Candidate Statement From Demi Chatters For Everett City Council District 5

July 18, 2021

Everett Government

Editor’s Note: On July 7th candidates in the August 3rd Primary for Mayor, Everett City Council District 3 and Everett City Council District 5 were invited to send a statement up to 500 words to introducing themselves to our readers. Not all of the candidates responded but we are publishing unedited statements from those that did reply by our deadline. does not endorse candidates but thinks this is a good way for you to hear directly from the people running. We will do this again prior to the General Election.

Statement from Demi Chatters for Everett City Council District 5 covering southeast Everett.

Demi Chatters. Candidate provided photo.

My name is Demi Chatters and I am running for Everett City Council District 5. I’ve lived in Everett since 1999 with my husband and four kids. I’m a working mom and former small business owner, with 10 years’ experience in the real estate industry, and 7+ years in public service agencies. I have 15 years’ experience in community advocacy work in public schools to foster inclusive, high quality educational environments. I also have direct experience identifying and balancing the needs of stakeholders with the constraints of project goals and budgets in both private and publicly funded project environments. My educational background is in business, marketing, and leadership with a BS in Business Administration and an MBA nearing completion. I’m currently a Snohomish County Human Rights Commissioner, and have had the privilege of volunteering throughout the years for many community organizations that serve to uplift marginalized populations.

My history demonstrates my deep commitment to families and working people, and I am running for City Council to center the needs and interests of working families, and to move Everett closer to its promise of providing a high quality-of-life for all residents. My priority has been listening to community members. They tell me they want their council representative to serve the whole community, and be an advocate for issues impacting ordinary people. I have heard from folks who want workers, local small-businesses, and organizations with family wage jobs supported, as well as onramps into good paying career paths outside of traditional college degrees. Support for business development around Everett Mall comes up often. Families are concerned about rapidly rising housing costs and the lack of affordable housing stock. They want investment in services for unhoused residents that lead to stability and job opportunities that make positive contributions to the community. Public transportation service expansion, streetscape projects that improve safety and walkability, and community greenspace options are all concerns. Residents also want police and fire response times maintained or improved. I have developed my priorities around this feedback and am continuing to listen.

Everett’s growth and evolution has brought many wonderful aspects and opportunities, but there are also challenges and critical needs on the horizon that our next council must address, including resolving a structural budget deficit that has persisted for many years. My professional, educational, and community advocacy background means I have the right tools and perspective to center the needs of working families at the decision-making table as we chart our course for the future. I have been endorsed by a growing list of local elected leaders and organizations, including National Women’s Political Caucus of WA, The Housing Action Alliance of Snohomish County/Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund, IBEW Local 191, Senator June Robinson, Representatives Emily Wicks and Mike Sells, and Everett City Council President Brenda Stonecipher. Learn more at As your District 5 representative, I will be Accessible and Accountable, and committed to continuing to bring the community into these important conversations. I would be honored to receive your vote.

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