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We accept both types of tips. News and Cash…

Before we get to the about, a quick plea for help. While we love our sponsors and are working to attract more we also rely on your donations to help with our hosting fees, office expenses and other costs of running MyEverettNews.com. There are no paid staffers and every dollar of support goes right back in to producing stories and keeping the website up and running every day.

So many people tell us that they love what we do but very few make a donation. We’d love it if you’d consider a simple donation of whatever amount you think is appropriate for a yearly subscription. If you like what we do please help support independent news in Everett. It really does make a difference. Just click on the donate button below.

If you don’t want to donate by PayPal, Credit or Debit card you can send a donation by mail to us at MyEverettNews.com 10121 Evergreen Way #25-467 Everett, WA 98204. You can also help us by visiting our sponsors and checking out their ads and offerings. Thank you. – Leland Dart, Publisher.

So what is MyEverettNews.com?

hat-logoMyEverettNews.com is a hyper-local website that serves Everett, Washington. We began publishing in January of 2011. Our focus is on breaking news and we closely follow the activities of the Everett Police Department and Everett Fire Department. We also monitor Everett City Council decisions that may affect the majority of people living or working in Everett. We are a quick read and provide links to additional information within our stories whenever we can. Our breaking news process begins on Twitter with photos and basic story information. We then publish our first draft on MyEverettNews.com with additional photos that provide greater context and quality. At that point we will also link the story to Facebook. We provide further updates on the original story page or more in-depth information in a subsequent posting on the MyEverettNews.com website. We are privately owned and operated and accept donations and advertising to cover our costs. As a rule we do not do editorials nor do we endorse candidates or ballot issues. See our contact page for the various ways to reach us.

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