Everett Traffic Detectives Make Arrest In Vehicular Assault

May 26, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Word in late this afternoon that Everett Police Traffic Detectives made an arrest from Sunday’s hit and run – vehicular assault incident that started over illegal dumping. Here’s what Everett Police tell MyEverettNews.com…

Everett detectives

The victim confronted the suspect who had been dumping this trash.

On the right is the pole the suspect reportedly tried to use on the victim before running him over and smashing into this car.

On the right is the pole the suspect reportedly tried to use on the victim before running him over and smashing into this car.

Just after 6:00 am on May 22, officers were dispatched to a private parking lot at 9800 Evergreen Way on the report of a hit and run collision. Arriving officers found an injured 58 year-old Everett man who had been struck and dragged by a pickup truck before it left the area. The victim told officers he confronted the driver of a black Chevrolet Avalanche while he was dumping items in the parking lot. During the verbal argument that followed, the man tried hitting the victim with a metal pipe but fell and dropped it. The man got into the pickup and drove at the victim. The victim ran but was struck as he neared two parked cars. The pickup backed up and dragged the victim before leaving the area.

No suspect description was provided and the victim was transported to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett with severe injuries.

Detectives found personal paperwork for a possible suspect in the items left behind, but were unable to establish probable cause to make an arrest.

At about 2:45 pm that afternoon, Mukilteo Fire Department responded to the 11700 block of Cyrus Way when a black Chevrolet Avalanche was reported to be on fire. Later, Mukilteo Police also responded to area on the report of a burglary and vehicle theft. The vehicle, a Ford van, fled as officers attempted to stop it.

At about 6:45 pm that night, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 12900 block of 29th Ave on the report of a burglary and located the stolen Ford van. They arrested and booked a man for burglary and the vehicle theft. The man was believed to be involved in the earlier hit and run incident.

Today, with information discovered during their investigation, Everett detectives developed probable cause to arrest the possible suspect from May 22. Joshua Painter of Bothell, 42 years-old, was interviewed and booked by detectives into the Snohomish County Jail on two counts of assault (RCW 9A.36.011) and one count of hit and run (RCW

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6 Responses to “Everett Traffic Detectives Make Arrest In Vehicular Assault”

  1. Donkey Hotay Says:

    Funny how this selfish person who cares nothing for others or property gets lambasted but the meth addicts with the same traits get free housing and endless chances because they’re all “hookers with hearts of gold”.

  2. Shirley Mann Says:

    This guy is an idiot and quite frankly is garbage.(TRASH). Throw him in jail and throw away the key. Total scum.

  3. JD Says:

    What an idiot. He left papers and a vehicle app with his name on it and thought nobody would figure out who’s trash it was. That’s dumber than dirt.

  4. Bourne Says:

    Is this degenerate one of the inmates Inslee let go early?

  5. Hillary Says:

    Let it begin, “I am not guilty” “I have a drug problem” “Its not my fault” This 42 year old clown has probably more prior convictions than he has brain cells. I hope the victim recovers quickly and fully and that the guilty receive a real punishment.

    • Michael Jones Says:

      As it turns out the victim will likely loose his leg and never fully recover.