May 21, 2018


Haz-Mat Training At Naval Station Everett Wednesday

Naval Station Everett

Photo credit: Naval Station Everett

Got in a heads-up from Naval Station Everett about a training exercise happening Wednesday. Here are the details:

Naval Station Everett will be conducting an emergency response exercise on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Navy personnel and others who access the base should plan to avoid gate closures, and possible traffic delays, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The training will focus on emergency response to a simulated hazmat incident. The simulation will include flashing lights, emergency response vehicles, and first responders wearing protective gear.

The exercise is designed for emergency personnel to practice a coordinated response and improve readiness prior to an actual hazmat emergency or disaster.

Naval Station Everett has coordinated exercise response and recovery operations in advance with local community authorities. The base will also exercise mutual aid response capabilities with City of Everett Fire, local area hospitals, and healthcare providers.

These regularly scheduled exercises help maintain and improve qualifications of emergency response personnel who are responsible for protecting the safety and security of the Navy base, homeported vessels, and surrounding maritime environment.

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May 20, 2018


Propeller Airport Terminal Progressing On Schedule At Paine Field

Propeller airport

Propeller Airports CEO Brett Smith relocated to the area from New York to personally oversee every detail.

airport terminal

The view of the terminal from the arrival gates and taxi ramp. The glass will be installed next week.

Paine field

A look at the approach to the terminal which will offer valet parking.

We’re anxious to get started, the airlines are anxious to get started and come September we’ll both be waiting for the FAA to give the go ahead. That’s the message from Brett Smith, CEO Propeller Airports who is building a new two-gate passenger terminal at Paine Field in south Everett.

“What we are creating is a hospitality experience,” said Smith who provided with a tour last week. “You can valet park and walk right in, every seat in the waiting area has power outlets and free high-speed internet, our restaurant serves top quality healthy food, and there’s a full bar.”

Other touches include unisex bathrooms, two fireplaces in the waiting area and even free shoe shines. The departure and arrival boards are even a throwback to old-style Solari boards (though now computer generated) and artwork will reflect the history of Paine Field plus Everett and the surrounding area.

While the terminal will likely serve more business passengers than recreational travelers Smith says their goal is simple. “We want to give the best impression of Everett and Snohomish County to all of our visitors and bring some civility back to the air travel experience.”

There are three check in desks in the departure area, a TSA-Pre screen line and two regular TSA lines. Smith says their goal is to have you from your car through security and to the waiting area in five minutes.

Time is a big topic when talking with Smith. He told that Propeller Airport’s terminal is all about saving time. From an easy commute to Paine Field in Everett, Washington instead of Sea-Tac, to the time to get through security and to your gate.

There’s the savings of time spent getting the plane from the gate into the air with the terminal right by the control tower and short taxi to and from the runway. Even the time getting off the plane and picking up bags and exiting the terminal to your car has been streamlined said Smith. “With our app, you can scan your valet ticket on your phone so when you land we can have your car waiting for you as you come out of the departure gate.”

The first steel went up March 6th and next week the glass will be installed throughout the terminal. Alaska Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines have claimed the current availability for flights in and out of Paine Field this fall. Alaska will be flying to and from Las Vegas; Los Angeles; Orange County, California;
Phoenix; Portland; San Diego; San Francisco; and San Jose, California. United will be flying to and from Denver and San Francisco. Southwest is expected to announce its routes within the next few months.

The exact date for flights to begin at the terminal will be set by the FAA but Smith says Propeller and the airlines are ready. “Things are moving forward on time and we are thrilled to be making the trip to the airport special again,” Smith said. “This is going to be a showpiece.”

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May 19, 2018

Comments Off on Sprinklers And Everett Firefighters Put Quick Stop To Fire In Warehouse

Sprinklers And Everett Firefighters Put Quick Stop To Fire In Warehouse


Firefighters work to open the building up to clear out the smoke.


Smoke was coming from the building when firefighters arrived.


The sprinkler system activated and extinguished the burning material.

Saturday afternoon Everett Firefighters were called to a warehouse in the 7200 Block of Hardeson Road in southwest Everett to a report of a fire alarm.

The first engine in found smoke coming from a large industrial building. Firefighters entered and found the sprinkler system had knocked down a fire in some plastic material.

The building was filled with smoke and it took crews some time to get the building aired out but damage was minimal.

An investigator was working to determine the cause of the fire. No damage estimate was available.

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May 19, 2018

Comments Off on Not Much Response To Everett City Council District Survey

Not Much Response To Everett City Council District Survey


The survey is open through May 31st.

As of Friday morning only 241 people have responded to a City of Everett survey on electing council members by district.

In April four public meetings were held advising of how districts may work in Everett. This month the city is asking people to take a survey so interest can be gauged on how a ballot measure might look to let voters in Everett, Washington decide on districts. The city has a dedicated web page about the districting issue and a link to the survey here.

In a completely separate effort, Everett Districts Now is working to gather four thousand signatures to put their vision for districts on the ballot. They want to see five districts set up with one council member elected from each district and the other two council members elected from the city at large. They need to collect the 4000 signatures by the end of July.

Both the Everett City Council and Everett Districts Now are urging voters in the Everett City limits to take the quick survey. The survey runs through May 31st.

There will be an election for a seat on the Everett City Council on the ballot this fall. It is for a one year term and three people have filed for the position. Liz Vogeli, Tyler Rourke and Ethel McNeal. The two with the highest vote totals in the August Primary will advance to the November General Election. Two of the candidates live in south Everett while the third lives just south of 41st street. This is the first city campaign for all three.

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May 18, 2018

Comments Off on Three File For Everett City Council Seat

Three File For Everett City Council Seat

Ethel McNeal currently holds Everett City Council Position 4. She was appointed to fill the seat in January after it came open when Cassie Franklin was elected Mayor. McNeal has filed to hold onto the seat for another year but will face a challenge from Liz Vogeli and Tyler Rourke. All three candidates live south […]

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May 18, 2018

Comments Off on Weekend Trestle Work Postponed Until June 2nd

Weekend Trestle Work Postponed Until June 2nd

The much hyped closure of the westbound Hewitt Avenue Trestle into Everett has been postponed until the weekend of June 2nd due to weather concerns. Might be a good time to practice some alternate routes though…

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