Additional Mudslides Cancel Sounder Trains To And From Everett Until Thursday

January 4, 2021


Sounder train image

1st Mudslide of 2021 causing interruptions for Sounder train service between Everett, WA and Seattle

Word of more cancellations for train commuters in and out of Everett. Here’s the update from Sound Transit received Monday afternoon.

Sounder North line service has been canceled for Monday, January 4 through Wednesday, January 6 due to a landslide located between King Street Station and Edmonds Station. If there are no additional events, Sounder North line service is expected to resume Thursday, January 7.

Special buses providing direct service from Seattle to Edmonds, Mukilteo and Everett will depart 4th Ave & S Jackson St at 4:33 p.m. & 5:35 p.m.
Alternatively, passengers may take regularly schedule bus service:

Seattle to Edmonds: Community Transit 416
Seattle to Mukilteo: Community Transit 417
Seattle to Everett: ST Express 510/512

Edmonds to Mukilteo:

Take Community Transit 116 to Lynnwood TC
Transfer to Community Transit 113 at Bay B3

Edmonds to Everett:

Take Community Transit 116 to Ash Way P&R
Transfer to ST Express 532

Mukilteo to Everett

Take Everett Transit 18 at Hwy 525 & Front St


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