Everett Calls Emergency Marijuana Time Out

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Everett doesn’t want any more retail marijuana stores for at least 1 year.

At its Wednesday City Council meeting the City of Everett will hold a public hearing on prohibiting any more retail marijuana stores for up to a year. Everett, WA is treating this as an emergency and will hold the public hearing and all three readings of the ordinance together.

Currently there are five recreational retail licenses authorized by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board for locations in Everett. Four stores are up and running and the fifth is undergoing final permitting.

In December the board doubled the amount of stores it would allow in Everett. The State is telling medical marijuana stores that they have to close or convert to recreational retail stores. Everett has never allowed medical marijuana.

The idea of more recreational stores in Everett was unacceptable to Everett City Council member Scott Bader who told MyEverettNews.com at the time, the city had done its fair share and he didn’t want any more stores to open in Everett.

In the ordinance scheduled for a public hearing and vote Wednesday night, Everett says it wants a one year time out to…

  • Evaluate the changes being proposed by the Liquor and Cannabis Board
  • Evaluate crime related data from the current stores in Everett and around the State
  • Evaluate the societal impacts of retail marijuana stores in neighborhoods where they operate
  • Analyze where another five stores would fit into Everett given current zoning restrictions
  • Conduct an analysis of where and how many marijuana stores are operating outside Everett city limits
  • Evaluate the need for any additional land use or other regulations related to retail marijuana

The city says this is an emergency ordinance for the public health, safety and welfare and to prevent the establishment of vested rights that could be incompatible with the plans, policies and regulations that could be adopted as a result of this Ordinance.

You can see the complete proposed ordinance here.

If you are for or against the idea you will get a chance to speak at the public hearing before a council vote is taken. The meeting is set for 6:30 PM at the City Council Chambers, 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett.


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4 Responses to “Everett Calls Emergency Marijuana Time Out”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would not waste my time with this meeting the decision has already been made. This is only a dog and pony show for us taxpayers to make us feel like our voice has meaning. I would go if they provided free doughnuts though.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I would much rather deal with a hundred “Stoner’s” than one drunk, heroin user or crack head. In the bigger picture the latter group is a much larger burden on us taxpayers therefore its acceptable. We don’t want the judges, lawyers, and the rest of the system to loose business do we?

  3. Bourne Says:

    License a product detrimental to a productive modern society and when it comes crashing in– spend more money trying to fix the problem. Then re-visit the original problem over and over again.

    Yep, welcome to liberal controlled WA state.