Hail and Ice Turn 41st Street Between Forest Park and I-5 Into Parking Lot

December 17, 2012

Everett, Police Blotter

41st overpass

Traffic came to a stop in Everett due to hail and ice

Dozens of spin-outs, accidents, a jackknifed bus and white knuckles as first lightning, then thunder and finally hail swept through Everett Monday evening. Traffic thru Everett on all of the north-south arterials including I-5, Broadway, Colby and Evergreen Way came to a crawl between 47th to the south and 33rd to the north. Mukilteo Boulevard also became an ice rink between Elm street and 41st. The hardest hit area appeared to be 41st street and Interstate 5 which came to a stop around 5:35pm when a hail storm turned everything white and then froze. Snow plows were called but had a hard time getting through all of the traffic in order to scrape the ice and lay down sand. It took hours before traffic was back to near normal.


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