Everett Geocache Hunt Finds Explosives

February 24, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter


A geocacher found explosives while hunting in Everett.


Everett Police were called to the area where explosives were found near Silver Lake.


After donning protective gear the bomb tech examines the area where the explosives were found.


Two techs take a closer look at the explosives.


The explosives are made safe.


Techs say the devices could have done some real harm to someone.


A look after the explosives were made safe.


After being made safe the explosives are taken for further examination and disposal.

Geocaching has been called the world’s biggest treasure hunt. According to Geocaching.com there are over 460 Geocaches in the Everett area alone.

Last weekend a man geocaching in the Silver Lake area of south Everett located something different. 3 explosive devices.

When he saw them he did the right thing. He didn’t try to pick them up or examine them but backed away and called 9-1-1.

Bomb disposal technicians from the Everett Police Department and Snohomish County Sheriff’s office came out, made the explosives safe and took them for further examination.

Other dangerous items were also found near the explosives.

At this point Everett Police say they don’t know if the explosives were put for a person geocaching to find or if the man who found them did so by coincidence.

While waiting for the bomb disposal techs, a man and his five-year-old daughter came into the same area following geocache clues on their phone.

Everett Police spokesman Aaron Snell tells MyEverettNews.com it was fortunate the child didn’t rush in and excitedly pick up the explosives or other dangerous material found nearby thinking it was a geocache.

Snell says if you are geocaching and spot something unusual, do the following…

-Don’t touch any suspicious items

-Move away from the immediate area and advise others to do the same

-Call 911 after moving a reasonable distance from any suspicious items

Everett Police say its not unusual for people out on a geocache to come across suspicious items. They remind geocachers to always use extreme caution examining anything you find hidden.

Here are MyEverettNews.com photos taken during the incident last weekend.

Click photos to enlarge.

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