Plans For 100 Owner Occupied Townhomes at North End of Silver Lake Moving Forward

Silver Lake Center

Plans are moving forward for Silver Lake Center Townhomes.

This week the Everett Planning Commission and the Everett City Council will resume consideration of a plan by Taylor Development to build 100 townhomes at the north end of Silver Lake where the old “Dome House” used to be. On Tuesday night the Planning Commission will consider both a land use plan and a shoreline plan that would allow the project to move forward. On Wednesday afternoon the Everett City Council will consider extending a one year old emergency moratorium that halted all development on the site until a plan could be designed that suited the neighbors, the city and the property owner. According to the description on the paperwork attached to the agenda, that moratorium could be lifted in March with the go ahead to build the project. Occupancy would be expected some time in 2016.

The previous project slated for the property called for mixed use retail, commercial and housing. That plan never came to fruition and the property ended up in foreclosure. Taylor Development purchased the property out of foreclosure and told the city that mixed used would not work and have now presented a plan for a strictly residential development. As a condition of being able to build the townhomes, Taylor has offered to…

**Contribute $69,000.00 for the Parks Department to extend a public trail on City of Everett park property along the shoreline of Silver Lake at Green Lantern Park across the street from the development.

**Allow for the public to use a portion of the development site for a view point overlooking Silver Lake.

**Provide a publicly accessible pedestrian trail connecting from 110th street to the north to 19th Avenue SE on the south. The trail would be next to an enhanced stream and wetland buffer along the east side of the property.

You can view the land use plan by clicking here.

You can view the shoreline plan by clicking here. (large document will load as PDF)

The Everett City Council will hold public hearings before any final decision is made on the development.

The Planning Commission meeting is set for Tuesday night (1/21) at 6:30pm in the 8th floor meeting room of the Wall Street building in downtown Everett.

The Everett City Council meeting is set for Wednesday afternoon (1/22) at 12:30pm in the city council chambers.

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