Granddaughter Seeks Ring Stolen Decades Ago In Everett

February 25, 2016

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A look at the stolen engagement ring.

Every once in a while we get unusual requests at for people or items from Everett. We don’t always run these but this one caught our eye. Twenty some years ago a woman interrupted a burglary at her home on Beverly Boulevard in south Everett. Among items taken were an engagement ring and wedding band. Today her granddaughter is looking to recover that ring or find out what became of it.

“I am hoping that due to the age of the robbery being unique, that submission of our loss on might refresh the memory of the person who took it. To try to make contact with us. Ideally, so we could get back the ring, or at least learn what happened to it. Some type of closure as to its status would be our goal.”


Grandma’s hands with the engagement ring


A look at the wedding band.

Below is the text of an online ad they placed seeking the ring’s return.

Also a couple of photos.

The black and white photo is of the engagement ring, the color photo is of the matching wedding band.

“Ring taken from grandmothers house in the early/mid 1990’s. She came home early- people were taking things from her home. Ring- yellow 14K gold with a center diamond. Two stones on each side of the center diamond, then a thin gold bar. Lastly, five small diamonds on each side after the bar. Color photo is of the wedding ring. Black and white photos are of the missing engagement ring. Wedding and engagement ring design are the same, except the engagement has a center diamond. No questions asked with its return. Please, if you have the ring.”

If you have information about this ring you can contact the granddaughter directly via email through her gmail account, Thanks so much

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