Nimitz Deployment Postponed to Tomorrow (Saturday 3/30)

March 29, 2013



The Nimitz will now leave Everett Saturday morning

Just got this in from Naval Station Everett…
The USS Nimitz departure from Naval Station Everett, which was scheduled this afternoon, has been postponed until tomorrow morning, March 30, at 9 a.m. to complete required preparations for deployment.


2 Responses to “Nimitz Deployment Postponed to Tomorrow (Saturday 3/30)”

  1. Doina Cociuba Says:

    My son is part of this great carrier crew.My thoughts and prayers are with you, Paul, and all USS NIMITZ Service members! Have a very safe deployment!! GOD’s speed and calm seas!


  2. Cindy Keskiner Says:

    My son deployed on the Nimitz. Today is his birthday! Be safe young men and women of the Nimitz. And thank you for your service!


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