February 23, 2018


Host Families Wanted For WSU Medical Students In Everett

Once again Washington State University is looking for host families here in Everett who can assist students attending the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine.

WSU Students will study and gain clinical experience at one of four campuses located across the state in Everett, Spokane, the Tri-Cities, and Vancouver. Students will spend the majority of their first two years on the Spokane campus for their classes, however, there will be six individual weeks, called ‘clinical intersessions’, during the first two years that the Everett students will be in their “home town” (the city they will be assigned to for their third and fourth years).

In order to welcome, support, and orient students, WSU is looking for families and individuals in Everett who would be willing to host a student during the six clinical intersession weeks from September 2018 through March 2020. The dates of intersession weeks are:

September 2-8, 2018
November 25-December 1, 2018
March 24-30, 2019
August 18-24, 2019
November 17-23, 2019
March 8-14, 2020

Homestay Hosts will be assigned a student and will provide housing for them during each intersession week. In addition, they will be asked to plan activities or events during the intersession periods to introduce their student to members of the community.

For students that do not need housing during the intersession weeks, we will assign Community Hosts that will provide a similar connection to the community but not provide housing.

Homestay Hosts and Community Hosts will also be invited to participate in the College of Medicine Community Night to be held on Wednesday during every intersession week.

For a full list of our Host activities, please consult the WSU Host Duties Summary.

Now Accepting Host Applications for the 2018-2020 Period!

Host applications will only be available electronically. WSU will be accepting initial applications for consideration through June 4, 2018. Applications will go through an approval process and hosts will be notified by June 11th of approved participation. After June 11th, WSU may continue to accept applications on a rolling basis depending on need. The student matching process will begin later in the summer of 2018. If you would like to apply to become a Host for the class of 2022, please e-mail Kyle Holbrook ( and he will provide a link to the WSU application system.


We have answers.

A past student in Everett had this to say…

“I feel incredibly grateful to have bonded with my host family. I never expected to find hosts, a mentor, and loved ones all in one place. Having worked in the medical field themselves, my host parents and I bond over how similar our experiences have been. Sometimes the best remedy after a long day of medical school is returning to an actual home and having a home-cooked meal.”

– Kimberly Huynh, Everett Learning Student

You can learn more about the program by watching this video.

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February 23, 2018


Trailer Separates From Semi On I-5 In Everett


You can see the truck in the foreground and the trailer full of scrap metal on I-5. Photo credit: WSP Twitter

A trailer full of scrap metal came uncoupled from the semi hauling it on southbound I-5 in front of the Everett Mall this morning leading to traffic troubles in Everett. It happened about 9:30 AM and only one lane of southbound traffic was getting by past the scene. Traffic on I-5 backed up solid to 41st street. Broadway, Colby and Evergreen Way all filled up with cars trying to avoid the freeway. The rig was cleared from I-5 around 11 AM but it took another 30 minutes for the backup to diminish.

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February 22, 2018


Help Wanted Designing A New Park In Central Everett


After 7 years its finally time for a plan for this property at Madison and Morgan.


What would you like to see in this park?

The City of Everett Parks Department is asking for the public’s help in designing a new park at the corner of Madison and Morgan Road in central Everett.

The land was acquired about seven years ago and now there is a bit of money in the budget to move forward with design work.

People with ideas are asked to come to a planning meeting next Wednesday, February 28, 7 PM – 8 PM.

The meeting will be held at Spruce Hall at Forest Park, 802 E Mukilteo Blvd, Everett.

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February 21, 2018

Comments Off on Everett City Council Says A Clinic, Is A Clinic, Is A Clinic. But Can They Be Downtown?

Everett City Council Says A Clinic, Is A Clinic, Is A Clinic. But Can They Be Downtown?


The Everett City Council continues to struggle with services in the downtown Everett core.

Tonight the Everett City Council held a public hearing over a proposed ordinance to remove treating methadone clinics or other opiate substitution treatment facilities differently than any other medical clinic. This came about after the Everett Planning Commission looked into the current Everett Zoning code that only allowed one methadone treatment facility within the city limits. The Planning Commission had the city’s legal department do some research and they found restricting medical treatment facilities by illness or method of treatment is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The City of Everett has been considering where to locate another methadone clinic after a request by the operator of the current clinic in south Everett. At one point the operator found a space that was inside the city’s B-3 downtown business zone. That led to an uproar from downtown Everett business owners who argued against any methadone or other opiate substitution treatment facilities in the downtown Everett area. Before much action could be taken the location being considered was off the market but the question remained.

On February 7th an initial reading of the ordinance was held. Tonight was the public hearing and a scheduled vote. The council heard from 16 citizens, the majority of which argued from any restrictions at all. There were six people who argued that such facilities in downtown would harm business owners attempts to keep the city friendly and safe.

In council discussion there was unanimous consent that the definition of clinic in Everett be changed and that all clinics be treated equally. The issue then became whether all clinics then should be prohibited from operating in the downtown B-3 zone. If that idea were to move forward then about 50 practitioners would be operating in a non-conforming use. The council could also choose to restrict any medical clinic downtown from operating at a ground level location, the theory that ground floor space downtown should be reserved for retail. After much back and forth by council members they continued the hearing to a later date to give the planning department time to give them options on what could be allowed or restricted in the downtown B-3 zone and what consequences a particular decision would bring. The date for the next hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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February 21, 2018

Comments Off on Full Closure Of West Marine View Drive Saturday For Bridge Removal

Full Closure Of West Marine View Drive Saturday For Bridge Removal

A heads up if your Saturday plans take you to the Everett Waterfront. West Marine View Drive will be closed between 7 AM and 7 PM between 19th street (the south main entrance to Naval Station Everett) and Everett Avenue. Crews will be taking down the old pedestrian bridge from the former Kimberly-Clark parking lots […]

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February 21, 2018

Comments Off on Everett Marine Rescue Crews Save Two

Everett Marine Rescue Crews Save Two

Officers with Everett Police along with Everett Firefighters rescued two people whose boat was taking on water northwest of Jetty Island early this morning. Shortly after midnight the US Coast Guard contacted authorities in Everett and asked them to launch after receiving a report of a boat with two people on board in trouble near […]

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