Snohomish County Promotes Seattle When Officially Referring To Paine Field Airport

July 18, 2023


Paine Field

At some point these signs will likely be replaced.

The people who brought us Seattle North Country (instead of Snohomish County or Everett) saying that’s the home to Boeing’s Future of Flight Aviation Center have now changed the public name of Paine Field to “Seattle Paine Field International Airport.” Snohomish County officials issued the following press release today explaining the move.

Everett, Wash., July 18, 2023 – Today, Snohomish County announced that Paine Field will have a new name: Seattle Paine Field International Airport. The formal name change will strengthen the ability to market the location of the airport, while accurately showcasing the airport’s international reach.

By incorporating “Seattle” into its brand name, the airport aims to guide more travelers, tourists, and investors to Paine Field and reinforce its geographic proximity to the globally recognized city of Seattle. We are adding “International” because this more accurately reflects the international character of the airport, since we are the global heart of the aerospace industry. We also will retain “Paine Field” because that name is synonymous with aerospace and is globally known in the industry. The name change solely pertains to the airport’s public-facing brand, leaving the PAE location identifier unaffected. The name change also has no impact on the Snohomish County owned airport’s operations or management.

“The continued economic health of Paine Field is one of Snohomish County’s top priorities,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. “With nearly $60 billion in yearly economic impact and over 150,000 jobs, the airport must continually find new ways to strengthen our marketing and brand. This change will significantly bolster our business attraction and marketing efforts, while protecting the historical significance of the Paine Field name.”

Joshua W. Marcy, Director of Seattle Paine Field International Airport, emphasized, “While our name may have changed, the ownership, operations, and core mission of the airport remain unaffected. This change will provide new opportunities for our many attractions and businesses.”

Snohomish County Council Chair Jared Mead (District 4) added, “Making this change will ensure businesses and travelers from around the world know that our airport serves as a crucial gateway to the entire region and the world.”

Snohomish County Council Vice Chair Nate Nehring (District 1) remarked, “As the heart of the global aerospace industry, Snohomish County has the responsibility to ensure we are continuing to build the value of Paine Field. This change means more jobs and greater opportunities for our private sector and non-profit partners.”

County Councilmember Megan Dunn (District 2) said, “Updating the name to Seattle Paine Field International Airport will play a vital role in attracting more investments to the County, thereby generating increased economic activity and job opportunities for our residents. As flights become more accessible for regular travel, we’ll see more visitors and residents enjoying the airport.”
“We are confident that this change will elevate Paine Field’s profile as the premier alternative to other airports in the Puget Sound region, resulting in more visitors to our remarkable aviation attractions, tourists adding Snohomish County to their plans, and businesses looking to invest,” said County Councilmember Strom Peterson (District 3).

“With globally respected businesses based at the airport, combined with the diverse destinations served by our tenants, the name Seattle Paine Field international Airport captures our international links and our role as a gateway to the Pacific Northwest,” said County Councilmember Sam Low (District 5).

The renaming of the airport to Seattle Paine Field International Airport signifies a meaningful milestone in PAE’s evolution, supporting its growth and strategic vision while embarking on an exciting new chapter of opportunity.

Propeller Airports CEO Brett Smith had this to say about the rebranding after being reached by

“We have always viewed Paine Field as a second gateway to the Seattle metro area and are excited that the County has rebranded the airport,” said Brett Smith, CEO of Propeller Airports. “’Seattle Paine Field International Airport’ better captures the market that our airport serves”.

Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin gave us the following reaction by email when we asked her thoughts on the rebranding today.

“Paine Field has long been the epicenter of our thriving aerospace industry and with the addition of commercial air service, it’s become our gateway to the world,” said Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin. “I’m excited to see this rebranding help us bring more travelers, tourists, businesses and investors into Everett.”
About Seattle Paine Field International Airport
Since its establishment in 1936, Seattle Paine Field International Airport, owned and operated by Snohomish County, has been driving the economy of the region. The airport’s current economic impact is estimated at over 150,000 jobs (at least 46,000 direct) and an output of almost $60 billion annually. Paine Field is the proud home of the newest commercial airport terminal in Washington state. This privately-owned commercial air terminal services a dozen western destinations, allowing you to reach locations in Canada, the San Juan Islands, Anchorage, the Western United States, and beyond.

Paine Field also serves as home to over 550 aircraft, including small, single engine recreational aircraft, corporate jets, and vintage warbirds. It has had a critical role both regionally and nationally as the manufacturing and testing center for narrow and wide-body Boeing aircraft, including the 767, 777, 787, KC-46, and the newly announced fourth line for the 737 MAX.

Located about 30 miles north of downtown Seattle, the airport offers high quality aviation facilities, including a FAA tower, CAT 1 ILS, Part 139 certification, FBO services and good access to Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond.

Seattle Paine Field International Airport has become a major tourist destination with the opening of the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour, the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, and the Museum of Flight Restoration Center.

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