Ana’s Tacos and Burritos in Everett…Wagonless, But Not Gone

February 2, 2016

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The wagon called Ana’s Casita is gone but Ana is cooking inside the store Tue – Fri, 10a – 3p.


Some say Ana makes Everett’s best burritos.

For more than three years, Ana made tacos and burritos from a little red taco wagon outside of the Jackpot Gas Station at 43rd and Rucker in Everett. Last year the wagon went away but Ana wants Everett to know she’s still here.

This single mother of four boys, ages 12, 11, 9 and 3 went through some personal issues and lost the use of the wagon. Thanks to the owners of the Jackpot station Ana has been able to open up inside the convenience store.


Ana is looking forward to reconnecting with lost customers.

“I miss my regular customers,” said Ana. “I loved them and they loved my food and service, it goes both ways.”

Ana still serves burritos and tacos that earned her five stars on Yelp. She’s open Tuesday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM inside a little corner of the Jackpot convenience store.

Fans of Ana’s Casita (as her wagon was known) have even started a Go Fund Me Campaign to raise money for a new truck or wagon but Ana says she’s just happy to have a small business where she can work hard and enjoy serving.

“Please let people know I’m here,” said Ana. “I’m flexible and want to see my customers however they want to see me.”

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3 Responses to “Ana’s Tacos and Burritos in Everett…Wagonless, But Not Gone”

  1. Erin Maurer Says:

    Thank you so much for featuring the GoFundMe site. All proceeds will go to Ana so that she can choose the concession trailer of her choice. Please help her out!

  2. Nathan Says:

    I love the promotion of local business. It gives great awareness! But color me confused as to where this is actually located. There is no gas station at 42nd and Rucker. Is it the gas station at 43rd and Rucker?