Moved Barricades Lead To Parking Snafu At Everett Station

May 30, 2018


Everett Station

Everett Station says the red barrier was across the entrance to this lot until it was moved sometime early this morning.


Car owners will not have to pay towing or impound charges per Everett Station.

Some commuters returning to Everett Station this afternoon may be a little surprised to find their cars aren’t where they left them this morning.

Every Wednesday there is now an Everett Farmers Market at Everett Station. It kicked off last week.

To prepare, on Tuesday night Everett Station put up a movable barrier blocking off two sets of parking spaces just south of 32nd street. Sometime early this morning a person decided to move that barrier open in order to park. That led to another 11 cars coming in and parking in the area prior to Everett Station security arriving.

Today at around 10 AM received a message from someone seeing multiple cars being towed from the commuter lot. We went down to Everett Station and found a tow truck was in fact hooking up to the cars in that area.

The good news is the cars are not being impounded but are being moved across the street to another spot near the train parking. Staff will be on hand in the area to direct owners to where their cars were moved and there will be no impound fees or costs to the owners of the cars.

Everett Station plans to have a more secure barrier in place next week and on the following Wednesdays while the Everett Farmers Market is in operation. By the way the Market is open this afternoon starting at 4:00 PM.

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