Drug Contamination Found In Multiple Areas Of Clare’s Place Housing Facility In Everett, Washington – Residents May Be Relocated

October 12, 2023

Everett Government


Everett Fire Crews who enter Clare’s Place now have to wear respirators if they are entering the building. Masks are required for those outside.

Haz Mat

The Haz-Mat rig now responds to all calls at Clare’s Place

Staff at Clare’s Place appear to be working from an RV in front of the building.

Noticed something unusual over the past couple of weeks for emergency responses at Clare’s Place, a 65-unit housing facility in central Everett.

On September 30th there was a fire in one of the units. The sprinkler system did work and extinguished the fire. However, the fire alarm did not work. That caused the facility to have to put up a 24-hour fire watch until the alarm is repaired.

Yesterday there was a medical response to the facility and responding Everett Fire crews were ordered over the radio not to enter the particular unit where the resident lived.

Also a motorhome was parked in front of Clare’s Place and a portable restroom put up outside. Staff appeared to be using those facilities and not going into the building.

On Wednesday MyEverettNews.com filed some public disclosure requests and reached out to City and County officials to find out what was going on. The City of Everett referred us to Catholic Community Services of Western Washington which owns and operates the facility.

Last night there was another report of a fire alarm at the building. Everett Fire crews reported not finding any problem but also went on an all-night fire watch checking the building every hour.

This afternoon there was another report of a fire called in from people on scene. An Everett Fire Engine responded but also a Haz-Mat crew was dispatched and ordered to stand by to disinfect the Engine Company when they came back out of the building if needed. The Engine Company entered the building in full bunker gear and respirators. Turned out to be burnt toast.

This afternoon MyEverettNews.com received the following via email from Will Rice · Vice President – CCSNW Agency Director at Catholic Community Services of Western Washington in response to our inquiries.


Our primary goal is the safety and welfare of all those we serve, our staff, and the broader community. The housing and drug crises have had devastating consequences for individuals and families across the country. Last month, some staff members of Clare’s Place notified us that there were strong odors in parts of the facility and that they were not feeling well after their shifts. We conducted preliminary testing to see if evidence of drug use was present. Those tests came back positive. We then sought professional drug residue testing and conducted testing in tenants’ units, offices, and common spaces. Those tests came back positive for drug residue. We are working with our public health and other government partners to determine how best to move those tenants from the units and begin the drug residue cleaning process. Catholic Community Services is working with the City of Everett and Snohomish County on an immediate solution to provide a safe option for temporary accommodations for residents of Clare’s Place.

Will Rice
Agency Director – CCSWW-NW

MyEverettNews.com has asked follow-up questions including the total number of rooms in Clare’s Place that have tested positive for methamphetamine or fentanyl contamination as well as if the residents inside are at risk. We’ve also asked Washington State Labor and Industries for what conditions they’ve place on the the building to protect employees and first responders. In addition we’ve asked the Snohomish County Health Department what action they have taken and why they’re letting the residents stay there when there are professional tests that have been done that have come back positive for drug residue. We’re waiting on answers to those questions and will provide more information as it becomes available.


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