Picketing Underway At Providence Hospital Campuses In Everett, Washington

November 14, 2023



Nurses outside the Colby Campus


Nurses outside the Pacific Campus

As promised, members of UFCW 3000 began picketing outside of Providence Regional Medical Center’s Colby Campus and the Pavilion for Women & Children on Pacific.

Picketing will go on 24 hours a day and is scheduled to end at 6:00 AM on Sunday November 19th. The major issues are staffing and wages and contract talks are expected to resume next week.

For those who may be thinking of going to the hospital or need to go for care here is information put out by Providence last week.

Providence Regional Medical Center Everett (PRMCE) nurses represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) plan to conduct a five-day strike outside the Colby and Pacific campuses 6 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 14, to 6 a.m., Sunday, Nov. 19.

During this period, you may observe union picketing outside our Colby and Pacific campuses. We respect the rights of nurses and caregivers to be represented by a union and to engage in this action and other lawful activities. There is no cause for concern; a strike is not an uncommon activity during contract negotiations.

Our patients and their families can count on the same high-quality and safe patient care you have come to expect. We secured the services of qualified, experienced replacement nurses to assist us in maintaining daily operations. We assure you that patients who rely on us for inpatient and outpatient services will continue to receive the very best care.

Hospital leaders have been working hard to negotiate a mutually acceptable contract agreement. PRMCE is deeply committed to our caregivers, and proud of the high-quality, compassionate service our nurses and caregivers provide to patients and our community. We look forward to getting back to the bargaining table and working toward our shared goals.

Here is what you need to know about receiving care during the strike:

Q: When is the strike taking place?  

A: The strike will begin at 6 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 14, and is scheduled to last five days, ending at 6 a.m., on Sunday, Nov. 19.

Q:  Is the hospital open during the strike?

A: Yes. Please be assured our patients and their families can count on the same high quality and safe patient care you have come to expect from PRMCE. We have secured the services of qualified, experienced nurses and caregivers to assist us in maintaining daily operations. Our inpatient and outpatient departments and our Emergency Department will be fully staffed and ready for any patient needs.

The Children’s Center at the Pavilion for Women and Children will remain open during regular business hours.

Q:  Can I visit the hospital as normal?  

A:  If you are visiting the hospital, please be advised you will need to check in at security and be issued a visitor badge. We recommend only visiting the hospital if you are seeing a patient or have a planned medical procedure. 

Q: What if I have an appointment?

A: The hospital will remain open and operational during the strike. If you have an appointment at one of the clinics on the Colby or Pacific campuses, please contact your doctor to confirm your appointment and gather any additional information you may need to know before you arrive.

Q: Should I arrive earlier for services and appointments?

A: Yes. Since you may encounter striking workers outside the hospital campus, please allocate additional time to park and obtain your visitor badge. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Q: Which hospital doors are open to the public?

A: All external doors will be closed, but patients can access the Colby Campus through designated entry points. Designated entry points are the main ER lobby entrance along 13th Street, the Medical Office Building along 14th Street – during business hours – and the Visitors and Patients entrance (see Colby Campus map below).

The 1717 Building is accessible through the parking garage (see Colby Campus map below).

The Pavilion entrance off Pacific Ave is available for in-labor mothers, patient drop-off, ADA, triage, valet services, baby car AMB, and the Children’s Center (see Pacific Campus map below). Pavilion patients can access the building 24/7 through the existing Pavilion lobby. Main campus Patient and Visitors can enter off Nassau St (see maps below).

The Children’s Center has another entrance open and available to their patients during clinic hours (see Pacific Campus map).

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic (MFM) patients have a designate entrance for MFM patients (see Pacific Campus map below).

Providence Everett

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Q: Will any services be unavailable to the public during the strike?

A: The hospital will remain operational during the strike. However, some services may be interrupted. If you have a critical, emergency need, and you are near PRMCE, come to us and be assured we will take care of you. If you have an appointment at one of our clinics, please contact your doctor to confirm your appointment.

Q: I am concerned about safely crossing the picket lines. What can I do?

A: Security services will be provided in our parking areas and the hospital around-the-clock. If you have a safety concern, please contact our security teams:

Colby Campus: 425-261-3911 (ext. 83911)

Pacific Campus: 425-258-7554 (ext. 87554)

Q: I am a volunteer. Are volunteer services available during the strike?

A: If you are a volunteer, please contact volunteer services via the web or call 425-261-4580 for instructions on what to do during the strike.

Q: Can I park as normal?  

A: Parking is available as usual. Security services will be provided in our parking areas around-the-clock.  

Colby Campus: We offer pay parking in our parking garage on the corner of 13th Street and Oakes Avenue. Street parking is also available. Services at the Colby Campus include:

Emergency department
Acute care
Critical care
Surgical and interventional services
Diagnostic imaging
Providence Regional Cancer Partnership
Pacific Campus: During the day, we offer valet parking ($5 cash) for patients of the Pavilion for Women and Children. For other patients and visitors, pay parking is available in the parking garage off Nassau Street. Street parking is also available. Services at the Pacific Campus include:

Pavilion for Women and Children
Outpatient surgery
Transitional and long-term care
Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation therapies
Children’s health and developmental care  

Q: Can I still access the hospital pharmacy?

A: Providence Everett’s hospital-based pharmacies will remain open. However, we urge you to use the mail order pharmacy or an outside retail pharmacy to fill a prescription if you do not require an urgent prescription refill.

Thank you for your understanding and for entrusting us with your care.


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