Guilty Plea To Murder With Sexual Motivation At Everett Transitional Home

February 3, 2016

Everett, Police Blotter


Kenny Tate enters the courtroom.


Judge Thomas J. Wynne questions Tate during the arraignment.

The man listed on State Documents as a director of a non-profit transitional home on Beverly Lane in south Everett was arraigned today for 1st degree murder with aggravated circumstances including sexual motivation and use of a weapon for killing Daniel B. Dubeau, 30 of Everett on December 2nd, 2015..

In an unusual situation, Kenny Tate entered an immediate plea of guilty at his arraignment this morning.

The prosecutor and defense attorney explained to the court that Tate asked to plead guilty as soon as possible and they have been meeting to go over the case and anticipated this happening today.

Judge Thomas J. Wynne spent several minutes questioning the prosecution, the defense attorney and Kenny Tate regarding the decision to plead guilty at arraignment and whether Tate fully understood his rights, that he was giving up any chance of appeal and also that the judge could order an exceptional sentence of life in prison without parole.

Tate answered softly yes sir and no sir to the questions posed by Judge Wynne. He acknowledged killing Dubeau with a weapon for his own sexual gratification. The judge found the plea was a knowing, voluntary and intelligent act by Tate.

Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor Matt Baldock asked for a sentence of 30 years which is at the top of the sentencing range of 20 – 26 years plus enhancements for murder with sexual motivation and use of a weapon.

Before Tate, (who is 40 years old) can be sentenced, he has to go through a mandatory pre-sentence investigation. His attorney told the court Tate would not participate. Nonetheless, the court ordered the investigation and set the sentencing date for March 8th. Tate is now being held without bail.

murder plea

Everett Police were posted in front of this home on Beverly Lane during the initial investigation.

Dubeau was staying in a transitional home where Tate was the manager. The home was supposed to be a drug and alcohol free place where those getting out of treatment could transition back into a life of sobriety.

This particular house was run by H & T Connections, a licensed non-profit by the State of Washington. It shows the registered agent as Kimani Teal who is listed as President with Kenny Tate listed as a director.

Here’s an excerpt from their Yellow Pages listing: AT H&T connections OUR business is to help EX offenders reconnect with the community. The mission of this agency is to make OUR community a safer place to live while affecting individuals lives. We accomplish this by assisting youth and adult offenders to become a self sufficient. Productive member of the community. The purpose of OUR educational program is to provide offenders with a stable environment while inspiring them to become more responsible and productive AS citizens. OUR homes provide a safe environment for rehabilitation.


A Sheriff’s eviction notice is now posted on the door of the house where the murder occurred.

The house turned out to be far from clean and sober. During his confession Tate told Everett Police detectives that he and others were using methamphetamine at the house and that on the night of the murder Tate made a plan to have sex with Dubeau, whether or not he was willing. According to the documents charging Tate with aggravated murder Tate told detectives that after using meth with the victim he asked for sex in exchange for providing meth. The victim refused and later when the victim stopped into his room Tate attacked the man choked him to death with a belt and sexually assaulted him for about 3 hours before leaving the home.

In the charging papers Tate reportedly left the house, went to a home in south Snohomish County and did more drugs throughout the day before driving to the south Everett Police precinct and turning himself in at 2:00 AM. Tate confessed to a 9-1-1 operator, to Everett police and gave both a video and written statement. Tate also reportedly told detectives that he had forcible sexual relations with other men in California but had never been arrested for that.

Here are the formal charging papers. Be advised they do contain graphic content.

Tate Charging Documents (1)

During today’s arraignment and guilty plea the family of the victim, Daniel Dubeau, sat in a row watching the proceedings, several wiping tears from their eyes. The family will get to have their say and address the court during the formal sentencing on March 8th.

Today’s plea means there will be no trials or appeals for Kenny Tate.

The house on Beverly Lane now sits empty with the furnishings outside and a Sheriff’s eviction notice in the window. The City of Everett does not have any regulations specific to inspection or operation of transitional housing other than zoning rules that cover the number of allowable bedrooms inside buildings. could find no ordinances requiring inspections for use of alcohol or drugs within transitional homes.


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