Everett Police Say No Arrest in Saturday’s Shooting-Mukilteo School District Troubled

May 5, 2014

Police Blotter

Everett shooting

The basketball court at Horizon Elementary.

This afternoon, Andy Muntz, spokesman for the Mukilteo School District issued the following statement to parents regarding the shooting of a 15-year-old boy on the basketball court at Horizon Elementary School Saturday evening…

You may have heard that there was a shooting on the campus of Horizon Elementary School during the weekend. We are very sad that this incident occurred and are especially troubled that it occurred on a school playground. The playground is a public facility, available for the public to use during the evenings and weekends. It’s unfortunate that an incident like this had to happen on a facility that is so important to the Casino Road community. We will continue to work closely with the Everett Police Department to help make sure the playground at Horizon a safe place for the community to use.

Meanwhile, here’s the latest update on the shooting at the basketball court at Horizon Elementary School Saturday night. Aaron Snell with Everett Police says the victim, a 15 year-old Everett teen, remains at Providence Regional Medical Center for treatment. His injury is believed to be a non-life threatening. Due to his age, no additional details will be provided.

All individuals detained on Saturday were questioned and released. No arrests have been made. Detectives continue working to identify and apprehend the shooter.

At this point, this incident does not appear related to the May, 2011 shooting. If details emerge linking the two, detectives will broaden the scope of their investigation. Additionally, we recognize possible witnesses and nearby neighbors told media the incident is gang related. It is too early in the investigation to speculate if this information is accurate.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 911 or the Everett Police Department TIP LINE at (425) 257-8450.

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3 Responses to “Everett Police Say No Arrest in Saturday’s Shooting-Mukilteo School District Troubled”

  1. C.note Says:

    The police are doing nonthing around casino. My house was broke in to.and my kids were home. Thay stole some things. We called them thay showed up 20 min later and when thay left the kids that broke in to my house came back. And that said thay were going to go look for them.we told them what the car looked like and who thay were.and still haven’t heard anything, bin 5 months.thay are no help

  2. jess Says:

    Maybe escort them to the stop or arrange a carpool? We are on E.casino, but I know how bad it is getting.

  3. MT Says:

    What I don’t understand is why anything isn’t being done about the increased crime in that area. For almost the past year the amount of violence due to the “new” gang that trying to take over Casino Rd. has been causing a hinderance for those that live in the area. Why isn’t the other shooting listed? Or the other stabbing listed? All within how many days? It was really entertaining to watch our local Everett Police Department have almost an hour conversation (2 patrol cars) talking and laughing in the Fred Meyer parking lot (good thing they had their engines running – I guess in the event they got called), what a waste of resources. Why are these “gangs” allowed to sit on school propery with weapons? They are there after hours and on the weekends. They are hanging outside the 7-11 and the 76 but no one does anything about it. Our kids are forced to walk to their school bus stops along Casino Rd and they are robbed repeatedly. Thank you Everett Police Department for your dedication to keeping our streets safe for our children.