Is 2036 For Light Rail to Everett Good Enough?

May 26, 2016

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It costs 4 billion dollars more but will be in Everett 5 years sooner…

Today Sound Transit revealed that they can bring light rail to Everett five years sooner than first proposed. Now they say it can be running between 128th street and Everett station in 2036 instead of 2041. The line will have a spur running west to the Paine Field area but instead of running down Evergreen Way it will run down I-5 from 526. The question now is whether 2036 is still too far away for voters in Everett and Snohomish County to say yes to ST3 in November. Here’s a link to the proposed changes presented today by Sound Transit. By the way, the proposed changes will also cost an extra $4 billion dollars…

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10 Responses to “Is 2036 For Light Rail to Everett Good Enough?”

  1. Frank Says:

    No, it’s not. The politicians are apparently more interested in today’s campaign contributors (towards their re-elections) and tomorrow’s commuters, while today’s commuters are being asked to “make do” with their present, worsening commutes and, oh yeah, they have to foot the bill for tomorrow’s commuters, to the tune of an “average” of $200 per adult/$400 per household today, those numbers increasing as prices and assessments will go up. The total cost depends on how many and new your cars are (e.g., two new cars will tack on $200 to your car tab bill alone), your home’s assessed value, and your spending…for the next 20 or so years! That’s assuming that you’re not dead, retired, and/or have moved out of the area because you can’t afford to live here anymore. Quick check: do you still live where you lived 20 years ago? Forty years ago?

    The balanced option would have provided something for today and tomorrow. Bus rapid transit, which is like light rail on rubber tires – and far more flexible – could have been operating by 2020 in a loop around Paine Field, leaving light rail for the direct route between Everett and Lynnwood: down I-5, which could have opened up to 10 years earlier than their proposal (a spur could have been added when and if demand and density warranted it, neither of which is the case now). If this measure passes, future commuters from downtown and north will spend an extra 2 weeks per year on the train due to the diversion, while the low-income folks will be driven out.

    With the $1 billion not spent for the diversion, the northbound side of the 164th direct access ramp could have been completed, which would keep all buses between Everett and Seattle as well as buses bound to Bellevue in the HOV lanes on I-5, i.e. no criss-crossing over the other lanes to get off the freeway southbound and, northbound, back to the HOV lanes. In addition, a bus overpass at 128th could have been contributed to, lessening the congestion in the freeway approaches there.

  2. Mike N Says:

    In a word, “No”. If the light rail were at Paine Field today, I’d ride it to my job in Seattle. But as I’ve only got 12 years until retirement, 2036 is just too far away. I don’t understand why they couldn’t get it here within 6 years. That seems like plenty of time to me. I’ll be voting NO.

  3. Bourne Says:

    This is one huge slush fund that will enrich local and state level politicians and their ‘friends’ for decades to come. Time to move out of WA.

  4. Anon Says:

    We’ll have driverless cars by then, and if Trump becomes president, his great effects will have been long standing. If this project would have been completed ten years ago it might have been worth it, but it won’t be by 2036.

    • anon Says:

      Well it only took 8 years for Democrats to divide and ruin this country. It might take awhile to rebuild.

  5. GlimGlam Says:

    Lol by then hover cars will exist byor half of everetts residents would have left or been dead by then. 😛

  6. James Says:

    The biggest scam ever heaped on this region by the likes of Hanson, Drewel and Earling and continued by Stephenson, Roberts and the rest. . When does a RTA train become out of date? 10, 20 30 years. And the fools in this county think they are getting a deal by raising property taxes an average of $400 a year. Anyone that voted for this before or in the future are idiots………..

  7. Zach Says:

    Still not pleasing considering all the short-sighted decisions that resulted us not having light rail years ago, but it’s an improvement.

  8. anon Says:

    4 Billion Dollars?! That’s the amount Disney paid for Star Wars. In my opinion, they got a better deal. So did we.

    Star Wars is fun, and I’d fork over money to see it. I’d even fork over money to ride it! Sound Transit is not fun, and I won’t ever ride it. After a few years, it will have zumiez stickers everywhere with sharpie graffiti and probably transfer a lot of nasty people asking you for money while they walk to-and-from cars.

    Wait till you see what they have planned out 100 years from now that they are setting ground work for.

  9. anon Says:

    Is it good? It’s gold!!

    J/K It’s stupid. Everyone knows that slippery monorail salesman from ‘The Simpsons.’
    That’s our Transit System. Stealing our money to provide for a utopia society where everyone takes light rail. How about use that money to build a better freeway system, open lanes up that aren’t tolls, or maybe invest in one of those crazy tube tunnels. Think they tried that too, and it got broked for a few years.

    2036 is a light (rail) prediction. I bet they stick that thing out long enough, full multi-generations of families will have worked on it.