Large Amounts of Heroin and Meth Found at Everett Clean and Sober House

February 10, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter

Editor’s Update 5:00 PM Thursday February 11th: Timothy Rehberg made an initial court appearance in U.S. District Court in Seattle this afternoon. In its complaint the Feds say Rehberg knowingly and intentionally possessed, with intent to distribute, methamphetamine and heroin. At the time of his arrest he reportedly had six thousand dollars in cash, two cell phones and was wearing an electronic monitoring device on his ankle due to being on house arrest for a recent domestic violence incident.

Papers also say Rehberg has a 1993 felony conviction for manufacturing marijuana and that Rehberg was convicted for eight gross misdemeanors in State Courts between 1995 and 2015 for crimes including domestic violence, assault in the fourth degree, violation of protective orders, forgery and various violations involving deadly weapons.

clean and sober

Timothy Rehberg at his probable cause hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Original Story posted 5:00 PM Wednesday February 10th: Yesterday Seattle Police and Federal DEA agents arrested a 50-year-old Everett man who ran several clean and sober houses in Everett, Washington.

This afternoon a judge found there was probable cause to hold Timothy A. Rehberg on $250 thousand dollars bail for Violating the Uniform Controlled Substances Act and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

According to probable cause papers submitted by agents, in December of last year, they began an investigation into the operator of a non-profit organization called I.C. Clean People Recovery Housing.

While the non-profit was operating without current licensing it continued to advertise its services and ask for donations online. It’s stated mission…To help anyone quit drugs/alcohol and provide a safe, clean and sober home for them. We provide low income housing to anyone with no income or credit check. We offer hope to people who have nowhere else to go and no funds to get there. And to continue working with The City of Everett to improve all clean and sober housing.

Probable cause papers said between January 6th 2016 and February 4th 2016 13 grams of heroin, 125 grams of methamphetamine and 75 grams of marijuana were purchased in Everett.

clean and sober

A firearm along with large amounts of heroin and methamphetamine were taken from the garage at this clean and sober house in Everett.

Yesterday special agents from ATF arrested Rehberg as he left his residence on Lombard in downtown Everett. Agents from the DEA and Seattle Police served search warrants at the non-profit’s office and clean and sober house at 2901 Everett Avenue as well as at a farm in the 6400 block of Larimer Road. (Editor’s note: the address originally was reported to be in the 6700 block of Larimer road. Apologies for the error Thanks to Gail Chism for the correction. LD)

From the farm agents reported they found a marijuana growing operation, while at the property on Everett Avenue, they seized approximately 400 grams of Methamphetamine and 150 grams of heroin along with a firearm.

Rehberg was booked into the Snohomish County Jail Tuesday night and made his first court appearance (which was a probable cause hearing) at 1 o’clock today. Based on information in the probable cause paperwork the case will likely be turned over to the US Attorney’s Office for Federal prosecution.

This is the second time in the past 3 months that methamphetamine use has been linked to a clean and sober house in Everett, Washington. In early December in a completely separate incident, the director of a non-profit clean and sober house on Beverly Lane raped and killed a resident after using methamphetamine. Kenny Tate has entered a plea of guilty to first degree murder and will be formally sentenced on March 8th.


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82 Responses to “Large Amounts of Heroin and Meth Found at Everett Clean and Sober House”

  1. R.S. Says:

    Perhaps the core of this problem is Everett’s educational system. The replies to this article may strongly support the fact lack of education leads to a community with high crime rates, unemployment, and homelessness. The misspelled vocabulary and lack of proper grammar in these replies is hilarious. ‘Yup, I be unedumacated and my cuhmunity has a big drug problem and homeless people are zombies and I didunt never learnt how to write or speak properly and that’s my Mayors’s falt becuz the police is lazee….’

    Get it together Everett.

  2. provide customized treatment Says:

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  3. Contributor to society. Tax payer. Says:

    Disgusting! I am disgusted with these people and what they are doing to our beautiful city. Thank god for the police and their efforts to clean them out. I have no sympathy for the addict. I’ve personally seen what horrendous things they do to themselves and people in their paths.
    I’m happy for those who actually get clean but realistically most can’t get it together and they just turn into zombies wanting to take whatever they can whenever they can.

  4. Jay Says:

    I new Tim and I knew something wasn’t quite right, he sang a tune that was “out of tune”. He is where he should be. Shame on him for praying on peoples addiction. He claimed many years of sobriety all while he was the instrument in praying on others addiction.

    Also its always easy for people to pass judgments about others in ignorance and/or fear. I believe we should be part of the solution in peoples life rather than complain in there faults.

    Obviously previous comments made by others (negatively or judgmentally) have no idea what they are saying and probably have not nor know someone close to them with and addiction or other obstacle in their life.
    Good luck on your path in personal growth.

  5. Sharis C Says:

    Me and my boyfriend used to live there before it became a recovery place.From April 2004-September 2008.We lived in the downstairs part.We only paid $600 a month.It was a 2 bedroom with full size washer/dryer.It was a daylight basement.We were so pissed when the landlord sold it.We LOVED that place!!! When my boyfriend was still alive,he never stopped talking about that place.He wishes that he could have bought it and turned it back into a duplex.

  6. j.a.r. Says:


  7. Samantha K. Says:

    I’m amazed Eleanore has nothing to say here.

  8. Bourne Says:

    Rehberg’s rap sheet appears to be longer then his arm. He has a great opportunity now to start a recovery program in the slammer. Best of luck to him.

  9. Phillip Says:

    I came into icclean recovery, me and my girl Sue Nov 2013, I got clean got eventually got work, got a car, saved up moved out and still clean. When I moved in Tim looked at me and said, you can stay but no drugs in my house.
    Those few words changed my life. This truly surprised me and saddened me as well. Good luck Tim, we got a prayer for you.

  10. TX Drug Counselor Says:

    Cartel associates (identified and many self-admitted), dope AND large scale distribution has been within many, not all, many of the methadone clinics, detox-inpatient treatment centers and therapeutic centers I’ve worked in the past eight, ten years. However, must keep in mind Fort Worth/Dallas TX is home, headquarters and distribution central to ALL of America out of Texas as we are Mexico pretty much now. It’s only going to proliferate.

  11. Mark Warren Says:

    For all of the people who say Everett is going down fast, I have to suggest that you were not here 26 years ago?
    Even with the problems we had in Clark Park last summer;its still 10 times better than it was in 2008, whne the BUSH economy thru the entire world into a tailspin and property values plunged… when we were LOSING 750,000 jobs a month for over a year…

    And then you want to suggest its worse, because of Obama… Grow up.

    • Anonymous Says:

      >26 years ago

      Millenials, ladies and gentlemen.

      • Bourne Says:

        Liberal maths.

      • Mack Says:

        If you had better reading comprehension, you would understand that Mark is obviously talking aboout 2 seperate time periods.

        That, or you know what he means, and you just want to try to make him look bad any way you can because you disagree with him, but you’re too lazy to construct an argument for yourself.

        So what is it, do you need to go back to reading class, or are you a liar?

  12. Elaine Wilson Says:

    Your article on the drug raid of the sober houses lists a farm on the 6700 block of Larimer Rd. The correct address of the raided farm is 6419 Larimer Rd. Our farm is the only farm on the 6700 block of Larimer Rd. We are not part of the drug scene. Please publish a correction. Elaine Wilson.

    • myeverettnews Says:

      Ms. Wilson Please accept my public apology. I typed 6700 block instead of 6400 block. It was an error on my part. I have corrected the article.
      Leland Dart – Publisher.

  13. Gail Chism Says:


  14. Melissa Says:

    We lived at the house on Everett ave( the mansion). We complained to police, and a obvious undercover outside. All they ever said to us a family of three that included a toddler was I’d recommend moving. Easier said than done. We had years of sobriety but it continued to get worse. Bed bugs not treated, bills being shut off and a shooting a year ago that included Tim and his associates. Tim evicted us not with any money amount but still on our record because we wouldn’t continue to look the other way. Now that he has been found out do we get an apology for know one listening, forcing us to live their with our young son. Not to mention how do we get that eviction removed. Tim Reberg border lines a sociopath never caring about anyone but self. Hope karma gets him good.


    I can garauntee you that the people he lets stay in these houses are not always the ones who dont care. I happen to live in one of his houses and I am coming up on 6 months clean. I work a program on a daily basis and attend 2 sometimes 3 meetings a day. In the process of recovery, we gain what is called a “choice.” So just because the OWNER and runner of the Clean and Sober House gets in trouble does not automatically mean that Everyone who lives in these houses are what people refer to as “street rats.”

  16. Lynn Owen Says:

    I am a recovering meth addict (10+ years!). Properly managed Clean & Sober housing are an asset to our community. They get an addict off the street, give them a home, feed and clothe them, encourage & empower them to teach them how to live a successful drug free life. I am indebted to the program I was placed in. I did not want to stop using and wanted to die a drug addict. Now my life has changed completely because someone had the heart and desire to offer help when you have no hope.

  17. No one Says:

    I have someone who lives on the streets and is an addict, this person is my brother, he sadly lost his business and everything he owned, and is now living on the streets of Everett, he was never an addict until recently. There is a huge homeless population in Everett and they have to pay to sleep at the mission, so they try to sleep under bridges and in parks or even on “the block”. FYI as far as I have come to know, not all homeless people are addicts and even some were Vets, people who have moved here from other states to work for certain big companies here and were laid off, and I know because as some people are to upidy to help them or even talk with them, I have. There is not many resources to help them on this side, and all of snohomish county, mainly Everett has a pemdemic of Drug use, many of them do want help, but either can’t get it, or they do and then end up being back out on the street and their disease takes hold and they start feeling hopeless and use again. These are human beings, and not trash, not rats, not leaches, they do what they do to survive, unfortunately there are idiots running the show. Everett has been this way as far back as I can remember, it’s always been a shit hole. The fact that the homeless are ran out of parks, and police are constantly forcing them to leave places is why they wonder the streets and try to find anywhere to sleep or stay warm. Some of them hate that they live this way and are ashamed. I work at a treatment and recovery center and I have patients from all walks of life from many different counties, that are all ages and not all homeless. Addiction is like any disease and can affect anyone! So please instead of being judgemental and lacking integrity and empathy, why don’t the community try to help fix the problem, and build resources to help the ones who want help. As for the murder and rape of the poor gentleman, my heart goes out to that family and mainly his little girl. It’s sad how much evil is in this world. The story was a few weeks ago, I remember reading it and the man was trying to get help and the evil ass hole who killed him brutally used his addiction to get what he wanted. NOT ALL OF THEM ARE THIS EVIL.

    • Jay Says:

      Thank you for sharing. I agree and my heart too goes to family of the murdered and raped gentlemen’s family

  18. Jay Says:

    It all stems from our lazy city leaders and corrupt Police Commissioner. ..look at the house by The H and H on Madison St near Evergreen Middle School over 300 POUNDS of heroin and meth combined and who do you think was allowing this to happen and getting his good percentage of the profit. Good ol Everett PD. We need to get together as a community and DEMAND for his removal from office and a Mayor that will actually get something done. Everett is going down the shitter fast and we need to rise up and demand that our city not play their games anymore!!!!!! Write to the mayor and demand that the current Police commissioner be removed and replaced with someone who will actually do his job not sit on his ass all day.

  19. Alicia Jones Says:

    Just in case you’re feeling discouraged yes it happens a lot but in every sober house there is one opportunistic selfish asswhole, but there are several ppl who really want that help. You can spot them because they talk less and do more. This story is a classic case of mystery loves company. Stay strong and as the cliche goes seriously “Take it 1 day at a time and help others.

  20. Gail Chism Says:

    FYI: ADDRESS ON LARIMER ROAD IS WRONG. IT’S A FEW BLOCK NORTH OF 67TH. Why does it matter—the people on the 67th block aren’t happy to have people think it could be them. I totally get that & understand~

    • Anonymous Says:

      They didn’t get some of the information correct. The picture of the big white house in the article was not involved nor had any drugs in it. Whomever wrote the article and took the picture should be sued for not fact checking. The tenants in the house here off Everett Ave are not happy to have people think it’s in this house..

  21. Gail Chism Says:

    This is Far to complex to discuss the merits of Safe & Sober houses on this site. I’m sure there’s some very good ones, along with the kind seen here. We have 3 of these houses in our residential neighborhood. I think that’s wrong, but they’re considered “disabled” & gives them the right to have up to 8 non-related people live there. One person was kicked out because he was drinking—made to leave out the front door to wander free. WHY was this place in business without proper permits>>

  22. Anonymous Says:

    so because of some people punish ALL that’s going too fix EVERYTHING!!We have a major drug problem in our community instead of pretending it don’t exist let help one another and love on the struggling addict most people know someone in trouble just to embarrassed to talk about be part of the solution

  23. finnandolive Says:

    Wish they would check on the old McManus mansion on 26th and East Grand. Can’t tell you how many cars roll up to that place along with tweekers on their pedal bikes and many on foot. This activity has been going on weekly for 4 years. People walk out of there higher than a kite. Sign on the back door of the mansion indicates ” department of corrections entrance”. So there we have it! So sad that the owner, who buy the way, lives in a beautiful house in Mukilteo, does not care about the a Riverside neighborhood or how a piece of our history has turned into a sad, dilapidated structure. I wonder if they know that one of their residents entered on to my neighbors property at 5:45am. Seem like he was going to rob her as she left for work. Probably would have but we screamed and yelled. He ran off, back to the mansion.

    • Gail Chism Says:

      Who is the owner, I’m afraid to ask?

    • Bryan Bleitz Says:

      I would hope before you go pointing fingers and saying the old mansion is run down you would look at some of the more serious problems. Most of the problems are from Cleveland and the dope houses over there and the building with so many code violations and hanging the fake grass from the trees there are so many problems in that neighborhood it’s disgusting. I’ve seen that program over at the old mansion it helps poeple get back up on their feet and works hand in hand with Sun Rise, Compass Mental Health, and Catholic Community Services so before you go reading a sign that says Department of Corrections
      I would hope that you would get to know the poeple who run that house before you go spewing your hateful speech to others, because is fact they take alot of pride in helping poeple.

  24. Brianna Says:

    I guess the actually reference the case at the end of this report. The city of everett is digging themselves in a hole it’s going to be hard to get out of! Try sweeping this s@$T under the rug! 😉

    • Anonymous Says:

      They have a warehouse supply of rugs no doubt. Its to bad our Federal Law enforcement Agencies are corrupt they would be putting in overtime in this area.

      • Brianna Says:

        Not all of them are corrupt…but I do agree the majority is. Pretty sad and pathetic of you ask me.

  25. Brianna Says:

    Interesting…my daughters father was just raped and murdered in a halfway house in everett in December and it was all because of drugs. Unfortunately the city of everett doesn’t care about the problem going on in these houses. I know that for a fact!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    And it’s wondered why stigmatizing responses create barriers to treatment

  27. Pet Peeves Pete Says:

    “250 thousand dollars”

    That’s not how you write it. Either “$250000” or “two hundred and fifty thousand dollars”.

    • Gail Chism Says:

      Really??? Get over it!

    • Alum Says:

      You have that backwards. You do NOT interject the word ‘and’ when writing or speaking a number.

      This number, 250, is said two hundred fifty, NOT two hundred AND fifty. Meaning that 250,000 is two hundred fifty thousand.

      If you are going to correct someone, be sure you know what you’re talking about…lol

      Not sure what it really has to do with the topic anyway.

      • Jim B Says:

        Was a big story for a small town, probably in a hurry to make it to press first. Hillary your education is paying off

      • Mz. Beaverhausen Says:

        I don’t know you personally but I’m already a huge fan! I think that the unchecked misuse of pseudo grammar snobbery is a travesty in and of itself; it is rare to see such a retort as yours, one that makes me glad to have clicked on this link. (And to think, I was going to leave it with a simple “love it.”)

    • Mz. Beaverhausen Says:

      Love it.

      • MF Says:

        Thanks, they pull most of my comments and the herald will not allow my posts any more, i will be around.

        Cheers MF

  28. hello Says:

    Breaking news: once an addict, always an addict! Everett enables this behavior. Shame a beautiful old house has been turned in to another Everett Drug Den.

    • Recovered Says:

      Untrue. I’ve been clean & sober over 18 years and there are many like me.

    • Sally Says:

      This particular house has been problematic for many many years. It was promoted as a boarding house in the 80s. Every owner since then has faced the legal and fiscal problems of zoning, permits and improvements. It should be a showpiece but the neighborhood is too transitional and the property itself is too expensive. Really very sad. BTW we need MORE clean and affordable housing with responsible management, NOT operated just for profit.

  29. Andy Says:

    If we could get rid of the mission and the drug houses, aka “Clean and Sober Houses,” Everett would be a better place. Helping addicts and hopeless is as effective as feeding rates and hoping they’ll go away.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I got clean in a clean and sober house.
      I now have 15 years clean.
      It saved my life and was a bridge to a
      better life.
      The program is not perfect and needs to be
      better supervised but it is not intrinsically bad.
      The idea that helping the homeless or addicted
      should be done away with is irresponsible and
      Insensitive. It also just isn’t smart.
      Do you want those people on the street
      instead? Desperate and willing to go to any
      Lengths to survive… Since you took away their
      Means to rise above simply surviving.
      It’s too bad so many people are short sighted,
      ignorant and apathetic. Moreover, it’s just sad.

      • Gail Chism Says:

        Congratulations. I’m very happy you made it. It’s a God Send for people like you & others. Even those that try hard, but don’t make it. This house didn’t even have proper permit/license. And with this bust, you can only imagine who he let stay there!

      • Lucille Goldman Says:


      • Mack Says:

        Thank you for your post, and I’m happy for you. We need more empathy on this site, the humanists stay quiet while the ignorant many degrade other human beings whenever they have the chance.

      • The Unknown Says:


    • Eli Jones Says:

      There are very few clean and sober houses in this area that is legit theses days. But there are a few. So lumping them altogether is kind of unfair. IC Clean People has been a known scam for awhile, and most venues of real recovery suggested against it. I personally met the guy once and I knew there was something off about how things were being run. There were a few kids who ended up flushing out of Drug Court even when they were doing good cause they ended up in one of these houses. I think we just need better regulations on the ones managing these places, not to get rid of them altogether. Because they are very much needed for alot of people to get and maintain recovery. The other option would just be to do as you suggest, get rid of the missions and clean and sober houses. Let their addiction progress because they are in a constant state of hopeless. And see our streets flood over with more addicts then there already are. They can’t move out of the city because they don’t have the means to, if thats what you are aiming for. Think about these things before you post.

    • Carolynne Says:

      As I read this article I feared seeing this kind of response. One bad apple and all that stuff. We need to investigate and close down the places that don’t follow the law, that are just a way for creepy people to make a quick buck. Plenty of people get clean and stay clean as a direct result from their experience in rehab and/or sober living. Addiction is a brain disease(fact) that can be managed and good sober houses can be instrumental in helping recovering addicts learn a new way to live. That’s important for all of us, not just the addicts. I’m sad that you are so short sighted that you can’t see that.

    • John Says:

      I work at a treatment center and I set many of my clients up with clean and sober housing. Leaving treatment and not having anywhere to go is probably the worst situation someone could be in, and they will most likely relapse very soon. Have I seen people relapse even though they were in clean and sober housing? Of course I have, but I have seen many lives saved because the person had somewhere to go. Out of the hundred of clean and sober houses that I have worked with, I have only encountered a few bad apples. Unfortunately these bad apple are really off putting to people who lack any type of empathy. You say to get rid of the mission and the clean and sober houses? So tell me, where do you suggest these people go? Without these places there would be many more people on the streets, and many more addicts.

      • Andy Says:

        Anywhere but Everett. You can’t help an addict, they will drag you down. We should round them up and air drop them into Iran.

      • The Unknown Says:

        You know what Andy maybe you should be dropped off in Iran. If your so unhappy with the homelessness and the drug addiction just remember you choose to live here, you can also choose to leave

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Are any of these “houses” receiving money from the state or city of Everett in the form of grants or tax breaks?

    • Anonymous Says:

      All of these “Clean and sober” homes get tax breaks and most are given your taxes to operate not for profit of course. Time to tear that old beautiful home down and slap together some shoebox condos built by a corrupt contractor.

      • Jeannie Girl Says:

        Try spell check. I take in homeless addicts frequently and do not find this statement to be true in the least bit.

      • JJ Says:

        I did the taxes, accounting, filing etc for ICCP. No we did not receive any grants. I left the operation last June. At that time there was nothing going on that I could tell. I’m extremely disappointed.

      • Christina B. Says:

        This is so unfortunate. I think of how many people went to these houses for help and a new life and where some found what they were trying to get away from. these houses are needed and generally are very beneficial to recovery efforts. Very sad.

      • j.a.r. Says:

        It is not the building that’s the problem,,,the house is beautiful..the people that don’t want to get sober, need to take a hike and professional sober people need to run the program..

    • Jeannie Girl Says:

      None of these houses receive money or grants from the city or state.


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