$100,000.00 Bail For Busy Everett I.D. Thief

January 24, 2017

Police Blotter


A judge found probable cause to set bail at $100,000.00. Prosecutor’s have 3 days to file formal charges or release her.

A judge set $100,000.00 bail for a 36-year-old Everett woman suspected of more than 30 counts of identity theft and nearly 20 counts of forgery. The woman was booked into the Snohomish County Jail around 3:30 this morning following a six month investigation by Everett Police.

According to probable cause papers filed in her hearing this afternoon, back in July of 2016 the woman opened first one and then several BECU credit accounts online. She opened the accounts in another woman’s name and within a month had racked up more than $30,000.00 in charges.

An Everett PD Financial Crimes Detective began a case in August and obtained photos of the suspect at various BECU cash machines using the fraudulent cards. She then circulated the photos to patrol officers and detectives. Within days the suspect was spotted in a truck which was stopped by Everett Police. When officers contacted her she was wearing the same jewelry spotted in ATM photos of her committing fraud. She was detained by Everett Police, a search warrant was obtained for the truck she was riding in and police also found 13 different memory-SIM cards and two cell phones on her.

Because of the large amount of forensic evidence they had to go through, Everett Police did not book the woman into the Snohomish County Jail at that time.

The forensic investigation revealed the identity thief used the phony cards to rent a house, make cash withdrawals at ATMs, shop at Walmart, Goodwill outlet and even to put money on an inmate’s cell phone account. She basically took over a woman’s identity and opened bank accounts, lines of credit, credit cards, home and apartment rentals along with various other charges. On one card alone she made 51 transactions in 15 days.

In addition to arresting the woman early this morning and booking her into the Snohomish County Jail Everett Police are serving multiple search warrants, contacting additional suspects and making additional cases. More arrests are expected stemming from this investigation and even more charges could be brought against the 36-year-old Everett woman.

At least two other victims have been identified. It will be months before any of the victims will be able to get their credit sorted out.

Prosecutors have three days to file formal charges against the suspected identity thief or she’ll be released from custody.

Everett Police have posted a printable tip sheet on ways to prevent I.D. Theft. Download it here.

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