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May 23, 2016


$10 donation

If you like what we do please give a $10 donation each year so we can keep doing it!

Time again to ask for a $10 Donation! If you like reading please consider making a donation of just 3 cents a day or $10 for a year.

If you’ve donated this year, thank you, you’ve done your part.

If not, please consider a simple $10 donation. You can do so simply by clicking the donate button on this linked page.

Don’t want to donate over the internet, no problem?

You can mail your $10 donation to 10121 Evergreen Way #25-467 Everett, WA 98204.

In the last 365 days Goodle Analytics shows has had…

  • 1,098,276 Sessions
  • 523,392 Unique visitors
  • 1,592,825 Pageviews
  • 47.1% of our visitors are new with 52.9% of our visitors returning
  • 351,212 visitors are from Everett IP addresses
  • 225,683 visitors are from Seattle IP addresses
  • Marysville, Lynnwood and Renton round out the top 5 visitor IP addresses.
  • 56% of our readers are women
  • 44% of our readers are men
  • Our top age range is 35-44 followed by 25-34 and 44-54

We were running too many Google and Yahoo ads which slowed down our loading time. We’ve cut that back to give you a better page loading experience but that means we also need a few more of our readers to chip in just once a year.

We also need local Everett businesses to join our sponsors. We have 3 sponsorship levels.

  • 3 months for just $500.00 (only $167.00 per month)
  • 6 months for just $900.00 (only $150.00 per month)
  • 12 months for just $1500.00 (only $125.00 per month)

If you like and believe in what we do, please support us as an advertiser. We have great loyal readers. is independently owned by and operated by me, Leland Dart. There is no big media company. I’m a guy born and raised in Everett who enjoys writing and taking photos of breaking news in my hometown. I think we provide a unique service that you can’t get anywhere else. I often use the term “we” because of the input and story ideas provided by readers like you. I allow comments here and on our Facebook page because in spite of some that are inappropriate it’s more important to share other people’s points of view. Yes every couple of months you’ll find me taking a week or so to ask for donations to keep going. If just 2% of our 523,392 unique yearly visitors donate $10.00 a year, we’d exceed our wildest expectations. It’s just 3 cents a day. Thanks for your help.

Leland Dart, Publisher. (425) 280-7620 or

$10 donation

If you like what we do please give a $10 donation each year so we can keep doing it!

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