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10 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. gary l nelson Says:

    My name is Gary. I found an article from the 11th of october from last year. im the one that was in that crash that was one in critical condition that went to providence. Im still recovering but went through alot and still am. surgeons said they called me the miracle boy it took 3 blood transfusions and 3 major surgeries to save me. I wanted to thank the surgeons at providence and suggest anyone to go to them in their times of need. they are wonderful. I would like to subscribe to this site for upcoming events and news. im a singer and an artist and just starting to start my life over again in that aspect. thank you very much and thought i would share with you my short story. This is a great paper.




  2. Garner Says:

    Last story I see is from the 14th. I wonder if Leland got hurt?


    • myeverettnews Says:

      We’ve had some reports of this but am not sure why this is happening to some people. We are posting daily and are trying to find out what may be happening.


      • Garner Says:

        Hey thanks yeah the day after I started getting stories again. Keep it up this is the best news in the city.

      • Dr Tuttle Says:

        I’ve seem this issue over the last year or so, but never really tried to figure out what the exact situation is. Here is what I just observed.

        I notice the link to the article “Downtown Everett Post Office To Stay Put” was posted to Twitter.

        I did not click the link in the Twitter posting. I went to my browser (Firefox on Windows 8.1) and brought up The article was not there. Yes, I hit refresh. I brought up Chrome and went to Still not there.

        Then I started clicking the subject tabs near the top of the page. It was there under the “Everett” tab.

        Going back to the main page, it’s still not there.

        My experience is that it will eventually show up there, but I can’t remember how long it’ll take. Hours?

  3. Victor Says:

    I appreciate the COMMENTS Section and agree there should be some editorial limit on responses. Clearly, a story on Assault doesn’t deserve a political comment about assailants wearing a particular candidate’s button. Germane and respectful comments should be the rule.
    Citizen discussion should be the outcome of good journalism.


  4. Gina Says:

    I like how you disabled comments from some article. I would love too see them disabled with all articles because some people jump at any chance to be cruel and immature. It takes away a sense of real unbiased reporting. I love your website and read every article but get annoyed when I see people treating it as an anonymous bullying playground. Thanks for all the reporting!!


  5. Theresa M Stanek Says:

    Hi my name is Theresa M Stanek
    (from Medina,Ohio)
    I have a daughter at the
    “The Fresh Start House”
    3201 Wetmore Ave
    Everett WA 98201

    From what I understand There is a wonderful board of directors there, however there has been a lack of funds for this house it relies on funding for the upkeep of this house from public housing vouchers, it currently houses 7 women with many different disabilities. Without this housing made available to them they would certainly be cast out onto the streets with no place to go but overnight shelters or homemade cardboard style shelters. This house has been the a God send to all of the women that currently live there.
    I am not sure if the general public even knows of its existence but I am sure that they are need of a good washer and dryer because the washer isn’t working any more. My daughter has informed me that there are repairs that are needed to the property and that a blind woman with severe diabetes needs to have the steps fixed so she can more easily access the building.
    I have not been there but I understand that there are other things in the house that do need attention.
    Yes I am asking for the generosity of your town to please consider helping out this house and the wonderful cause it supports. This house takes a woman with no self esteem, no direction, and sense of self worth and gives each woman the the integrity she deserves when all other forms of support have failed her.
    I truly believe that if Jean Marie hadn’t taken my daughter in I would have been planning her funeral also if Jean Marie wouldn’t have this house these woman couldn’t survive,
    They all have to put an effort in to learn how to depend on each other. While most people don’t think about their day to day lives these women are dependent upon each other for their own moral support in order to live each day as a no beginning…they receive a”Fresh Start”

    I hope that this letter helps to get the word out that so desperately needs to be spread.

    Thank you for all your kindness and every ones generous support for these forgotten women of this society.


  6. Jessee Skittrall Says:

    Dear Leland!

    I wanted to reach out to you and give you a big thank you for your amazing coverage of Everett. I really look forward to reading MEN every day.

    In lieu of Breast Cancer awareness month coming to a close I wanted to share with you our ongoing philanthropic effort through the American Cancer Society and Providence Hospital that we participate in.

    We are honored to be the official second hand used wig bank for ACS and Providence hospital. We offer complimentary shave downs and wig selection and fitting in our private suite space along with makeup services. This is how we strive to give back to the community that has supported us through the years.

    I am not a big fan of tooting my own horn but this program is near and dear to our hearts and we are proud to participate and we really would love the surrounding community to know that this is available to them.

    thanks for everything you do and keep up the great reporting!

    Jessee Skittrall
    Swanq Style Studio


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