Everett Police Lieutenant Fired

EPD lieutenant

Everett Police Chief fires lieutenant after off-duty DUI arrest.

Yesterday Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman formally fired Everett Police Lieutenant Jim Phillips for violating department policy. Today the City of Everett provided MyEverettNews.com the following statement…

Effective Feb. 10, the City of Everett has terminated Lt. Jimmy Phillips’s employment with the Everett Police Department, following his Aug. 25, 2015 arrest in Benton County for driving under the influence. Following an internal investigation, Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman determined that Phillips’ actions rendered him unfit to perform essential functions of his job as a police officer, and jeopardize the public’s trust in law enforcement.
Phillips has been on leave since the August incident, which occurred when he was off duty.

Here is a statement from Chief Templeman also provided to MyEverettNews.com by the City of Everett…

“Lt. Phillips is a well-liked member of our force, and I appreciate his service and commitment to our community. However, his actions clearly violate our department’s canons of ethics as police officers and are inconsistent with our core values of honor, integrity and professionalism.”

MyEverettNews.com requested and received a copy of the email police chief Templeman sent out to Everett Police Department yesterday…

Effective today, Lt. Jim Phillips has been terminated from the Everett Police Department. Jim’s termination is the result of his off-duty DUI arrest in Benton County last August. While I will not go into the details of the incident and subsequent internal investigation here, it still remains my expectation that all Everett Police employees will uphold our core values of honor, professionalism and integrity.

Lieutanant Phillips does have the right to file a grievance under the Everett Police Management Association’s collective bargaining agreement with the City of Everett or appeal to the city’s Civil Service Commission. City of Everett policy also offers lieutanant Phillips the option to resign.


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7 Responses to “Everett Police Lieutenant Fired”

  1. Danny ♡ Says:

    Not supprised at all cus I have personally experienced my own issues with epd and their lack of being trustworthy officers.Im just wondering what else may be a issue with their department at this time that may be cleaned up easily by firing the big guy who was not expecting to be clearly by the fact he didn’t decide to resigned from his position and ended up getting fired now having that on his name, I think that it must have been a little bit of a shock when they did can his ass so he must have thought his behavior is not a issue and goes to show that they must usually get away with a lot so I wonder what the department is trying to avoid attention upon that this guys loss of his job may have thrown any interest off track… just a theory tho could be wrong but thats what I expect from the Everett police officers and their department.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Everett – ugghhh – has lost all credibility. Just let the baby murderers out of jail and out walking our streets….. tells all meth heads that they do what they want. . Poor precious baby Madilynn <3 Everett sucks

  3. Anonymous Says:

    5-1/2 months of police lieutenant pay as severance for a DUI seems like a really good deal. It’ll be even better when he gets reinstated with back pay after his union takes the city to court and wins.

    • Anonymous Says:

      That’s the Standing Operation Procedure around these parts. Probably has a cushy job waiting in Freeattle. If this is the same idiot with 26 years that totaled his truck and trailer after a “Couple shots” earlier that day I say good riddance. Enjoy your fat retirement and try not to kill someone next time. Accountability starts at the top.

    • Bourne Says:

      Nice gig if you can get it. Have to love public service unions.


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