9 Years And Counting For MyEverettNews.Com, Thank You.

January 11, 2020


A note from Leland Dart, publisher of MyEverettNews.com.

In January 2011 Top Foods announced they were leaving Everett.


A sunrise over downtown Everett from January 2012

In January 2013 Kimberly Clark was being torn down.

Seahawwk 747 in paint hanger

In January 2014 a Seahawk 747 rolled out of the Everett Boeing Paint Hangar


Back in January 2015 heroin reportedly replaced OxyContin as the drug of choice in Everett causing a crisis for the city.

coffee stand

A Barista died as a result of a propane explosion in south Everett coffe stand in January 2016.

active shooter drill

In January 2017 Everett Fire crews were issued bulletproof vests as part of their available protective gear.


In January of 2018 Cassie Franklin takes the oath of office in front of an overflowing crowd at the Everett City Council meeting.


One person died in a fire that destroyed Harvey’s on Broadway in January 2019.

Thank you. I published our first story on January 11th, 2011. Every single day since then we’ve published a story. At least one story every day about something for people in Everett, Washington. Some stories were major, some a simple press release or simply an observation or sign we found amusing. A photo that could show what was happening better than I could describe with words.

I began MyEverettNews.com as a way to provide brief coverage of the city in which I have been proud to call home for nearly 60 years. When I started 9 years ago I noticed that other media companies were no longer covering very local events in Everett. Things that happened outside business hours or required attending meetings which tended to be tedious but had real impact to the people living and working here.

I wanted to provide a glimpse at what was happening and when I could, provide links for those who wanted to know more. MyEverettNews.com provides just the basics of what happened. A brief that could be read quickly on a computer, tablet or phone. As a one person operation I have neither the time or resources to cover things in depth but when I can I provide links so you the reader can learn more and have a path to more information and context.

There have been challenges and ups and downs as I’ve tried to cover things that other media had neither the time nor ability to cover. I’ve made mistakes and tried to learn from them and share things that to me are important in Everett.

Thanks to those who have supported MyEverettNews.com along the way. Our advertisers and subscribers. People who donated to make sure that every day MyEverettNews.com could continue. To those who have called and sent news tips, information, photos and who provide context to the events I’ve chosen to highlight.

As we move into our ninth year of trying to answer questions like “What was the fire department doing in my neighborhood last night?” or “The City of Everett is spending how much on that?” I want to encourage you to keep sending us photos, information and suggestions. I would like to ask you to continue to support our advertisers and sponsors and tell them you saw their ad or heard about their event on MyEverettNews.com and I want to thank you for sending donations, sharing articles on social media and letting people know about this hyperlocal news site.

Most of all thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to read MyEverettNews.com. I truly appreciate it.

As always you can reach me by email at news@myeverettnews.com, by phone at 425-280-7620 and by snail mail at MyEverettNews.com 10121 Evergreen Way #25-467 Everett, WA 98208.

You can follow us on Twitter or follow us on Facebook which is the place for discussions of our stories as I am unable to monitor or moderate comments here on the website. (Again as one person there is only so much I can do)

Leland Dart
Publisher, MyEverettNews.com

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