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Aaron Reardon’s Facebook Page Says Passenger Terminal Construction Will Proceed at Everett’s Paine Field

February 8, 2013



Aaron Reardon’s Facebook page talks of Paine Field progress

It wasn’t an official press release from his office but Friday evening, the following was posted on Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon’s Facebook Page

Yesterday Alaska Airlines announced its planned routes for flights from Snohomish County’s Paine Field. Unless otherwise directed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Snohomish County will proceed with plans for the development of a commercial air terminal at Paine Field as required by federal law.
However the county’s elected officials personally feel about the decision of the FAA to allow passenger service at Paine Field, it is essential that Snohomish County ensure all requirements under federal law are met. It remains our responsibility to protect the county and its assets from all risks. The county has the legal obligation as directed by the FAA to proceed and make Paine Field available for public use without unjust discrimination.
The county has been patient and forthright in our approach throughout this process. We advocated for an extensive public-comment period and supported a thorough analysis of the potential impacts. To date, more than $500,000 has been spent by the FAA studying the issues raised. We have been and will continue to be prudent and responsible in all matters relating to commercial service at Paine Field.
The FAA previously concluded in its environmental assessment with a finding of ‘no significant impact.’ Unless otherwise directed by the FAA, Alaska’s announcement has no impact on how the county is obligated to proceed.
Regardless of personal perspectives that exist among the county’s elected officials and community organizations, it is my hope that parties on both sides of this issue understand that our responsibility is to protect the county and its assets.

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Island County Prosecutor: Here’s Why No Charges Were Filed Against Aaron Reardon

June 13, 2012




After review of the comprehensive investigation conducted by the Washington State Patrol, I have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to justify filing criminal charges against Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon. The crux of the criminal allegations was that Mr. Reardon used county resources to fund personal travel for his mistress, and thereby unlawfully obtained benefits for her and him.

I thank the Washington State Patrol and its detectives for their willingness to undertake this sensitive investigation, and put together an exhaustive record of the events in question. We reviewed the officer reports, the transcripts of numerous recorded interviews, and the relevant financial paperwork. Mr. Reardon elected not to provide a statement to the police, as is his right.

I considered the crimes of (1) misappropriation and falsification of accounts by a public officer, (2) theft – the unlawful or deceptive taking of county property with intent to deprive the county of such property, and (3) official misconduct. In each case, the evidence that would have been available to us at trial was insufficient to justify bringing formal criminal charges. Washington statutes establish the evidentiary standard for filing a criminal case. Our law says that charges should be filed if “the admissible evidence is of such convincing force as to make it probable that” a jury would be convinced of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, considering “the most plausible defenses that could be raised.” Here, the evidence did not rise to that level.

Even the complaining witness had doubts about who was paying for Mr. Reardon’s travel, whether Mr. Reardon paid for meals and lodging using a county or personal credit card. She did not know whether Mr. Reardon reimbursed the county for personal expenses that were put on a county credit card. Snohomish County policies explicitly account for circumstances where a personal charge is wrongly billed to the county by allowing officials to reimburse the county in a timely manner. Mr. Reardon’s extensive national and international travel was often paid for by organizations other than Snohomish County, such as non-governmental and political organizations. The county’s documentation of Mr. Reardon’s travel reimbursement for official county travel did not substantiate Ms. Dutton’s suspicions about misuse of county funds.

Other trips that were investigated occurred so far in the past that the statute of limitations bars prosecution of non-felony crimes. Their age made it difficult to find credible witnesses with memories of the events in question, even if wrongdoing had occurred. Decline to Prosecute Aaron Reardon June 13, 2012 Page 2

Furthermore, the Washington State Auditor was asked to review the expense reimbursement practices of the Executive’s office during its annual audit. The Auditor concluded that there were adequate controls to assure the public that their money was being spent only on official business.

Our review did not include examining Mr. Reardon’s activities within the Executive’s Office for violations of Washington’s campaign finance and public disclosure laws. Such violations, under the statutes in existence at the relevant times, would not have been criminal offenses. I trust that any complaints concerning Mr. Reardon’s alleged use of county facilities for campaign purposes will be examined by the Public Disclosure Commission, or other appropriate authorities.

Our decision not to prosecute Mr. Reardon is simply that – a decision not to bring a criminal case. Nothing more concerning Mr. Reardon’s official or unofficial conduct should be read into my conclusion that I had insufficient evidence to charge him with a crime. I did not consider any other aspects of his conduct in making my decision.

Questions about the charging decision may be directed to me, though I have very limited availability this week. Questions about the investigation and requests for copies of the police reports should be directed to the Washington State Patrol’s Public Information Office.




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No Charges Against Aaron Reardon – King5 News

June 13, 2012


King 5 News is reporting the Island County Prosecutor has decided there is insufficient evidence to charge Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon with any crime. Here is their initial report.

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Aaron Reardon’s Attorney Blasts Washington State Patrol as Investigation File is Delivered to Prosecutor for Charging Decision

May 5, 2012


Aaron Reardon, Snohomish County Executive

John Wolfe, the attorney for Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon blasted the Washington State Patrol Friday in a statement sent to MyEverettNews.com and other media outlets. Wolfe says he objects to suggestions that Reardon declined requests to be interviewed. Click here to read Wolfe’s May 4 statement

The Washington State Patrol issued the following press release Friday afternoon regarding their investigation of Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon…

-WSP to Make No Recommendation on Charging-

(Olympia)– The Washington State Patrol’s Criminal Investigation Division has forwarded its investigation of allegations made against Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon to the office of Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks for review.
This investigation began on Oct. 28, 2011, at the request of the Snohomish County Prosecutor. The complaint alleged misuse or misappropriation of public funds.

The State Patrol’s role in this case was that of fact-finder. The agency will make no recommendation, either for or against, any specific criminal charge.
Although the case file has been forwarded to his office, the file will not be available for public disclosure until Mr. Banks indicates that no further investigation is necessary. Because Mr. Banks might have questions or additional investigative direction, the case remains officially under investigation until he is satisfied that it is complete.

Reardon has been under investigation by The Washington State Patrol over his use of county funds. The only official comment issued by Aaron Reardon was back on November 3rd when he issued a statement that said in part, “This is a nameless, baseless accusation that comes five days before the election. I am more than confident that voters in Snohomish County will see through this appalling charade and not be duped.”

Reardon in fact handily won re-election and continues to perform the duties of Snohomish County Executive. The Snohomish County Council passed a resolution back in February asking Reardon to take a leave of absence during the investigation but Reardon has declined.

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The Seattle Times Reports 2nd Woman Says She Slept With Aaron Reardon

March 15, 2012


Our news partner, The Seattle Times, certainly has been busy. Here’s the story they just posted about Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon.

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Everett Newspaper Says Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon has Hubris and Delusional Beliefs

February 19, 2012


Aaron Reardon, Snohomish County Executive

In a strongly worded opinion piece today, The Herald newspaper in Everett is urging Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon to “come clean” about his past behavior. Back on October 16th, The Herald endorsed Reardon for re-election in the November race against Mike Hope. Today they’re calling that endorsement “lukewarm.”

Reardon is currently under investigation by The Washington State Patrol over his use of county funds. The Washington State Patrol has stated there is no timeline for the investigation.

The only official comment issued by Aaron Reardon was back on November 3rd when he issued a statement that said in part, “This is a nameless, baseless accusation that comes five days before the election. I am more than confident that voters in Snohomish County will see through this appalling charade and not be duped.”

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Woman Who Claimed Reardon Affair Now Speaking to Media

February 15, 2012


Jake Whittenberg from KING 5 TV has an on-air interview with Tamara Dutton who is claiming she had a six-year affair with Snohomish County executive Aaron Reardon. Click here to see the interview.

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