Photo Enforced Traffic Ticketing in Everett Starts Monday

The alarm bells were activated in our coverage of the new photo enforcement program in Everett. The time has arrived. On Monday, May 6th, traffic violations in the photo enforced areas will be ticketed.

During the past month only warnings were issued for violations. Latest numbers show that the photo enforced traffic ticketing system led to a 75% drop in school zone speeding. Now, with actual tickets being issued, the city expects this number to continue dropping.

In particular, the cameras in the Horizon Elementary school zone along West Casino Road will be active with payable notices of infraction beginning on May 6th. The automated speed enforcement at this location began with signage to raise awareness at the end of February, followed by a 30-day warning period that started April 3 to give motorists time to change their driving habits.

A 2023 study in this one school zone showed that there are more than 10,000 speeding vehicles per month traveling 10 mph over the speed limit while the beacons were flashing. During the education and warning period, the number of high-speed vehicles has dropped to about 2,500 per month. Further declines are expected.

City Traffic Engineer Corey Hert is leading Everett’s photo enforcement efforts. “We want Everett to be a city with zero fatalities from speeding, especially in school zones. As part of our Vision Zero strategy for Everett, photo enforcement will be an important tool to enhance our traffic safety efforts,” said Hert.

Other locations will be implemented eventually, as shown on the map and listed here: Where Everett’s Photo Enforced Traffic Cameras Will Be.

The City of Everett’s ordinance is designed to provide maximum safety benefit, and requires that all proceeds from photo enforcement must go toward traffic safety projects or programs. Potential safety projects include school speed beacons, enhanced crosswalks, lighting, sidewalks and traffic safety enforcement programs.

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