PUD Offers Billing Options After Complaints

January 30, 2016

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PUD bill

Monthly PUD bills are creating sticker shock and complaints..

Recently you may have seen your PUD bill increase. Back in May Snohomish PUD announced it was going to monthly billing starting this fall. Now that we are into that process there’s been a lot of sticker shock. Even KIRO TV’s Jesse Jones this week did a segment on it. In response to questions and complaints the PUD is providing an explanation and issuing a list of payment options that can even out your bill throughout the year. The following is from the PUD…

Everett, WA – Many Snohomish County PUD customers are seeing a bump in their energy bills due to cooler temperatures and slightly higher energy rates compared to a year ago. The last 10 days of December, for example, were 12% colder than the previous year. The PUD also increased rates by about 6.5% in 2015, largely due to higher wholesale energy costs from Bonneville Power Administration, its primary source of energy.

When temperatures drop to the teens and 20s, electric heating systems work overtime to heat homes. Over the winter holidays, many families also hosted visitors, meaning houses were occupied at all hours of the day and thermostats were set at higher temperatures.

The PUD has programs that can help customers facing higher winter bills.

Budget Payment Plan

The PUD offers a Budget Payment Plan that’s designed to make bill paying easier by calculating equal payments for customers each month through the year. The plan is available at any time of the year to customers with a zero balance. The PUD requires that you obtain one year of service at your current address before starting the plan to establish an accurate payment amount. You may apply for the BPP by phone or in person at any PUD office. Customer service representatives are available to quote a monthly payment for you or answer any other questions.

SnoPAY Option

With SnoPAY, the PUD’s online billing program, you can pay your PUD bill by transferring money electronically from your checking or savings account, or use a credit or debit card (except pre-paid credit cards). You can also make a one-time payment without enrolling. There is no fee to use SnoPAY. Simply visit www.snopud.com/snopay.

We encourage you to enroll in SnoPAY to take advantage of special options including viewing past PUD bills, establishing recurring payments, and creating shared accounts where you can pay PUD bills for family members or friends. SnoPAY eliminates paper waste for both the PUD and customers.

To learn more about these programs, or how you can contribute to help others, call PUD Customer Service at 425-783-1000.

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29 Responses to “PUD Offers Billing Options After Complaints”

  1. Brian Says:

    I would be interested in the individuals running PUD. They are not very honest, as we have just completed a project for them and they have screwed every contractor out of money on the entire project. Very dishonest and someone needs to be looking at their books. JMHO

  2. Overcharged Says:

    We stopped using over 7000 watts of electricity over three months ago. Our bills are coming in at $600 a MONTH! Even with only the bare essentials running–a couple lights and the water heater costs us $600 a month. We need to start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PEOPLE. All of us. The whole county.

  3. Hamid Says:

    Seems like that the pain is the choice the PUD opted in billing monthly but still reading the meters every other month. The months that we see a huge bump in the amount they charge is the result of those months that they estimate the usage based on previous year’s usage. But last year’s same- month usage reflected billing for two months and I guess the stupid computer just looks up the previous year’s bill and adds 6.5% to it and we the poor customers paying the bill so to continue having power.

  4. Julia Says:

    So just looked up and there are over 7000 complaints about PUD to the commissioners…still nothing being done.

  5. David Hoffard Says:

    Our PUD bill has risen every month since the “new math” went into effect. We are now paying close to triple what we had been paying previously. Even after making the move to almost all LED-based lighting and REDUCED furnace use.
    This is an outrage!

  6. Tammy Levesque Says:

    Okay so what we all need to do i guess is just not pay it. Are they going to turn off everyone’s power? And how the hell do you estimate a bill to be much higher usage than has been previously used?

    You have some serious explaining to do and the bunk your putting out there does not wash PUD!!!

    I wonder how the hell you’ll do when everyone everywhere just decides not to pay your ransom demands and how you’ll be able to bill anyone then? You going to turn off all of our power?

    Your bologna line of estimating compared to last years usage, is a crock of horse manure!!! If you estimated from last year of which i keep great records I have to for my business, then my bill would be a mere $200 dollars compared to $700 you charged me and told me i used twice as much power as i actually used.

    i know how to read the meter and it is not even close to matching your estimate! You have not adjusted our bills either to reflect your over estimations.

    Your sick! You all need help and i am not the only one going to make this all as hellish as i can for you.

    I will inundate the commissioners office about all of this, over and over and over again. I will join with anyone who wants to make a lawsuit against you, for destroying my business, and livelihood.

    Hydro power does not create a carbon foot print of which that’s a line of complete bullshit!

  7. Lola Says:

    Our bill was $1000.00 dollars…we have never had a bill even close to that for example last year our bill was around 400.00. The explanation provided makes no sense (other than the rate increase). If only PUD had a realistic competitor then maybe they wouldn’t be able to arbitrarily charge what they want and the consumer not have any choice but to pay or go without electricity. What a shame!!!

  8. rich Says:

    I am new to Washington… My bills where $80 to $120. A month… I did not do anything different this month then I did last month and suddenly my bill went to $326. Do not tell me there is not some corruption here from the top to the bottom…

  9. KC Says:

    Just to add to the story, Jessie Jones at KIRO has done a little reporting about the increased rates. You can find it here:


    Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you much more than is on this article. For those experiencing the 30% rate increases, you need to contact the Snohomish Public Utility commission and let them know, because there’s something screwy with the new billing system. Show up at their meetings; there was one today and another on the 16th. Let them know how this is affecting you. Your rates only increased 6% last year. Nobody should be paying 30% more.

  10. Bourne Says:

    …And for you political commenting people who can’t come up with anything more intelligent to complain about, find the right website to complain on and let the people who really want to talk about the PUD rates comment on here!

    Did you actually read the entire article and understand why the rates are increasing?

    • KC Says:

      The rates aren’t increasing because of BPA’s wholesale rates. They just aren’t. SNOPUD increased rates of about 6%. But some customers are finding their bills increased by 30% over last year. That has nothing to do with BPA. It has to do with SNOPUD’s new billing system.

  11. Kari Says:

    Mine is $360 higher for the same two months as last year. We have the same everything going on here with the exception of purchasing a more energy efficient refrigerator recently. This new PUD system is not working or they have a very big problem with their billing program and someone (outside of PUD if they say it’s working fine) needs to look at it. If this continues there will be protests outside of their buildings until someone can tell us what in the world is going on and not patronize us by telling us that maybe our company over the holidays is the reason! What, you think we only had company this year and not previous years! Do you think this is a new concept to keep a close eye on our heat in the colder months because you tend to want to be warm inside your house! Sheesh, who do you people think your talking to? And for you political commenting people who can’t come up with anything more intelligent to complain about, find the right website to complain on and let the people who really want to talk about the PUD rates comment on here!

  12. Laura Reed Says:

    They said my usage this last monthly billing cycle was over 1800KWH. This is highly suspect. I’ve never had a 2-month bill over $265 (a 2-month usage of 2475KWH.) Yet, this month’s bill was $198. That would be nearly $400 for two months!

    We don’t heat one room. We turn our heat down to the lowest setting or completely off when we go to work. We are mindful of our thermostats. We choose robes, socks, and pajama pants over heating if we can. Yet, they are telling me I used 50% more energy than my highest bill ever?

    When we had our highest bill ever, we were heating every room daily, even whilst at work. When we received our $265 bill back in 2014, we changed our habits. Last year’s winter bills stayed under $200.00 each, even with Project Pride.

    My husband and I rent. We’ve lived here for 6 years. Even with the minuscule rate increases, the usage doesn’t make sense. I can’t see how we used 1800KWH of energy, unless something was turned on or wasting energy and we weren’t aware. I doubt it’s the heater because my hands are like ice right now. I’m going to start wearing gloves indoors.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    SnoCo PUD must be trying to recoup some of the losses from the Crack head Copper Thieves.

  14. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Move back to bi-monthly billing while you’re at it!

    Billing every month doubles the cost of postage, paper, printing, processing, collections, etc. Total waste of money and it’s a waste of my time too have to pay you twice as frequently.

  15. Karen Says:

    Compared to most, I am very fortunate. I live in an apartment above a restaurant and literally have turned on my heat 3x this winter. Yet my bill went from $25-30 a month to $78. How is that possible? There’s something very fishy going on with the PUD billing.

  16. Jaci Says:

    Yes, something doesn’t seem right! My “guesstimated” bill for last month was $292, the month before that was $175 and this month’s meter read actual bill is $322! We are in a rental house & it was explained to me by SnoPUD that the “guesstimate” was based on the people who lived here last year, but they told me the month that they come out & read the meter it will balance out. I.E. If we overpaid during the guess month they would credit us for the month there was an actual reading. And if we didn’t pay enough during the guess month, we would pay the difference during the read month. I guess that makes sense…..however after reading my new actual bill for this month, there wasn’t a credit for last month due to us overpaying, nor was there an underpayment on our part that we had to make up for on this bill. So basically they are saying that we used the EXACT same amount of power as the people who lived here last year for last months bill? I find this very hard to believe. We moved here from Illinois so we keep the heat way down in our house because we are used to it being WAY colder…..so I really don’t even see how the heck these bills are so high! The most we ever paid in IL for electricity was $170 for one month & I about died when I saw that bill! You can imagine my surprise at the bills I’ve been receiving here!

    • Lina Says:

      Your telling me! I’ve live in my rental home for almost six months, my bills have never been over $90, and this last bill was $356! And I live alone. Tell me how it just a that high?!? I hate this.

  17. Bourne Says:

    “We recognize that rate increases are very challenging for customers, especially for those still in the throes of a slow economy,” said BPA Acting Administrator Elliot Mainzer. “But the increases are necessary so that we can preserve the long-term value of carbon-free federal generation and support the reliability of the high-voltage transmission lines that serve Northwest public utilities.”


    BPA is responding to ever increasing government green regulations.

    Again, thanks liberals.

    • KC Says:

      You don’t appear to be aware of this, but the carbon-free power generation he’s referring to is the power we get from the hydroelectric dams. This isn’t some new “green regulation”. It’s the same power we’ve been getting since the 1930s, and it happens to be carbon-free.

      Let’s talk facts for a second and not your cherished political ideas. BPA’s wholesale power rates are irrelevant to the discussion. You pay what your utility charges you. And SNOPUD’s power rates rose last year, from 9.4 cents a kWH to 9.879 cents. But that’s only 6%, and doesn’t explain the 30% rise that some customers are seeing on their bills.

      What appears to be the problem is the new billing system from SNOPUD. Before, they’d bill you directly from the meter reading, every two months. Now, they “estimate” your second month. This appears to be screwing a fairly large number of their customers, and it’s not working very well.

      My suggestion would be to let the Snohomish Public Utilities Commission know about this problem. They are the body that represents ratepayers. They’re meeting today, and they’ll be meeting again on the 16th. Show up. Let them know about your 30% increases. There’s something wrong with the way SNOPUD is billing its customers.

  18. michael Says:

    Yup,this is garbage. Nothing in this statement is of any kind of help. I don’t touch my thermostat, we use wood to heat my house period and I still see larger than ever bills. The previous person is right, they have us by the balls. We have no alternative options outside of solar, wind generators that cost thousands to hook up. The electric systems is a complete monopoly that does allow any kind of fair competition. Microsoft doesn’t have anything on PUD.

  19. Seanna Savage Says:

    Ya, this does not help what so ever. I was expecting more….but basically you are saying you still owe what we’ve charged you, so pay up! You can make your payments blah blah blah!! We already know how to make a paymemt!! I lived in king cnty for 15 years and NEVER had bills as high as with pud! U should be sued, and I wish there were a way to findnout if their power provider really raised rates, or is that just a lie to get more money from us. BUT….THEY’VE GOT US! WE HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO MOVE out of sno county.

  20. Seanna Savage Says:

    Ya, this does not help what so ever. I was expecting more….but basically you are saying you still owe what we’ve charged you, so pay up! You can make your payments blah blah blah!! We already know how to make a paymemt!! I lived in king cnty for 15 years and NEVER had bills as high as with pud! U should be sued, and I wish there were a way to findnout if their power provider really raised rates, or is that just a lie to get more money from us. BUT….THEY’VE GOT US! WE HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO MOVE out of sno cnty.

  21. Sheila Says:

    This is no help to anyone. You’ve said nothing here that helps anyone. My bill has been 3.5-4 times higher than it has ever been. This is not due to more consumption. It is due to huge price increase. Which is you (PUD) choosing to do so and totally screw people because you know you can.

    • KC Says:

      You need to let the Snohomish Public Utilities Commission know about this. They are supposed to be ratepayer advocates for your utility. It’s publicly owned, after all. There’s something screwy with SNOPUD’s new billing system. You need to let them know how you’ve been affected. Good luck!

  22. Bourne Says:

    “The last 10 days of December, for example, were 12% colder than the previous year. ”

    So much for global warming.

    I would like to thank the liberals for helping increase our power rates. Thanks a lot.

    • Zach Says:

      People like you still exist? I thought we laughed that line of reasoning into extinction.

      • Alex mason Says:

        People like YOU still exist? You can’t be laughed out of extinction quickly enough. Junk Science.