Advertise on was started in January of 2011. Since that time we’ve received millions of page views according to Google Analytics. is designed to give visitors a quick look at the top stories of interest. Ads placed by local advertisers on our site are seen not just on the home page but on every page so if someone comes to through a link to a story on our Twitter feed, Facebook page or one of our newspaper or TV partners or a link shared on other social media, your ad will be on that page.

We offer some basic ad sizes…

A static 468 x 60 banner which is located in the upper right corner of the page beneath the masthead and above the categories. The cost is $100.00 a week. (currently unavailable)

A prime position 320 x 240 Box that displays in the upper right side directly below the RSS Feed button and above the search box. The cost is $200.00 a week and only available on an annual basis. (currently unavailable)

A static 468 x 60 banner located only on the home page located directly above the top story. The cost is $100.00 a week.

A static 468 x 60 banner located at the bottom of the story. The cost is $50.00 a week.

A 300 x 600 Box that displays on the right side of every page starting below the search box. This ad may rotate up and down the page but never be lower than the weather. The cost is $500.00 a month with a one-month minimum. Discounts for 52 weeks.

You may change your ad copy every week at no additional cost and we encourage you to do so to keep your offer fresh. You also choose where to link your ad be it your web page a special landing page or social media page.

Sponsored stories are also available and annual sponsors also have their major events highlighted throughout the year as well as re-tweets and Facebook shares of their social media posts to our followers.

If you’d like to sign up or need more information please contact Leland Dart at (425) 280-7620.