Man Cuts Finger On Sword At Clark Park

September 12, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter


Police look over the spot where the two men were arguing.


A county K-9 checked the area around Clark Park.

Everett Police School Resource Officers put two schools on alert while police looked for a man involved in an incident where a person’s finger got cut.

It happened around 12:45 this afternoon at Clark Park near 25th and Lombard. According to Aaron Snell with Everett Police, two men were arguing about a sword that was in a sheath. They both grabbed it and one man was cut on the finger.

After that happened, the other took the sword and rode off on a bicycle. Officers checked the area around the park and brought in a K-9 for a wider area search but were unable to locate the man on the bike. The man with the cut was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center to have it checked out.

While there was never any indication the person who rode off with the sword was near any schools, two area schools were notified. At the end of the day the school district sent out an email to parents about what had happened over at the park.


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6 Responses to “Man Cuts Finger On Sword At Clark Park”

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  3. Kondrad Hyland Says:

    the weird thing is how can anyone in the area miss someone on a bike with a sword, also better check the pawn shops for a stolen sword

  4. Zach Says:

    There’s a wild samurai in the streets? This Pokemon Go thing is getting out of hand…

  5. anon Says:

    A lightsaber would have cauterized it and saved him the trip to the ER.

    Did they catch the swordsman terrorist? Better get the drones in the sky to look for him!