March 28, 2023


Snohomish County Using Partnerships To Establish Sustainable Aviation Fuels Research And Development Center At Paine Field

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers today revealed an initiative to launch a world-class effort at Paine Field in Everett, Washington to create a Sustainable Aviation Fuel Research and Development Facility on Paine Field Airport property owned by Snohomish County. Here’s more from the County.

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers announces the new SAF initiative at Paine Field in Everett, Washington.

Click to view documents about the project.

Executive Dave Somers announced that Snohomish County is establishing a world-leading Research and Development (R&D) Center focused on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) at Paine Field Airport. The project, which is a partnership with Washington State University (WSU), when combined with other WSU assets in Washington will create the world’s first SAF repository of this type for advancing sustainable aviation fuel technologies and serve the global need for reference samples to support research. The Center will also be the only facility to collect, sample, and distribute SAF at a scale needed for widespread use in the largest aircraft.

Washington State Senate Transportation Committee Chair Marko Liias is including a proviso in the proposed Senate Transportation Budget to provide $6.5 million in start-up funding for the project. State Representative Brandy Donaghy is sponsoring the proviso in the House.

“Snohomish County is defined by our beautiful and abundant natural resources – protecting them is central to our way of life. We are also the global heart of cutting-edge commercial aerospace manufacturing, which has been an important economic driver of the county for over 50 years,” said Executive Somers. “With our history and resources, Snohomish County is the ideal place for businesses to invest in trailblazing climate change solutions. This R&D Center for Sustainable Aviation Fuels is a foundational component of our long-term commitment to generate new jobs in environmentally sustainable sectors and help decarbonize aviation.”

Snohomish County’s Paine Field Airport, a major hub of aviation and aerospace in the region, supports over 158,000 jobs and generates nearly $60 billion annually for the economy. However, the continued success of commercial aviation depends on addressing the industry’s carbon emissions that contribute to global climate change. In Snohomish County, aviation is estimated to have accounted for five percent of Snohomish County’s total communitywide greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, which represents a 23 percent increase from 2015 levels.

“Investment in this new Research and Development Center marks an exciting milestone for our region. We have been at the forefront of the aviation industry for decades and this will now put us in a place to lead the world in shaping the future of clean aviation,” said Sen. Marko Liias. “This Center will play a vital role in reducing the environmental impact of air travel, while also fostering innovation and economic growth right here in Snohomish County.”

“I’m excited about the opportunity for Snohomish County to step forward as a leader in sustainable aviation fuel development, with an eye towards a healthier future for all,” said Rep. Brandy Donaghy.

“Washington state’s leadership in aviation and the environment was one of the reasons I moved across the country to join WSU. Here, the state is supporting efforts to meet global challenges while complementing existing strengths,” said Dr. Joshua Heyne, a leading SAF expert and director of the Bioproducts Science and Engineering Laboratory at WSU Tri-Cities. “WSU research has enabled the inception of global policies and new technologies to benefit state agricultural and industrial activities from Pullman to Everett. We are proud to partner with Snohomish County, our state Legislature, and industry partners to once again meet a global need with local interests.”

“Snohomish County has been a leader in both aviation as well as environmental issues for decades. The new Research and Development Center highlights the nexus of these two industries in our region and how we continue to encourage innovation, strengthen our workforce and support economic vitality for our communities,” said Snohomish County Council Chair Jared Mead.

“Snohomish County has been the home to aerospace innovation for many years. This R&D facility for sustainable aviation fuels is the next step in advancing our aerospace industry. I am excited to see this partnership come together and look forward to the project funding request moving in the legislature,” said Snohomish County Council Vice Chair Nate Nehring.

With the R&D Center for SAF, the County and its partners are looking to change the industrial landscape by leading the world in the development, distribution, and adoption of new technologies to reduce the economy’s dependence on carbon-based fuels. To achieve that goal, the Center at Paine Field will support the following SAF components:
• Repository: SAF samples will be received, tested at small scales, indexed, distributed around the U.S. and world. This meets an immediate community need as a repository of this type does not currently exist.
• Finishing: SAF samples and production methods could be investigated to reduce costs and the impact on human health and the environment.
• Large-Scale Testing: SAF samples could be tested at large scales (by the thousands of gallons) needed to ensure safety and bring new fuels and products to market.

The County and WSU have identified the SAF repository as the most immediate need and the element of the project that can be implemented quickest. The Center at Paine Field will host a ‘bank’ of SAF samples from commercial and experimental SAF production methods. Paine Field, when combined with other WSU assets, will form the world’s first SAF repository with data management, storage, and distribution. In effect, the repository will do for SAF development what seed banks do for agricultural research.

Paine Field represents the ideal location for the R&D Center for SAF due to its proximity to the production of medium- and long-haul aircraft, defined as planes that seat at least 100 passengers and fly at least 150 minutes. These aircraft make up 73 percent of carbon emissions in aviation.

“SAF is in critical demand around the world. This industry-led Center will accelerate aviation’s global fight against climate change and strengthen Washington’s reputation as a leader in aerospace innovation,” said Emily Wittman, President of the Aerospace Futures Alliance (AFA) which oversees the Sustainable Aviation Technologies & Energies (SATE) cluster, one of nine innovation clusters in Washington.

The Legislature is expected to vote on a compromise transportation budget in the coming weeks. Concurrently, the County, WSU, and the AFA are releasing a Request for Qualifications to identify a contractor to develop a business plan for the Center. The plan should be complete in September 2023.

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March 27, 2023

Comments Off on Bail Set At $75,000.00 For Sunday Night’s Domestic Violence Standoff Suspect In Everett, Washington

Bail Set At $75,000.00 For Sunday Night’s Domestic Violence Standoff Suspect In Everett, Washington

The Everett Police set up a mobile command post across from the standoff Sunday night.

This afternoon Everett District Court Judge Tam Bui found probable cause to hold a 24-year-old man in custody for multiple felonies including Domestic Violence Assault, Protection Order Violation and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.

This followed his arrest after a six hour standoff between the man and Everett Police plus the Region 1 SWAT Team Sunday night.

According to a probable cause statement filed by Everett Police, about 8:20 PM officers were called to an apartment in the 200 block of West Casino Road in south Everett by a woman who claimed her adult son had pointed a pistol at her face. The officer wrote that the woman feared for her safety and had an existing protection order against her son.

Everett Police verified the protection order between the son and mother which reportedly prohibited any contact, set a limit of 1000 feet between the two and ordered the son not to possess any firearms.

While the mother went to a safe location Everett Police observed the son inside the apartment. They attempted to have the son come out and he refused. Due to the weapon, some nearby apartments were evacuated and other residents were asked to shelter in place.

The Region 1 SWAT Team was contacted and a warrant to arrest the son and seize any firearms was issued by a Judge. Around 2:00 AM SWAT used an irritant inside the apartment and the suspect came out and surrendered. The suspect was booked into the Snohomish County Jail and officers noted they found a loaded pistol in the apartment.

There were no reports of injuries and residents were able to go back to their apartments.

It will now be up to the Snohomish County Prosecutor to file charges within three days or the man will be released.

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March 27, 2023

Comments Off on Sponsored Post – Everett Residents And Businesses Will Benefit From A $280 Million Investment By Comcast

Sponsored Post – Everett Residents And Businesses Will Benefit From A $280 Million Investment By Comcast

The following is a sponsored post from Comcast.

Comcast is investing $280 million this year to offer multi-gigabit Internet speeds, expand broadband and video services and donate to communities in Oregon and Washington. (photo credit: Comcast)

Comcast is investing $280 million this year to offer multi-gigabit Internet speeds to more than four million locations, expand broadband and video services to more than 60,000 additional homes and businesses, and provide donations and in-kind services to communities throughout Oregon and Washington.

Network Investment and Expansion
Comcast is expanding fiber-rich network improvements that will offer Washington customers upload speeds up to 10 times faster than the fastest they have now. And the network upgrade will extend throughout Comcast’s service area in Washington, including Everett. Once complete, these locations will have the foundational next-generation network in place to introduce new multi-gigabit Internet options.

The first phase of network enhancements is happening now and initially will offer a maximum download speed of 2 Gbps, combined with upload speeds up to 200 Mbps, which is five to 10 times faster than Comcast’s existing upload speeds. Comcast expects that 40 percent of the company’s network in Washington will offer multi-gig Internet speeds by the end of 2023.

Comcast will also expand its network to deliver Xfinity Internet and TV services and Comcast Business Internet services to nearly 60,000 additional homes and businesses, including the rural communities of Eagle Creek, Estacada, Mt. Angel, and Silverton in Oregon, and Battleground, Chattaroy, Key Peninsula and Sumas in Washington.

The network expansion is the latest example of Comcast’s investment to connect more households and businesses in the Pacific Northwest to its Internet services that deliver fast speeds, more reliability, broader coverage in the home, and greater capacity to support customers’ growing Internet usage. Comcast expanded service to more than 35,000 additional homes and businesses last year in Washington. Further, the company has invested $1B in technology and infrastructure investments in Washington during the previous three years, including network expansion and upgrades.

Community Investment
The $280 million investment by Comcast this year will also fund contributions, foundation grants, free Internet connectivity, employee volunteerism and giving campaigns, broadcast services, laptop donations, and more to make a positive impact in communities throughout Washington. Throughout the year, the company will collaborate with non-profit partners, including Boys & Girls Clubs, Goodwill, Urban League, YWCA, and others to advance digital equity and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The funding will also support ongoing efforts to build awareness about connectivity programs like Internet Essentials and the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which offers eligible households up to $30/month credit, or up to $75 for households on tribal lands, for home Internet. Comcast proudly participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program and offers Internet Essentials Plus, a $29.95/month home Internet service that is effectively free for eligible households, once the ACP credit is applied. Interested customers can visit or call 1-800-Xfinity to learn more about this program and determine if they qualify.

“The Washington State Broadband Office is pleased that Comcast is expanding its service to numerous locations in Washington that have previously been without needed broadband service. Not only is Comcast providing expanded access, but they are also partnering with non-profits to provide training and devices that assist people in using broadband services. The company’s investments and collaboration with community partners are essential to ensuring that broadband service is a reality for residents and businesses in Washington.”

“Our investment is helping to build a network of the future and get more rural communities in Washington connected to the Internet,” said Rodrigo Lopez, Senior Regional Vice President of Comcast’s Pacific Northwest Region. “In addition to delivering the network of tomorrow and more broadband in more places, we are also investing in advancing digital equity and helping build a future of unlimited possibilities in the Pacific Northwest.”

For more information about Comcast in Washington, visit Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA) is a global media and technology company. From the connectivity and platforms we provide to the content and experiences we create, our businesses reach hundreds of millions of customers, viewers, and guests worldwide. We deliver world-class broadband, wireless, and video through Xfinity, Comcast Business, and Sky; produce, distribute, and stream leading entertainment, sports, and news through brands including NBC, Telemundo, Universal, Peacock, and Sky; and bring incredible theme parks and attractions to life through Universal Destinations & Experiences.

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March 26, 2023

Comments Off on Increased Construction Alert For Thornton A. Sullivan Park In South Everett

Increased Construction Alert For Thornton A. Sullivan Park In South Everett

A heads up about increased construction activity and closures of large sections for those who frequent Thornton A. Sullivan Park at Silver Lake in south Everett, Washington.

Silver Lake Park is a popular spot for taking photos but a large portion will be off limits during the upgrade.

Starting on Monday, March 27, 2023, the City of Everett Parks and Community Services department will be doing an increased level of construction activity in and around the playground areas of Thornton A. Sullivan Park at Silver Lake.

This increased level is expected to last for the next several weeks as the renovation work continues.

The playground at Thornton A. Sullivan Park was closed in January 2023 to allow this work to begin. Look for upcoming announcements regarding the opening of the new playground and the Silver Lake Loop trail this summer.

The City of Everett appreciates the community’s continued patience and understanding as improvements are made to this park.

Visit the Parks Projects page for more information:

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March 25, 2023

Comments Off on A Sad Anniversary As One Year Ago, EPD Officer Dan Rocha Killed In Line Of Duty

A Sad Anniversary As One Year Ago, EPD Officer Dan Rocha Killed In Line Of Duty

Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha. Photo courtesy Everett Police.

It’s been a rough week for Everett Police and today may also prove challenging as it marks the one-year anniversary of the murder of Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha. The trial of the admitted murderer of Dan Rocha is underway in Superior Court in Everett, Washington.

Officer Rocha left behind a wife and two sons. He was well liked and respected and began his career with the City of Everett, Washington Police Department as a Parking Enforcement Officer in 2017. In 2018 he graduated from the Police Academy and became a sworn Everett Police Officer, first working in south Everett and then moving to work day shift in the northern portion of the city.

A memorial service to honor Officer Rocha was held in downtown Everett, Washington on April 4th of last year. Thousands attended to pay their respects including officers from New York, Dallas and Mounties from Canada.

Today Everett Police marked the one-year anniversary by making a simple post on Facebook saying “Today we honor the life, legacy and sacrifice of Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha EOW 3/25/2022”

Photo credit: Everett Police Facebook Feed

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March 25, 2023

Comments Off on Meet The Owner – Pisces Pies

Meet The Owner – Pisces Pies

Editor’s note: is working to introduce our readers to more independent business owners here in Everett, Washington. We want to highlight their businesses, tell their stories and invite you to shop locally and help move Everett forward. If you know of a business we should feature, send us a suggestion via email: Leland Dart – Publisher

Angela Freese left the corporate world to pursue her dream of owning her own business.

Pisces Pies

Pisces Pies is located at 1502 Rucker Avenue in the Northwest Neighborhood of Everett, Washington.

Angela Freese grew up on a farm where her mother and grandmother made pies. Lots of pies, hand made with real butter, fresh fruit and a thick crust. Angela Freese learned to make those pies.

In her late teens Angela began working in a mill, next in a furniture manufacturing plant during the day while attending college at night. She studied global business and international marketing, taught graphic design, worked as an advertising sales consultant, web analyst, director of North America Marketing for Fluke, marketing executive for a worldwide automotive semiconductor manufacturer and on advertising campaigns for Microsoft.

You know what Angela Freese is doing today? Making lots of pies, hand-rolling dough with real butter for a thick crust and buying the freshest fruits she can find directly from Northwest farmers. Last week she opened Pisces Pies at 1502 Rucker Avenue in Everett, Washington.

“I always wanted to own my own business,” Angela told me when we talked this week. “I love working with my hands, this is art for me.”

Angela started at home, baking small pies and designing her logo, website and marketing materials while selling online. “I would meet people at grocery store parking lots to deliver their orders,” she said with a laugh.

Next she found a commercial kitchen in Marysville where she would bake pies in the evening. She started selling at a Farmers market and sold out in the first hour. Knowing she still had four hours to go and couldn’t leave the market, she began taking orders.

Fast forward a bit and now she had three Farmers Markets and a wholesale license. Still she wanted her own location where people could come to her. She found it in a historic building in Northwest Everett.

“I did the numbers down to the cost of a teaspoon of salt,” she said. “I put everything I have into this.”

One thing Angela quickly found out is that old buildings need work, a lot of work especially if you’re serving food. “It took seven months to get the building ready and go through the permitting process with both the City of Everett and the Health Department as well as the Department of Agriculture, there was so much to learn.”

Angela persevered and the grand opening of Pisces Pies on March 14th (Pi Day) was a huge success. “When someone says I haven’t had a pie like this in years, that is the best part,” Angela said.

Angela told me they are just getting started and plan to add breakfast items and lunch items to the menu. Currently their hours are Tuesday through Sunday 9 AM – 6 PM. They’re closed on Mondays for baking day.

I asked what pie was the favorite and Angela told me Banana Cream is currently the most requested. Pisces Pies menu lists more than a dozen varieties of fruit pie, three cream pies and eight specialty pies. You can also “build a pie” on their website. They offer several crusts including their original All-Butter Crust, along with Graham Cracker Crust, and Vegan crusts. Thin crusts are available as well as Gluten-Free (for an additional charge). They also offer Sugar-Free fruit fillings using Swerve and/or Agave for the sweeteners.

Angela told me she’s extremely proud of the work that she and her staff put in every day to make sure their products are top-quality. “Our pies are hand rolled with fresh ingredients,” she said. “Growing up in Yakima I saw how important local farmers are and they need our support, plus fresh ingredients make a better tasting pie!”

Pisces Pies is located at 1502 Rucker in north Everett. Here’s a link to their website and the phone number for questions or orders is (425) 374-7342. You’ll also find them here on Facebook with the most up-to-date information on what just popped out of the oven. (Oh and they also have a full coffee bar)

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