Everett Agrees To Uber And Lyft Changes In For-Hire Ordinance

January 14, 2018

Everett Government

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The City and ride-share companies appear to finally agree on rules in Everett.

An ordinance will go before the Everett City Council on Wednesday that should finally settle issues around Everett’s for-hire ordinance.

For the past three years Everett has tried to set up regulations that would somewhat level the playing field between Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) and traditional taxi service.

Last June Everett passed an ordinance that was opposed by Uber and Lyft. When the ordinance went into effect over the Labor Day weekend Uber and Lyft suspended operations in Everett as a protest. Shortly thereafter Everett suspended the rules and asked both companies to tell them exactly what it is they want.

Last week the city administration provided the council with that answer citing changes in the ordinance including removing criminal penalties for violation and converting those to civil infractions, eliminating the vehicle inspection requirement in Everett if the vehicle used has passed inspection in King County and lessening requirements for investigations and assurances by the companies over issues with their driver’s vehicle recalls and compliance with zero-tolerance policies.

Here is the full ordinance that the city council is now considering. The first reading is Wednesday with a vote and public hearing set for January 31st.

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