Everett High School Band Director Recognized At International Music Composition Competition

September 27, 2023

Everett Schools

This in today from the Everett School District.

Megan Vinther

Megan Vinther is the band director at Everett High School. Photo Credit: Everett Public Schools

Megan Vinther, Everett High School’s band director, won first place at Quadre’s 2023 international composition contest with her piece, “How Can a Girl…” inspired by the number of times she has been questioned about her ability to be successful at her job based on her gender.

In addition to the prize money, her composition will be performed in public during the 2023–2024 Quadre season.

Quadre’s Music with a Message project shines a spotlight on issues that concern all of us today. Since Quadre’s beginnings in the ’90s, the group has sought out ways to connect with the community at civic functions, youth and senior centers and schools. This spirit has guided the group over the years towards a greater emphasis on community issues.

Megan’s passions lie in creating inclusive community through music and expanding the visibility of under-represented people within the performing and composing communities.

“I’m so honored that my piece was chosen by Quadre for their performances and contest. It was a real treat to have my piece premiered by a world class ensemble,” said Megan Vinther.

Kelly Shepherd, principal of Everett High School shared, “Megan Vinther provides an example for our students who are not typically seen as band directors and composers to achieve whatever they want. Her talent in composing music pieces with impact is inspiring.”

The Music with a Message project provides Quadre a platform to serve as a catalyst and vehicle for social change. The mission is to create programs for their audiences that engender discussion and action on issues such as homelessness, gender and racial inequality and the environment.


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