Everett To Remove Definitions Of Dangerous Dogs By Breed Alone

October 21, 2019

Everett Government

It will take more than the breed alone to define a dog as dangerous. in Everett, Washington.

Currently City of Everett Code identifies a pit bull terrier as a Potentially Dangerous Dog. Defined just by breed, no other behavior is necessary for that designation. That is about to change as Everett looks to amend the portion of city code that relates to dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs.

The City is working to have Everett’s laws comply with recently passed State Law that prohibits designating a dog as dangerous or potentially dangerous based on breed alone. This Wednesday the City Council will get a first look at the ordinance changes and there will be a public hearing before a final vote on November 6th.

While taking specific breed alone out of the dangerous dog category the City looks to be upping the responsibilities of dog owners of all breeds and adding language that protects both people within the Everett city limits as well as the dogs themselves.

You can click here to see the changes to the ordinance the city council is being asked to consider.


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