General Election Candidate Statements For Snohomish County Auditor

October 17, 2023

Everett Government

Editor’s Note: On September 21st candidates in the November 7th General Election for Everett City Council Districts, Everett School Board and Port of Everett Commissioner along with Snohomish County offices including Everett voters were invited to send a statement up to 500 words to introducing themselves to our readers. Invitations were sent to the email address on file with the Snohomish County Auditor. Not all of the candidates responded but this week we are publishing unedited statements from those that did reply by our deadline. We think this is a good way for you to hear directly from the people running. All City of Everett offices are non-partisan, other offices vary. does not endorse candidates or issues but does accept paid political advertising. Today here are statements for the two candidates running for Snohomish County Auditor.

Candidate Statement For Cindy Gobel Snohomish County Auditor

Cindy Gobel

Cindy Gobel, candidate supplied photo.

I’m Cindy Gobel, and I am running for Snohomish County Auditor.

I bring integrity, passion for meeting community needs, experience in all four areas of the Auditor’s Office, and the legal background necessary to run our elections process accurately, securely, and lawfully.

My first career was 11 years in law enforcement. I worked at Western Washington University and the University of Washington in dispatch and administration, working directly with officers to deliver services and build community safety.

I then spent 12 years in Snohomish County Elections and five years at the Secretary of State’s Election Division. Using my law degree, I was responsible for state and federal election law compliance in all 39 counties while providing training to Washington state county auditors and election administrators.

My top priorities include election integrity and transparency, voter engagement, and service inclusivity. As your next County Auditor, I will actively engage with the community to enhance voter education and ensure fair pro and con committee appointments.

We must build community relationships that allow for education and engagement, demonstrate the workings of the office, and allow for easy access to all services. These efforts include increasing language access, providing education via classrooms and social media, and getting out from behind the desk to interact with our county partners.

Your money must be managed right with non-partisan oversight of public finances. My legal background comes with the expertise to ensure financial compliance and protect taxpayer interests. My recommendations to increase confidence in Snohomish County elections and voter registration are to have active interactions with all parties, educate the public on new legislation, create a plan, goals, and strategies to increase voter engagement and interaction, and communicate and establish objectives and targets to meet legal requirements for each department.

I will bring transparency you can trust by ensuring open access to public records by streamlining the public records systems and keeping the community more fully updated and informed.
This office has four divisions: Licensing, Elections, Recording, and Rural Animal Services. I am the only candidate with experience working in all four fields. These services are vital to our communities and affect everyone in our county, and I know first-hand where improvements and efficiencies exist and are possible.

The Auditor determines what services to provide, how much information you can access, and how you perceive the voting process. The Auditor decides if decisions are going to hurt or enhance our community. Non-partisanship is a skill, not a political stance, and having worked in the field of elections for 17 years, I demonstrate a commitment and ability to provide non-partisan, high-quality customer service and support to every individual who comes into contact with this office.

Vote Cindy Gobel for Snohomish County Auditor by November 7 for integrity, experience, and support you can trust.
Candidate Statement For Garth Fell Snohomish County Auditor

Garth Fell

Garth Fell, candidate supplied photo

It has been my honor to serve as your county auditor. I am seeking reelection because in today’s political climate, we need an experienced, nonpartisan professional running our elections and auditor services.

During my first term, Snohomish County has delivered accurate, accessible, secure and transparent elections free from partisan influence. Our elections have been above reproach in the face of intense review and scrutiny.

We have also, among other accomplishments, implemented a new recording system with expanded online tools; developed state-leading standards for auditing our licensing subagents; and kept people and animals safe through our animal control response.

We continue to make improvements. Under my leadership, we have acquired support and grant funding to improve the security of our ballot counting operations ahead of the 2024 presidential elections, ensuring ballots and counting equipment remain secure and increasing the opportunities for public observation. We also continue to improve outreach and education efforts by building community partnerships, increasing our online presence, and offering information and services at in-person events in an effort to help our increasingly diverse community connect with our services and trusted information.

I have been your county auditor since 2020. Prior to serving as auditor, I was your county elections manager from 2007 to 2019 as well as your county recording manager from 2011 to 2018. I am proud of my team and our track record of providing excellent service in licensing, recording, elections and animal services.

Looking ahead, the person who is elected county auditor will have a significant responsibility next year conducting our presidential elections. I am the only auditor candidate who has management experience running local, state and federal elections. I am a state and nationally certified elections administrator and have administered nearly 100 elections including 6 Presidential elections over my 24-year career.

I am also currently the Secretary and Elections Committee Chair of the Washington State Association of County Auditors. I have been appointed to the U.S Elections Assistance Commission’s Local Leadership Council and the Washington State Recording Standards Commission. These assignments ensure Snohomish County is at the table when important decisions are made.

When I started administering elections 24 years ago, I committed to voters, candidates and my staff to remain independent, impartial and nonpartisan – ensuring voters can trust election outcomes, candidates can win knowing that the results are above reproach, and staff can administer elections according to the law without political pressure. In some contexts, strong political allegiances are fine – just not in elections administration.

And while I am nonpartisan, I have strong bipartisan support from community leaders who endorse me because they know how important it is to keep an experienced, nonpartisan professional running our elections. This includes all our county council members, County Executive Somers, and former County Auditors Weikel and Terwilliger, and many local officials from both major parties. See all of my endorsements at

I love this job and would be honored to continue serving as your county auditor. I’d be honored to have your vote.

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