Everett Police Locate Four Juvenile Car Thieves

January 20, 2024

Police Blotter

While investigating two unoccupied running Hyundais, the Everett Police Anti-Crime Team was led on a chase of four car thieves.

Everett Police find car thieves

Everett Police notice abandoned running cars (credit: Everett Police)

Earlier this week, members of the Everett Police Anti-Crime Team (ACT) located an unoccupied, running Hyundai in the parking lot of a South Everett elementary school.

The vehicle was not yet reported stolen. As they drove through the area, ACT officers observe another unoccupied, running Hyundai that had been reported stolen.

As they attempted to contact the owners of the first Hyundai, a Kia drove through the parking lot and stopped near the vehicle. A male was observed exiting the Kia and entering the Hyundai, attempting to drive it before changing his mind and getting back into the Kia.

ACT was able to contact the owner of the first Hyundai and it was confirmed to be stolen. The Kia was followed until it stopped and all four occupants fled, leaving it abandoned.

All of the occupants who fled were then located at a nearby residence where they appeared to be attempting to steal another Kia in the driveway. All four of the individuals were identified as juveniles.

Two of the juveniles were runaways, they and the other two juveniles were returned to their guardians. Charges will be referred on all four of the involved individuals.

Could there be a connection to the thieves in three Kias in the failed attempt to rob Clubb 99 earlier this week?

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