Everett To Name Preferred Low Barrier Provider Wednesday

May 26, 2016

Everett, Everett Government

The City of Everett has identified the area in red below as the preferred location for the first low barrier provider to build and operate a housing facility in the city. Click photos to enlarge.

low barrier provider

The site is on Berkshire behind the Peking Duck and north behind Jiffy Lube east of Evergreen Way.

The site borders Berkshire behind the Peking Duck.

The site borders Berkshire behind the Peking Duck.

The site stretches north behind Jiffy Lube.

The site stretches north behind Jiffy Lube.

On May 11th the City Council authorized the city to seek request for qualifications for an organization to build and operate Everett’s first low barrier housing facility. Those proposals are due May 31st. On June 1st the city will announce one selection from the proposals and ask the city council to approve an exclusive negotiating agreement with the selected provider. Click here to see what the city council is being asked to approve.

The exclusive negotiating agreement is set to last nine months. In the briefing papers to the city council the city writes “The reason for the accelerated pace of the Request For Qualifications is to coordinate this action with the Everett Housing Authority’s Request For Proposals currently on the street for Section 8 Vouchers. The proposal deadline for that competition is mid-June 2016, and it would be very beneficial for the financing of the City project if the City-selected provider could succeed in that competition. Accordingly, it makes sense for the City to select a provider now, so that the selected provider can represent in its proposal for Section 8 Vouchers that it is the City’s selected provider and has secured exclusive negotiating rights for the property.”

There is a public hearing scheduled on June 8th to discuss changes to the Everett Zoning code to allow low barrier housing in Everett.

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14 Responses to “Everett To Name Preferred Low Barrier Provider Wednesday”

  1. Bourne Says:

    Where on that plat are they going to build the Everett PD sub-station? Because they are going to need one. What a joke.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    There are so many homeless people in Everett. Some of them just need a chance to get on there feet. Who are we to judge. Here no better than anybody eats. Thank you for supporting your local homeless. I used to be homeless and wished someone cared. Thanks again

    • Mike N Says:

      Rebecca, we do care about those that want a leg up. It’s the other 95% that give homeless people a bad name. They should be encouraged to move on, not move in.

  3. Robert Says:

    Sweet… so how long do I have to be homeless for and what kind of drugs should I intake to get some of this free housing too?? I’ve pretty much grown tired if having to wake up at 5am so I can go to work and then pay for somewhere to live. What a scam… I’m confused why my teachers in school never let me know that in the city of Everett the way to get ahead in life and climb the social ladder is by sticking a needle in my arm. Think about how much money I’ll get to save in the long run when my existence is completely subsidized by the tax payer. Thank you Everett… and when I see how sweet the setup is I’ll make sure to let all my drug addled friends know too so that they can move down here too. We’ll take over the city.

    • Mack Says:

      Quit pretending that the existence of a high risk homeless person that qualifies for this type if housing is preferable to what you endure in life. You know that these people are not going to live the life of royalty, you know that it’s not all rest and relaxaton, you know that these people aren’t winning the life lottery at your expense.

      If you didn’t know that, you’d actually act on what you’re saying. But you won’t.

      • John Says:

        Mack must be on the Mayors defense team. Sine you are so well informed please break down the total cost of this Operation Smoke and Mirrors from where the funding is coming and who’s getting paid. Maybe then you will realize that getting people help and housing is just a glimpse at the larger picture.

      • Kay Says:

        Mack – you are missing the point. I doubt anyone thinks that being a drug addict or homeless is a glamorous life – far from it. But the concept that knowing someone will take care of you takes away all incentive to get your life on track – while others can work their butt off and live at the same or even lower standard than those who will get it all handed to them for free. I have worked all of my life, since I was 16 – and have not ever received one penny of unemployment, food stamps, section 8 – nothing. I am proud of that. I am thankful that my efforts have been rewarded with steady employment – but that doesn’t mean I have not had my share of hardships because I have. These benefits are in place to help those who need a temporary hand up to get back on track after an unexpected job loss, etc. Those who make it a way of life are what people are getting tired of. In some households this is how kids have been raised, and they now have this sense of entitlement that someone should send them a check! Someone has to pay for it – nothing in life is free!

  4. Anon Says:

    Has the abandoned old Kmart property been considered? Appears to be a much better location for this type of facility.

  5. Hillary Says:

    Well at least the homeowners in that area will get a tax break when their property values tank. I am thinking about tossing in the towel myself and seeing about getting in on this free housing. Hopefully I can get a spot near the 18th hole at the Everett Golf & Country Club. Please Mr. Mayor please.

    • Donkey Hotay Says:

      This is all about moving that property devaluation away from Grand and Rucker, south to where the plebs live.

    • Mack Says:

      No you’re not. You’re not going to “toss in the towel”. Because you know that you are so much better off where you are in life. Quite talking like your tax dollars are going to provide the high life for these people. And yes, they are people. If you paid attention to the multiple posts about this issue, you would understand that housing first saves the city money. It’s cheaper to house high risk people than leave them on the streets.

      • John Says:

        You are delusional. Enabling has never worked and never will. Narrow minded folk are a politicians dream. Enjoy your rising taxes!??

  6. anon Says:

    And the winner is…..

    Silly slippery Everett. They already know the name, they should release it!
    Good location too. They can hang outside of Kush Mart and the beer wine and smoke store bumming for change, instead of getting a job.

    What does High Barrier housing look like? Can we get that instead? Can’t we compromise if you’re going to force it on us?