even show up.
    It is obvious that the city of Everett won’t do anything about it.
    They have held our neighborhoods hostage long enough. I am glad that there are others here that feel the same way.

    Please let me know if there are more meet ups in the future. I will be there!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Im glad people are finally taking a stand for their public park. Im a former rededent of everett of all my life and have seen all kinds of activity there and not to mention although i drive i still ride my bike sometimes and was stolen and seen my bike there at the park and shortly after i reclaim my posetion back and i knew where to go to search, so yah im glad that theneighborhood is taking back was is rightfully theirs

  21. big man Says:

    To bad there isn’t a number we can call to let the bikers know when these creeps come here..

    • rip70 Says:

      Too bad you can’t just call the police, right? Thank you to the bikers and the moms. My husband and I may come down later on our bike to help.

    • FreeAdvice Says:

      Call 1911 and ask for Colt.

    • Pumba Says:

      There is now a City Guard face book page, it is run by the bikers, for the community, it is a direct link to us so we know where we are needed, We will NOT back down, we will NOT go away until the problem is resolved, it is our true hope to make life so uncomfortable for the addicts that getting clean seams the best option, and so dangerous for the dealers and gang members, that leaving Everett IS the only option!

  22. big man Says:

    They come right back the minute that the bikes left this morning.they are nine fights deep I’m praying that the bikes come back please boot them again.it’s 946 am Hoping that these few stragglers get the point we don’t want these homeless druggies at our kids park

  23. S Troff Says:

    I am a born and bred southern Calif girl, so i am not new to the “bad” neighborhood element. Ive seen it, and lived NEAR it, but never IN it like i have in EVERETT. I have lived here over 5 years now and have had multiple items stolen, a home burglary, and seen so much street violence i cannot wait to move.
    19 more months and Im out of here. This area is over run with angry, drug addicted street people. Honestly, i have no problem with street people as long as they live and let live and dont pose a threat to me. Sadly, the Everett street folks, for whatever reason, are very dangerous. I have taken every precaution available to arm myself and protect my family and belongings.

    Kudos to the moms and Bikers in chasing off the dangerous element, but unfortunately the problem isnt solved. Thinning the crowd doesnt eliminate it. They will be back, and they are angry.

  24. George Bentley Says:

    This is what happens when crime is treated as an illness. Addiction is an illness crime is a symptom.
    A person with addiction doesn’t have to do crime, they choose to. As long as the law goes easy on them they will keep doing the crime to support their addictions. Law enforcement must be hard on these people and force them to face the consequences. It is only when they “hit bottom” can they start the long process of recovery.

  25. Laura Reed Says:

    I’ve only lived in Everett about six years, but I have definitely seen it get worse. Lots more heroin and alcohol abuse. If you’re driving on the main roads at night, it’s like dodging drug addicts in dark clothes on bikes. I really wonder if they are doing it on purpose for insurance money. It almost seems purposeful. I pay extra attention now to side roads, because I never know when someone might shoot out in dark clothes on a bike.

    It’s a really tough issue, one that can’t be fought with “Not in my backyard” logic only. I only hope I can solve one of the issues soon.

  26. None Says:

    I agree this is only a band aid. However, someone needs to stand up. I thank the moms and bikers for caring. I use to play tennis at Clark. I was pushed out by the thugs last summer. Last summer there wasn’t nearly as many as thugs as there is today. I also agree that they are just,going to move somewhere else or ride in circles.

  27. Mark Warren Says:

    I have talked with the police about this for several years now. But ‘we’ dont want to deal with the problem. We just want to push it away from our eyes. We dont want to pay the price to take care of the abused and homeless because its not our problem. We refuse to raise taxes on the billionaires and monster corporations and would prefer to blame the economic problems on the poor and helpless.
    What do we expect these people to do? Will you give them a job that pays enough to keep a roof over their head? Or will you continue to insist that these people are just leeches and moochers? Will you vote for the party that says workers should work longer hours for less pay and less benefits? The same party that wants you to work for more years and eliminate Social Security? Or will you vote for the people who want to fix the problem instead of just pushing it out of view?

    • Annoyed Says:

      Where do you get off making this about politics??? You politically minded people are such an annoyance, with your routing of YOUR parties values. Save it for the political articles. This is about community banding together to fix a wrong. You don’t just HAND active junkies jobs.

    • Niki Says:

      You give these junkies jobs and it will go right into their arm, nose, pipe, ect.
      Guess what, if they don’t want help, no matter how much you try to help them they are not going to accept it. Jobs and opportunities to better themselves are not the problem here, drug use and addiction is. This is a place where these drug users can meet up with their drug user friends, hang out, hook up, and get high. This is not a homeless camp, this as a location where the drug addicts are able to meet up with others to get their fix.

    • X Says:

      This is just a temporary thing…..Moms and bikers can only spend so much time there……the rest of the time the problem element will come back like roaches.

      No I am not referring to homeless people in general. Just the ones that think they are so badass they have to harass other folks for no valid reason.

      They are such ittle girls….they feel the need to arm themselves because they are so afraid of everyone…..and they know they are just inept morons pretending to be hoodlums….they probably are afraid of the dark…..them wants their mommy……

      Congrats to the gentlemen who escorted the Moms to the park.

      I hope things get better around there for everyone.

  28. Joel Says:

    Also a big thank you is warranted here. I like playing tennis at the tennis courts there, and have never seen anyone playing on the courts that border the park, only the ones that border Oakes, most likely due to fear of the shady business that goes on in the park. Just last week we spotted a woman going through a man’s bag he had left on a bench while he was playing with his toddler. We alerted him and he (very politely I might add) confronted the woman who claimed “confusion” and left. I understand that intimidation and displacement are not the answers to the real issue, but at the same time public parks should not be places of fear, danger or anything but fun. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in a confrontation at this park to treat the other person with respect, and know that often, the drug issues they might have are merely a symptom of a much deeper disease. Thank you for keeping the park safe, and please do all that you can to help the problem, our city is worth it.

  29. Niki Says:

    This actually makes me proud to live in Everett!

    Moms and Bikers, Thank You!

    My neighborhood has formed a block watch and in two years we have seen crime decrease on our street by 2/3rds. We just celebrated our third annual block watch barbecue, which once again was a huge hit.

    Get to know your neighbors, know who belongs and who doesn’t, and let’s take back our neighborhoods!

    • marcee Says:

      Yes I feel the same way I live on Rucker very close to police dept. Had my car my sons car broken into broad daylight . I to hear gunshots so much . People don’t think everett bad the need to think again. Wish more neighborhood were like yours congratulations

  30. Jennifer Says:

    It’s the city of Everett. I have lived there for almost 4 years now and have hated every single mute of it!! First it was in an apartment that was infested with crime. I was scared to leave at times. In fact the the 2nd day we had moved in, there were gun shots right outside our window due to a drive by. I had no idea how bad it was there until we moved to Everett. When we finally got out of the apartments and found a home…the crime did not stop. Our car was broken into the first week we moved into the home. We live near the Bowling Alley and Library and Cops and/or emergency vehicles ZOOM by every single day. The prostitution that goes on near my home is also out of control. Girls walking up and down Evergreen selling themselves. It’s crazy in Everett. Can’t wait to move!!

    • marcee Says:

      Yes I feel the same way I live on Rucker very close to police dept. Had my car my sons car broken into broad daylight . I to hear gunshots so much . People don’t think everett bad the need to think again.

  31. amanda Says:

    Good for the moms and bikers however I still refuse to take my children there.

  32. Layla Says:

    So glad I don’t live in Everett, got clean, got my stuff together and bought a house with my fiancé away from that area. You couldn’t pay me to live in Everett. Ever.

  33. Jo Says:

    I just hope it doesn’t make them start going to another park in the area. There are a few others that are close by.

    • Layla Says:

      You cut off one head and ten others grow back, it takes more then intimidation to help this problem. People are so blind and ignorant they think that bikers and mom’s that show up will stop this for good? ::sigh::

      • Anonymous Says:

        If we KEEP showing up, it will. And once the word gets out, that ALL parks, NOT just this one, are a off limits for drugs, alcohol, etc. 2 block radius. The parks belong to the kids.

      • marcee Says:

        I don’t think it will stop it for good but maybe it’s a start :).

      • Anonymous Says:

        At least some are trying, while others such as you are whining aboutwhat is being done. Why don’t you at least give verbal support to those that are trying. And look at the email from people in the neighborhood that have found out about this and want to help. If people keep banding together, they can make the problem go away.

      • Jason Says:

        Well if everyone stood up for themselves and their community then these people wouldn’t have ANY parks to go to. Or, you can just sit back and ridicule the people who get off their butts and try to make a positive change in their community.

      • Eli Says:

        Layla Says:
        August 21, 2015 at 1:44 AM
        You cut off one head and ten others grow back, it takes more then intimidation to help this problem. People are so blind and ignorant they think that bikers and mom’s that show up will stop this for good? ::sigh

        No it will never handle it for good, and when we try to help them by giving them social security/food stamps and a place to live. They turn around and use those benefits to get more drugs. While our children are harassed and denied a park meant for them. I am sorry there is a time for talk and a time for action. This is the time for action.

    • None Says:

      That what will happen

  34. William George Says:

    Clark Park has a bad history with my family.
    My mother was attacked there, and I almost got in a few fights myself there.
    I was passing by the park one day, when kids started swearing and calling me names.
    I’ve seen those knives get pulled, I’ve seen it all.
    Good for these bikers and the moms for trying to clean up this place.

    • JOHN Says:

      Just in case any of you druggie saved up enough money or stole a device in which you can use the internet and are reading this, know that I am the guy three houses away between the churches that always yells at you when you get loud and obscene in front of my home! I am sick and tired of finding your needles and other paraphernalia in my front yard! Thank You to these bikers and these moms and note that my wife and I will gladly join you. I have 3 children who can play at the park during the school year but all summer can’t because of these drug addicted idiots that cus at us attempt to fight us, and provoke others to join and deal drugs at the park and in the ally behind my home. Also in the last week I have seen two car accidents and one of them involved a pedestrian (druggie) on a bike. There is also been three overdoses at this park in the last two weeks. I almost hit one of these idiots on the corner daily because they think they own the area . It’s about damn time we came together as a community and handle this.

      • marcee Says:

        We need more people like you the bikers n mom’s to help . That just gave bikers the good name some deserve it’s sad that it has come to this.
        I aplaude you.

  35. WeThePeople Says:

    Good job. Send the bill to mayor oblivious and the police chief.

    • BigMoney Says:

      The mayor does make about 14 grand monthly. Getting rich as a public servant must be tough. Raising taxes is the solution I promise.