Game, Set, Match: Picklelball Beats Out Movie Theater in Everett Riverfront

As we reported in November, the Everett City Council was presented with a development agreement amendment to swap out a proposed cinema at the Riverfront Development with a pickleball and food facility. Last night the City Council voted unanimously to approve the proposal.

In support of the vote, several pickleball enthusiasts from Marysville, Mill Creek, and Mukilteo came to sell the sport. The Mukilteo Everett Pickleball club already has 450 members, despite only one indoor facility in all of Everett and Mukilteo. Some schools allow limited times indoor, but this will be the first commercial indoor pickleball facility in the area.

Pickleball was officially named the state sport in 2022. The sport has been gaining popularity across the U.S. as seen in Google Trends:

Pickleball searches on Google over 5 year period

“Indoor pickleball near me” searches on Google over 5 year period

If you break it down by state, Washington State is among the most  interested in the sport:

Pickleball interest by State according to Google

Indoor pickleball near me interest by State according to Google


The Food and Pickleball facility that would replace the Cinema.

Still, some will be disappointed  a new neighborhood cinema won’t be part of the Riverfront Development.

Current interest rates plus an industry that is still hurting from Covid shutdowns, causing many theaters to shut down or consolidate are among the reasons the developers aren’t pursuing a cinema anymore.

Although the a cinema isn’t being ruled out, the writing seems to be on the wall as they move forward with the food and recreation facility.

Over 100 residents have already moved into Riverfront Everett since October and pending a certificate of occupancy mid-February, another 160 residents can move in. Overall plans are for 1,250 apartments at 7 or 8 buildings.

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