Argument Leads to Man Killed by Pellet Gun

February 9, 2024

Police Blotter

Juniper Drive Pellet ShootingEarly Thursday morning a confrontation took place on Juniper Road near Sunrise Dr.  Police report shows a man was banging on the front door and windows of a residence, trying to contact someone who lived there. One resident told him the person wasn’t there, but the man returned after leaving temporarily.

An man armed with a pellet gun came out of the residence to confront the other man. A 911 call at 6:45 am from the eventual victim, with no conversation, but the operator overheard:

“Why can’t we just stop and — ” one man said.
“You’re a lying (expletive),” another man said.

The suspect returned home by himself, holding the pellet rifle and told the homeowner that he had shot the man. When the police arrived, the suspect flagged the officers down.

The victim was found on the ground with a cell phone on top of his face (the phone the call was made on). Paramedics attempted CPR, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Examiners found a small hole on the victim’s back, consistent with a pellet gun shot. The round hit vital organs. The investigators found the break action pellet rifle on the stairs of the Juniper Road home.

The suspect already had several other warrants for criminal mischief. The Everett District Court set bail at $25,000 for the assault, plus $5,000 for the previous warrants. The defendant didn’t appear in court, as they were in the detox center in Snohomish County Jail.


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