Draft Project List Of American Rescue Plan Act Funds Released By City Of Everett

November 18, 2021

Everett Government

The City of Everett is receiving $20,695,570.00 in federal funding from the ARPA to be used for COVID-19 relief and economic recovery. In May the City received $10 million dollars. One million dollars from that was allocated to the Everett Forward Grant Program and another $478,000.00 for additional pallet shelters. The remainder is waiting to be earmarked. The second portion of ARPA money is expected in May of 2022. Earlier this year we passed along a survey invitation from the City for residents of Everett, Washington to provide input on how to put ARPA dollars to best use considering they are one-time funds and must meet specific criteria.

  • Support COVID-19 response efforts to slow the spread of the virus, protect public health and bring the pandemic under control
  • Address the negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency
  • Replace lost public sector revenues
  • Invest in water, sewer and broadband infrastructure
    714 people responded to the survey before it closed on November 14th. Here is the breakdown by Council District

    Click chart to enlarge.

    Here is a breakout from the City on what respondents favored.

    The top 10. Click to enlarge.

    Wednesday night the City Council in Everett, Washington received a draft list of twenty-six projects with total suggested funding ranging from $17.9 million dollars to $35.1 million. The City Council is now being asked to parse through that list and select at least a few top priority projects to authorize funding and begin implementation. The City has until the end of 2024 to allocate all of the funds so while there is some time, the need on many fronts is obviously urgent. You can click the link below for a downloadable copy of the entire draft project list.
    Proposed ARPA Projects – Council draft
    The City of Everett has a webpage here with more information on the process, rules and timeline. As there will be a shift in the make-up of the Everett City Council in just seven weeks (as a result of the first Council District elections), the project priorities may change after the first of the year.

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