Candidate Statement From Don Schwab For Everett City Council District 3

July 18, 2021

Everett Government

Editor’s Note: On July 7th candidates in the August 3rd Primary for Mayor, Everett City Council District 3 and Everett City Council District 5 were invited to send a statement up to 500 words to introducing themselves to our readers. Not all of the candidates responded but we are publishing unedited statements from those that did reply by our deadline. does not endorse candidates but thinks this is a good way for you to hear directly from the people running. We will do this again prior to the General Election.

Statement from Don Schwab for Everett City Council District 3 covering central-western Everett.

Don Schwab. Candidate provided photo.

My name is Don Schwab, and I am a retired City of Everett firefighter. For the last 30 years I have had the opportunity to serve our community in times of need. I served as an EMT, firefighter, rescue specialist, and an emergency manager. My experience has uniquely prepared me to lead Everett through these difficult times and beyond.

I am extremely optimistic about the future of our city because of you. Serving the public all these years I have experienced your passion, resiliency, strength of community, and the importance of service. Everett has so much potential including great parks, a thriving waterfront, good schools, successful small businesses, and proximity to both the mountains and the Puget Sound.

My specific goals for the third council district:

· Maintain police department service and improve responses to property crimes, trespassing, and traffic control.

· Improve pedestrian safety and accessibility to our community streets, especially Madison, Pecks, Glenwood, Mukilteo Boulevard, Upper Ridge, and Lower Ridge Road.

· Require new residential developments to fit into the neighborhoods and include green spaces.

· Improve maintenance of our current parks.

My priorities for the entire city are:

Economic Development: Everett is an attractive place for businesses to locate and expand. We should be connecting our city to employers to create new jobs and spur development. We must find ways to make Everett a competitive place for businesses to prosper. I will be a strong voice for protecting working families by advocating for appropriate benefits and a living wage.

Environment: Tackling climate change must be a priority for every level of government. Everett must promote energy efficiency by developing and implementing strategies that improve our performance and reduce our carbon footprint. I support the City’s Climate Action Plan.

Diversity and Inclusiveness: Our city’s culture resides in the heart and soul of our communities. The diversity of cultures within our community creates beauty and strength. I support the City’s goals of diversity and inclusion.

Budget: The City of Everett is not without its fiscal challenges. There are many services to maintain with a limited number of resources. I have municipal budget experience and financial management skills. Currently I am employed at the Snohomish County Treasurers office. My experience and skills will assist in navigating through financial challenges and prioritizing essential services including fire, police, and emergency medical services.

Homelessness: I have some unique experiences serving the homeless. I was one of those emergency service providers that showed up in the middle of night to a homeless person on the sidewalk with no place to go and no support available. As your City Council person, I will support initiatives that demonstrate compassion and connection to services balanced with the enforcement of laws. I specifically support the Law Enforcement Embedded Social Worker program (LEESW). A LEESW program reduces the draw on police and emergency services, improves response and engagement, and follows-up with chronically homeless persons needing social services.

I appreciate your support and your vote in this primary election!

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