1st Tenants Announced For Market at Potala Place in Everett


220 apartments will be above the Market.

As Everett continues to make its downtown more urban, a big part of that will be the development known as Potala Place. It’s located west of downtown at Grand and Wall streets and will have more than 200 apartments, retail spaces, restaurants and a market. The Market at Potala Place looks to be the first thing open this summer and today announced the first tenants in a release from their P.R. firm…

The Market at Potala Place, a new artisan food  retail project located in Everett, Wash., is pleased to announce the initial market tenants will include Potala Farms, ChouxChoux Bakery, BB Ranch Butcher Shop and Fish Market. The Market at Potala Place is expected to open this summer.

“The Market at Potala Place will have some prominent tenants who share our commitment to healthy, locally-grown products,” said Steve Carlin, retail consultant on the project. “Everything needed to maintain a healthy, well-stocked kitchen will be available at the market, with affordable prices and the satisfaction of buying locally-sourced products.”

The Market at Potala Place will be a year-round indoor market, featuring locally grown produce, meat, poultry, and flowers, as well as prepared foods, specialty groceries, and a wide range of items for the kitchen and home. The diverse group of tenants will sell a wide selection of locally sourced grocery products, including milk, eggs, fresh produce and fruit. ChouxChoux Bakery will offer rustic and refined French pastries and desserts, a variety of breads, warm and cold sandwiches, and vintage American baked goods, all made with farm fresh ingredients and completed with the Pacific Northwest’s favorite coffees and espresso. BB Ranch, a long-time member of Pike Place Market, will offer exceptional cuts of meat and fresh fish, eggs, sausage, and related items typically sold in a butcher shop.

“We are very excited to be expanding our services to the Everett community,” said William Von Schneidow, owner of BB Ranch. “Pike Place Market has been an incredible home for us, and we’re happy that we can grow our business and provide the same quality and variety of meats, seafood, and ranch products to folks up north.”

The remaining tenants are expected to inhabit the market by the end of the year.

The Market at Potala Place will host a sneak-peek event on Thursday, April 30, 2015 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The event will showcase the new space and include guided “private tours” of the facility. Tickets are $100 per person. The Market at Potala Place has partnered with Housing Hope for the event, with all proceeds from the event benefitting the local non-profit organization.

The Market at Potala Place will be a one stop destination for shoppers from Seattle to Vancouver. Produce and other products will be brought to the market each morning by local farmers; the goods will be sold to the general public and the cafés and restaurants located within the market. For more information, visit www.potalamarketplace.com.

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6 Responses to “1st Tenants Announced For Market at Potala Place in Everett”

  1. Clifton Says:

    I just signed my lease yesterday! I’m so excited I’ve never lived somewhere so nice. I got the big open 1 bedroom facing the water. looking forward to waking up to that everyday

  2. WA EB5 Corporation Questions Says:

    What happened to the advertised claim that the Market would be owned and operated by Snohomish Farmers Alliance? It was claimed to be 100% pre-leased to them.

    Now we see Potala Farms which is the company owned by Dargey not Snohomish Farmers Alliance (per state corporations website). It appears that this was just formed and was at first called Avant Farms.

    Is this project being delivered to the community as promised.

    Not as advertised IMHO.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Excited about this. I’m glad to see people supporting Everett and helping it develop. I’m also glad to see positive comments on this news website versus the Herald which is just a bunch of people who are never happy complaining about Everett.

  4. Proud Everett resident Says:

    Ups the cool factor of Everett AND gives us great amenities. Can’t wait!

  5. Zach Says:

    I’m so excited about this! My grocery bill is about to expand, but to walk to a place I can see from my condo to get all manner of quality edibles has always been a dream.

    • Snohohish Farmer Says:

      Dream on.

      We were promised that the Market would be “owned and operated by the local farmers”

      We were promised that the Snohomish County Growers Alliance had the space 100% pre-leased.

      Now it seems Potala Farms is Lobsang Dargey and a partner. You think the food is going to be priced with the locals in mind? Or priced to line someones wallet?