What Would You Cut From Everett’s Budget? Public Meeting Thursday

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson

Mayor Stephanson is asking for public involvement to make tough budget decisions.

Should the Everett Library merge with Sno-Isle? How many jobs handled by police officers should be turned over to civilians? Is the city spending too much on consultants? Should new taxes be placed on cable TV and trash collection? Those are a few of the questions people of Everett can weigh in on as the city decides how to close a multimillion dollar budget gap. After presentations to the city council during the month of April, the city administration is taking their budget briefings on the road. Two community meetings to discuss options for balancing Everett’s budget are set for Thursday May 8th and Tuesday May 13th.

“We are working with council members, the community and city staff to develop options to balance our budget for the long term,” said Mayor Ray Stephanson. Everett currently faces a deficit of $13 million in 2015, which will grow to $21 million by 2018 if no adjustments are made.

In December 2013, Stephanson assembled a group of senior staff to research and evaluate potential actions city leaders could take to balance the budget. The list of options has been discussed at a series of council briefings in April.

The two meetings in May will allow community members to learn more about the budget gap Everett faces and options under consideration by city leaders, including specific expense-reduction and revenue-adjustment ideas. Community members will also have the chance to ask questions and share feedback. Both meetings will run from 5:30-8 p.m., with a presentation at 6 p.m. and small-group discussions at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting details:

Thursday, May 8, 5:30-8 p.m.

Evergreen Middle School Cafeteria

7621 Beverly Lane

Tuesday, May 13, 5:30-8 p.m.

Wilderness Auditorium, Jackson Conference Center, Everett Community College

2000 Tower Street

You can click here to see the various presentations made to the Everett City Council as well as the study options and other materials.

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6 Responses to “What Would You Cut From Everett’s Budget? Public Meeting Thursday”

  1. Mattius Wight Says:

    Stop paying firefighters to sleep. Move them to an 8 hours shifts like the rest of us, and pay them for working. Most calls they receive are EMT calls, which can be taken care of by EMT’s, who make significantly less, but are mostly used to transport for the fire department. Also, stop sending out the fire trucks to medical calls. That is a waste of fuel and money, and they cannot use it for transport. Why send it? These old and outdated practices are still wasting money today. Stop it!

    • Marietta Alexander Says:

      Good point! Never thought of that! I do notice those big, clumsy, red fire trucks; they must use a ton of fuel! They should ONLY BE USED for REAL fires!

  2. scott Says:

    Cut the munti million dollar childrens theatre championed by council person Brenda Stoneceipher.

  3. Keith Says:

    I have never figured out the reasoning the the City, and especially the Everett School Dist., can sit on MASSIVE amounts of land and property and can STILL have the nerve to beg for more money from the taxpayers!! SELL ANY UNUSED PROPERTY BEFORE ASKING FOR MORE MONEY!! They certain found nearly $30 million for a sparkling new “Administration Center” (not to mention a fancy new Courthouse!) while the old one sits empty on , literally, MILLIONS of dollars of prime Colby Ave. real estate in a residential area. When the city has EXHAUSTED all other options for raising money, only THEN should they go to the taxpayers -already overly burdened with taxes-with “hat in hand” for additional money! Don’t “cut”- MANAGE the holdings you currently have!!! Lease the land!

  4. Marietta Alexander Says:

    Was wondering WHY they did not plant the flowers along the road through Forest Park this year! Just put down mulch instead! How much money ARE they spending on consultants?, that would be an area to cut drastically!! I am surprised by this problem with Boeing, Fluke, and many other companies within the city limits.

  5. Joshua Says:

    Why make cuts? Just increase corporate taxes.