Bayside Neighborhood Brightens Everett’s Clark Park With Color

October 9, 2021


The revitalization of Clark Park continues. Back in June the fence around the Gazebo was removed and now volunteers from the Bayside Neighborhood are putting the finishing touches on new color along the tennis court wall on the west side of the park. Jane McClure, Chair Bayside Neighborhood Association provided this update to

You can see the “Color Perspective” up close and from a distance. Photo credit Bayside Neighborhood Assn.

Project coordinator, Erika Flak, (pink hat and pink plaid jacket) consults her graphic design layout while volunteers begin adding the first color layers to the primed concrete wall.
Ms. Flak is an artist with Funko, and as a member of the Bayside steering committee she brought her design skills and color knowledge to this project. Photo credit: Bayside Neighborhood Assn.

The fence around the Gazebo is down and color is going on the wall.

On a recent Saturday volunteers of all ages worked on the wall.

The Bayside Neighborhood Association (BNA) is in the final stages of completing their 2021 Clark Park community art grant project.  Over the course of two consecutive weekends Bayside Steering Committee members: Betsey Mullen, Christina Strand, Lisa Phillips, John Phillips, Henry Cotter, Dulcy Stout, Erika Flak, Scott Calentine, neighbors, friends and kids of all sizes turned out to paint the Clark Park wall.

Finding a way to bring a flash of vibrant color to Everett’s oldest, and somewhat sedate Clark Park landscape was the goal. An article about transforming inner city basketball courts into murals, called Project Backboard, was the seed that sprouted the ideas for a vibrant wall of colors.

Other large scale uses of color in urban environments were also explored. Bayside Steering Committee member, Erika Flak, volunteered to head this project and has been the creative force moving things forward. Several graphic design approaches and color palettes were prepared by Flak before the committee came to a final decision.

Bayside’s application to the Cultural Arts Commission  for this project did not receive all the funding required to complete this project. However, Bayside steering committee members, John and Lisa Phillips, engaged with Everett Parks and Recreation Department, and Tyler Chism, Tourism and Events Coordinator, to develop a plan that helped us make this project a reality.

Bayside Neighborhood Association would love to continue to build on this colorful beginning for our beloved park, and have additional project ideas in incubation.  We invite any and all Baysider’s to help us do even more.  For more information or to make a donation:

We invite any and all “Baysiders” to help us build on Clark Park’s new Color Perspective.


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