Everett PUD Customers Moving To Monthly Billing

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Click to see the changes to your PUD bill this fall.

Snohomish PUD used social media this morning to announce it will be moving to a monthly billing system for customers in Everett and Snohomish County this fall. Currently residential customers receive a bill every other month. Here’s an explanation of some of the reasons behind the change:

Monthly billing is standard for most utilities, in line with best practices in the industry. With monthly bills, each individual payment will be about half of a two-month period, helping customers stay on track with bill payments. In addition, many of the PUD’s technology upgrades and improvements to business processes for customers will be more easily implemented under monthly billing.

The PUD has also provided a list of what it says are the benefits to a monthly bill…

  • Provide smaller bills for households and businesses allowing many an easier time with balancing their monthly budgets.
  • Allow your utility to reduce costs in upgrading our billing system by taking advantage of new technology that does not have to be customized to continue bi-monthly billing.
  • Provide greater financial stability for your PUD and over the long-term allow it to offer new features that will provide you with more information and control over your energy use.
  • Think green! Don’t worry about filing or shredding your bill. Now is a perfect time to sign-up for paperless, online billing that arrives in your inbox, easy to pay and easy for referencing.
  • It will be easier for customers who are used to a monthly bill for other utilities (cable, gas, water, sewer, trash, etc.).
  • Most companies and utilities bill on a monthly basis.

The PUD hasn’t given an exact date but says the change will happen this fall. Here’s a link to Frequently Asked Questions about the move on the PUD’s website.


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