Murder, Rape and Robbery in Everett, WA

December 4, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter


Kenny J. Tate made his first appearance before a judge Friday afternoon via video hookup from the Snohomish County jail.

Editor’s Update 3:30 PM: A bail hearing was held today for Kenny J. Tate in front of Everett District Court Judge Tam Bui. Tate was represented by an attorney and will be held in the Snohomish County Jail without bail through the weekend and will have another bail hearing Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 PM. The hearing room was filled with friends and family of the victim, identified as Daniel B. Dubeau, 30 of Everett. Family members became visibly upset during the hearing. has obtained the probable cause documents filed by the Everett Police Department but due to the graphic nature of the descriptions will not be presenting them here as formal charges have not yet been filed. The Snohomish County Prosecutor could file an aggravated murder charge in this case but the Prosecutor handling today’s bail hearing told that a full review of all the circumstances in the case will have to be undertaken and it is far too early in the process for any such speculation.

Editor’s Update 9:00 AM: The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s office has identified the 30-year-old man found dead in the 6900 block of Beverly Lane in Everett, WA on December 2, 2015. The decedent is Daniel B. Dubeau of Everett, WA.  The cause and manner of death are pending investigation.


Everett Police were posted in front of this home on Beverly Lane most of the day Thursday.

An Everett man is expected to make his first court appearance this afternoon after being arrested yesterday by Everett Police. Shortly after 5:00PM the man was booked into the Snohomish County Jail for 1st degree murder (domestic violence – weapon), 1st degree Rape (domestic violence – sodomy) and 1st degree robbery with a weapon. The incident is believed to have happened at a house on Beverly Lane in central Everett.

Here is the official press release provided by Everett Police this morning.

Detectives with the Major Crimes Unit booked a male into jail for murder after investigating a suspicious death.

40 year-old Kenny J. Tate of Everett has been booked into the Snohomish County Jail on probable cause for murder 1st degree, rape 1st degree and robbery 1st degree.

At about 9:30 am on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, officers responded to a reported death in the 6900 block of Beverly Ln. The location is a transitional home where alcohol and drugs are prohibited.

Arriving officers found a deceased white male in his 30’s on the floor in the manager’s room. During the initial investigation drug paraphernalia was found, the death was deemed suspicious and detectives with the Major Crimes Unit were requested.

At about 2:30 am on December 3, 2015, Kenny J. Tate turned himself in at the Everett Police Department South Precinct. He told detectives that he is the House Manager of the transitional home and was attracted to the male victim.

According to Tate, he decided to manipulate the victim with illegal drugs and predetermined he would have forced sexual relations with him. After using drugs, Tate told the victim that they were not free and he was expected to pay with sexual favors. When the victim refused, an altercation occurred during which the victim died and was later found with a belt around his neck.

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office took custody of the body to establish cause and manner of death as well as identity. Multiple search warrants will be served to further the investigation. The owner of the transitional home found the deceased and called 911.


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30 Responses to “Murder, Rape and Robbery in Everett, WA”

  1. Kelly Says:

    So sad that someone turned this tragedy as an opportunity to highlight race.


    I lived there for 3 months when i was released from prison… (no need or rude comments) i know i was a messed up person… Ive been clean since 2/14/2014 but that house was thw worst place ive ever been… Thw owners had camera’s all over thw houae in everyroom but thw bathroom they would watch them from their cell phones… They made us live 3 to a room and charged 600.00 a month for that.. That place was a jome and if i wasnt stonger i would of relapsed so fast… #pooruseoffunding

  3. Taaj Says:

    My mother who works with women in transition knows the owners and knew some of the residents. I came on here to read more as she was clearly upset and I was taken aback by the horrible nature of this crime. A young man’s life being taken and a daughter that will grow up without a dad… My heart absolutely breaks for the family

    I should have NEVER read the comments but I know that the family and community are angry. This is not an issue of systemic/institutionalized racism folks, this is a terrible, horrible murder and I think anyone who hears this story wants justice. I pray for justice for all of his victims.

    I will say this, concerning black lives. Freddie Grey was murdered by both white and black officers, Sandra Bland lost her life due to the negligence of both black and white offices and both were protested in equal measure. Please don’t rely on the latest talking head sound bites and speak to someone who knows first hand. I’ve left a link below if you are interested and I’m more than willing to speak with anyone.

  4. black hate crime Says:

    this should be 24/7 news endlessly replayed to show the danger of black violence and crime.

    when a white cop is forced to kill a black armed criminal he is villified and race is ALL THAT IS MENTIONED, it needs to be the same EVERY TIME a black criminal attacks a white person.

    when its is the EVERYDAY black attacks and victimization of vulnerable whites, it NEVER is portrayed that way on the news, it does not get covered racially, and it seldom is even mentioned except in a short article in some local news source with no circulation.

  5. black criminal white victim Says:

    Sorry.. the current news reporting on any crime committed needs to follow the SAME news criteria now –


    This title and clear description of the racial nature of the offender and the attacker should apply in EVERY case, not only when a white cop shoots a black criminal.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    First let me say my sincere condolences go out to Daniel’s family. This is truly awful! I didn’t know Daniel, but my son used to live at this home a while back. I got to know several residents and just about each person was coming from very differing and difficult backgrounds. They were all doing well in this house adjusting to life sober or starting life again outside of prison. I believe the owner has a very good sense of what it takes to help these tormented individuals. I have seen first hand the kind of care he and his family give to their residents. In his house he promotes structure and routine, healthy eating, healthy hygiene, support for mental and emotional healing, re learning what’s socially acceptable behavior, help with resume’ writing and how to get through the awkward and sometimes traumatic job interview. It’s a positive environment promoting success. This incident is so tragic and horrific. There are no words to describe how awful this has to be for Daniel’s family, the owner of this house and the residents.
    In my dealings with this house I also got to know the manager. I’m not going to sing this man’s praises however the person I knew had always been a very nice person and very concerned with residents safety. He had years as a recovering addict and he was proud to be helping others succeed in their recovery. My only thought is that drug as anyone knows will make people do things they would not ordinarily do. This is no excuse; just years of my research and empathy for this terrible disease that has really plagued our youth in the recent years. Why Kenny relapsed we may never know, but he did. Things must’ve been REALLY bad. I’m glad he turned himself in to face his sentence. I’m sure the owner of the house played a big part in finding Kenny and getting him to do it.
    Again, my heart goes out to Daniels family and friends. I hope they can find some comfort with GOD’S help and all the prayers from everyone sending their thoughts.

    • Brianna Says:

      I just came from court and the things Kenny tate admitted made me want to be sick. Daniel isn’t his first victim at that house or up here in washington according to what he had said to his attorney. He Did This to men in California before moving up here and was never caught. He also admitted to being a daily drug user while managing the house where he murdered my daughters father. God only knows how many men he raped there and got away with it. I owe it to Daniel to make sure this monster never sees the light of day again.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for taking the last one off !!!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    A “Transitional home”?? Sounds like they were transiting onto drugs not transiting off of drugs. sounds like they should also be investigating the owner of the house too.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Please just be there for each other!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I’m so sorry for Daniel and his family !!! If it was a woman ? He was a victim!!!:'(

  11. Summer Says:

    What a tragedy.A life lost because of selfishness.I hope that Daniel and his family find peace at some point. It may not be anytime soon for his family, but I’m hoping Daniel is already there. I also hope that the family can someday forgive Kenny for his selfishness if not for themselves for Daniel.Kenny should be put into jail and never let out, never let to feel freedom. Ever. Mostly I hope that he forgives himself and that God can too.

    • Brianna Says:

      I myself know I’ll never beable to forgive him for taking my daughters dad away from her. Now my daughter has to grow up fatherless because of this guy’s Crack habit and sick fetishes or whatever you want to call it. After everything my daughter and I have already had to go through I think it would be safe to say that there is no God!

      • Karen Says:

        So sorry for pain you have to endure. I would like to see some photos of the baby. You can get my info from any of the immediate family.
        Don’t lose hope or faith, you need it more than ever now.

      • Rin Says:

        There is a God and he forgives when the person repent and turn around from sinning. Also, they both made a choice to do drugs which made this situation happen in the first place. I’m sure the drugs had an influence on his behavior simply because it states he doesn’t have a prior record, so something went wrong.

    • Karen Says:

      Somethings in life are unforgivable, even the Old Testament will tell you the outcome for soul that murdered my Nephew.

  12. Karen Says:

    Danny is my Nephew,
    Do our family a favor and keep your sick comments to yourself, and be thankful that this kind of Evil doesn’t happen to your loved ones.

    • Brianna Says:

      I’ll call someone in the morning to get your info karen. I’ll email some pictures so you can see his beautiful daughter. They look so much alike. She really misses her dad and it sucks I had to block all the news stations because I don’t want her to know everything that happened to him. I wish so many things right now but my main wish is that he wouldn’t have left the world in such a horrible way. 🙁

    • constance stevenson Says:

      Karen, Brianna and family,

      My name is Constance Stevenson. We are raising funds to help with expenses for Daniel. I know we have never met, but please know we cared deeply for Daniel and I am so sorry. Daniel did attend church with us through the summer and the pastor has stepped up and said he will do what ever he can to assist at this time. I will be making arrangements to get this over to the family via Tiffany.

      Constance Stevenson

      • Karen Says:

        You are angel that walks this earth. They do need help can you arrange a local bank in WA to accept donation for his burial, if you could speak to the local tv stations to get word out to the public.
        I spoke with Danny’s father my Brother last about your offer and he is grateful for the kindness, he and Danny’s Mother are making arrangement.
        They do have s pastor for the services but I’m sure the other pastor can be a huge help during this horrible situation..
        With much Aloha

      • Karen Says:

        I think the family is going to set up the fund with a local bank. A neutral party to both of Danny’s parents.
        I’m grateful for the pure Kindness and Genuine Sincerity. Please do collect at the church still and then make the deposit at the bank they choose, I will let you know which bank when it’s set up, My husband has already spoke to King 5 news.

  13. Laura Reed Says:

    I’m really not sure if there are any words that could describe this, other than horrific. Looks like he used his influence and position to deceive and murder. Awful.

  14. Coney Says:

    YIKES – Gay raped and asphyxiated to death. What a way to go.

    • Brianna Says:

      It would be a shame if one of your family members had this happen to them, then had to read ignorant comments about them on here. So maybe keep your disgusting comments to yourself because our family is going through enough right now without having to read this smut!

    • constance stevenson Says:

      Daniel was an amazing young man with disabilities. What you have said is ugly and very heartless. Daniel was not gay, and at one time had a life, a child and a future in front of him. Saying hurtful things is so disrespectful to those who loved Daniel, and to Daniel. He was human being who never deserved anything that happened to him. I will pray for you, that God would somehow touch your heart and heal what ever is causing this ugliness inside.