Everett Police Announce 16 Arrests In 3 Days At Clark Park And Smith Avenue

August 21, 2017

Police Blotter

Received this update a few minutes ago from the City of Everett…


Photo provided by City of Everett

Everett Police officers with the department’s Anti-Crime Team (ACT) arrested 16 individuals at Clark Park and Smith Avenue over three days last week. The majority of the arrests were for drug offenses.

“Our community members should be assured that Everett Police remains committed to using targeted enforcement to respond to the challenges on our streets, particularly drug activity,” said Chief Dan Templeman. “Enforcement is a critical part of our approach, which also includes outreach and referrals to programs like work crew and PAARI, when appropriate. For those who are not open to services and continue to commit crimes, we will hold them accountable for their actions.”

On Aug. 15, ACT officers conducted a drug enforcement emphasis at Clark Park and the 3600 block of Smith Avenue. They arrested six people, including one who was observed selling drugs to several other individuals at the park. Two of the individuals were booked at SCORE (South Correctional Entity Regional Jail) in Des Moines, through a contract that allows Everett Police to book inmates there when they are declined at Snohomish County Jail due to booking restrictions.

Officers followed up on the arrests by requesting stay-out-of-drug-area (SODA) orders for several of those arrested. Individuals with active SODA orders are prohibited from being in designated areas within the city where a high incidence of drug trafficking activity occurs.

On Aug. 17, ACT officers arrested three individuals in the 3600 block of Smith Avenue for possession of drug paraphernalia and loitering for drug-related activities, and a fourth on criminal trespass charges. Two were booked into the SCORE facility.

On Aug. 18, ACT officers conducted a drug enforcement emphasis at Clark Park and the 3600 block of Smith Avenue. They arrested two individuals for violating SODA orders, and another four individuals on outstanding warrants. Officers noted in their report that one of the individuals “often loiters here and has been arrested here numerous times. She has been advised of social services numerous times but refuses assistance.”

Everett Police plan to continue similar operations at Clark Park, Smith Avenue and other areas with high levels of drug activity in the coming months.

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