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Handcuff Help, Gunshot To Groin And Fainting Shopper Kicking Off Everett Black Friday News

November 28, 2014



Medics work on a man who reportedly shot himself in the groin early Friday morning.

Only 7:20am and its already been an interesting Black Friday in Everett.

About 4:00am it took Everett Police, an Everett Fire engine company and a ladder truck to free a person in handcuffs at a north Everett apartment.

Shortly after 5:00am Everett Police and medics were called to an apartment in west Everett for a report of a man who had accidentally shot himself in the groin. He was taken to an Everett hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Just before 7:00am aid crews were called to a department store south of Silver Lake for a shopper who had fainted.

A quick drive around the major shopping areas in the south Everett area showed full parking lots and good crowds for Black Friday. With many of the major chain stores opening Thanksgiving night, shoppers who chatted with reported lighter than usual Friday morning parking challenges.

We’ll keep an eye and ear out for for Black Friday incidents and events in Everett and will post updates. Click here to send us your Black Friday story tips

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Off Duty Everett Firefighter Jailed in Seattle For Immoral Conduct Allegations

November 19, 2014


UPDATE: The Seattle Police Department posted the following information on their Police Blotter shortly after 1:00pm on Thursday November 20th…

Detectives Arrest Everett Firefighter In Underage Prostitution Sting
Written by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee on November 20, 2014 1:07 pm

Seattle police arrested an Everett firefighter Wednesday afternoon after he showed up for a rendezvous with an underage prostitute, who turned out to be an undercover detective.

The Vice/High-Risk Victims Unit (HRVU) detective had exchanged messages with the 60-year-old firefighter during an online sting targeting men looking for sex with underage girls, and the man had agreed to meet up for sex.

The suspect showed up to meet what he believed was an underage prostitute in West Seattle, and detectives took him into custody. Police found the man had brought with him a supply of condoms, sex toys, and personal lubricants, and booked him into the King County Jail for Commercial Exploitation of a Child and Communicating With a Minor For Immoral Purposes.

“We’re focused on going after people preying on children for prostitution,” says HRVU Lieutenant Jim Fitzgerald. “That’s our priority.”

Everett Fire Department

The off-duty Everett Firefighter has not been identified.

Late this afternoon City of Everett officials confirmed that a veteran firefighter-paramedic was arrested in Seattle. Here is a statement issued by city spokesperson Meghan Pembroke…

Our statement is below. He was not on duty today. He was hired in 1991 and currently holds the position of firefighter/paramedic.

We are aware that one of our employees was arrested in Seattle today. He has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. spoke with Seattle Police Detective Patrick Michaud who confirmed the man was booked into the King County Jail today by their agency on suspicion of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes. He is currently being held without bail. is not be naming the individual as charges have not formally been filed.

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Paint Spill Shuts Down Highway 99 At Airport Road

November 18, 2014




paintUPDATE: The lanes reopened at 12:30pm and a Washington State Patrol spokesman Tweeted that the driver of the truck was looking at a $216.00 ticket for failing to secure the load.

A truck carrying buckets of paint spilled its load while turning from Airport Road to Highway 99 in south Everett in front of Home Depot this morning. The accident shut down the northbound lanes as crews from Fire District 1 and the Department of Transportation worked to contain the mess. Northbound 99 traffic was diverted onto Airport Road for the clean up.

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Another Death on Everett Streets As Task Force Prepares to Issue Report To City Council

November 16, 2014


Person down call

An Everett Fire crew and police car in the 1800 block of Broadway Saturday.

Person down call

The Medical Examiner arrives to the 1800 block of Broadway Saturday morning.

At least a half dozen times a day the police and fire scanner crackles with the message. “Person down, not checked on.” Police officers and firefighters are then dispatched to find a person lying on the sidewalk, in a doorway or even on the street. Most times the people are physically fine but sleeping off the effects of intoxication of one form or another. They are checked on and asked to move along. Other times, like this past Saturday morning at 7:15am in the 1800 block of Broadway, the person is deceased. Discovered once daylight arrives, lying on a sidewalk with people going about their business 50 feet away. The police, fire and medical examiner take note of the scene, try to determine what happened and continue their duties knowing that another call of “person down, not checked on,” will be coming their way soon…

Earlier this year Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson created the EVERETT COMMUNITY STREETS INITIATIVE TASK FORCE to examine problems in the city’s downtown core. On Wednesday, the task force will present its findings and recommendations to the Everett City Council. The report is too big to try and present here but did want to provide you with the draft problem statement so you can get an idea of the issues the City of Everett is facing. You can see the entire 18 page draft of the Task Force Report here. The city has developed a comprehensive web site that chronicles the work of the task force since its formation as well as videos of the meetings and the working papers from them.

Here is the draft problem statement:

This Task Force was convened by Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson to “foster a vibrant and healthy community  by better understanding the street-level social issues in Everett’s commercial core areas and identifying potential short-and long-term actions for the community to address those issues.”

The street-level social issues that the City of Everett is experiencing are common to other urban centers throughout the State and the nation. In Everett, these issues are primarily occurring in our highly compact City center. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that Everett is the County seat: downtown Everett is home to the County Jail and most of the major human services providers for the entire County. As a Task Force, we share the Mayor’s vision that Everett become a vibrant and healthy community. A hallmark of this vision, in our view, is that our community cares about all its citizens and that we act, individually and collectively, to address the needs of all residents.

The Task Force identified the following street-level social issues and conditions to be of greatest concern:

Street conduct and behaviors:

Aggressive panhandling, loitering, vandalism, public intoxication, urination and defecation, drug dealing,bizarre, unpredictable, disoriented or disturbing conduct and speech; and sleeping, lying and sitting on the streets.

Physical conditions on the streets:

Littering, including alcoholic beverage containers and hypodermic needles; personal belongings stored or abandoned on sidewalks, in alleys and onother public and private property.

Criminal conduct (in addition to the above):

Shoplifting, car prowls, theft and miscellaneous other crimes.

Visible street homelessness.

Mental illness and addiction problems suffered by many on the streets. These issues are in large part—but not entirely–a symptom of homelessness, mental illness, addiction, and poverty. Task Force members and other community stakeholders and members of the public expressed the following concerns arising from or related to these street-level social issues:

The quality of life, attractiveness of the area, and vitality of business activity in the City’s commercial core areas are adversely affected.

Public safety in commercial core areas is perceived by many to be diminished.

Concern that visible street homelessness in the commercial core areas make those areas less attractive to visitors .

Concern for the well-being of individuals on our streets experiencing mental illness, addiction, poverty, homelessness and crime. The Task Force identified a number of constraints and obstacles to addressing these issues and concerns:

Institutional challenges:

Lack of an overall vision and focus on bringing together our currently fragmented criminal justice and human services systems to better address these issues.

Lack of communication and coordination among social service providers, government agencies, businesses and residents

Insufficient funding and service capacity to provide the treatment and other services required to successfully address these issues.

Insufficient supply of low-income permanent housing to meet the needs of the City’s population.

Insufficient police staffing to provide an increased presence in commercial core areas.

Traditional criminal justice and law enforcement responses, while appropriate for many, are often ineffective, inappropriate, and too expensive to deal with street level social issues–but effective alternatives to the traditional system are being deployed in limited ways in Everett.

Governmental restrictions often make it difficult to site housing and services and drive up the costs of these facilities.

Possible misallocation of resources–too great a focus on “band aid” solutions, not enough on root causes of street-level social issues.

Community conditions:

Lack of permanent affordable housing in the City, coupled with a high percentage of the City’s residents being “housing burdened” (paying over 30% of their income for housing).

Community fears about the siting of services and housing facilities in their proximity.

Lack of economic opportunity.

Unintended negative impacts on neighborhoods and businesses caused by services intended to respond to street level social issues.

Lack of public understanding of some of underlying causes and complexity of the issues.

Those in need lack the information about where to get help, and may lack the capacity to help themselves.

Editor’s Note: There are dozens of people working on the problem and that work will continue. If you’d like to learn more about it suggests you take a look at the above links and consider attending this Wednesday’s Everett City Council meeting which will be held at 6:30pm in the City Council chambers at 3002 Wall street in downtown Everett. You can also view the meeting on the City’s cable access channels or online here.

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Truck Vs. Pole Crash Takes Out Power in North Everett

November 15, 2014


truck pole Everett

The crash happened shortly before 6:00am Saturday morning.

Some residents in north Everett got an especially cold wake up Saturday morning after a truck versus pole crash at 9th and Broadway. Everett Police say a small pickup going northbound on Broadway left the roadway and took out a power pole across from Everett Community College. There were no injuries in the crash but power was out while Snohomish PUD crews replaced the pole. Here are a few pictures from the scene. Click to enlarge. Photos copyright Please do not reproduce without written permission.

truck pole

truck pole

truck pole

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FBI Says Rape, Aggravated Assault and Burglary Down in Everett, WA Robbery and Theft Up

November 10, 2014


nighttime burglar

According to the FBI, theft and robbery are on the rise in Everett.

The FBI today released its official crime statistics for 2013. It comes with a couple of important cautions. The FBI report is based on a uniform crime reporting system and its numbers may vary from how the City of Everett categorizes various crimes. There is also no accurate way to rank how Everett stacks up against other cities in the Puget Sound region to say it is safer or has less crime than the others due to the varying ways crime is reported in each city. Here’s what the FBI results show for Everett in a comparison between 2012 and 2013…

▪ In Everett, there were sizable decreases in the numbers of rapes, aggravated assaults, burglaries, and arson.

EVERETT 2012 versus 2013 according to the FBI

Murder & non-negligent manslaughter: 1 report in 2012, 1 report in 2013

Forcible rape: 46 reports in 2012, 42 reports in 2013

Robbery: 182 reports in 2012, 192 reports in 2013

Aggravated assault: 252 reports in 2012, 208 reports in 2013

Burglary: 1165 reports in 2012, 1129 reports in 2013

Larceny-theft: 4281 reports in 2012, 4702 reports in 2013

Motor vehicle theft: 970 reports in 2012, 1034 reports in 2013

Arson: 29 reports in 2012, 19 reports in 2013

About a year and a half ago the Everett Police Department began using a data based approach to tracking crimes and assigning officers to target problem areas. In a report to the Everett City Council earlier this year, Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman said the approach appeared to be working but needs more time to determine its true effectiveness. Last week the city administration announced they are setting aside more than $100,000.00 in the 2015 budget for a comprehensive study of the Police Department.

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Everett Afternoon Commute Snarled As 94 Year Old Driver Dies In I-5 Crash

November 8, 2014


I-5 crash

Photo courtesy Washington State Patrol Twitter feed.

A sad scene on I-5 in Everett, WA Friday afternoon. Washington State Patrol Troopers say right around 3:00pm they believe a 94-year-old man driving a mini van had a medical issue and rear ended a car going north on I-5 just before Everett Avenue. The van then lost control hitting another vehicle before striking the jersey wall near the Everett Avenue on ramp. The man was pronounced dead at the scene and his 86-year-old wife was injured. She was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett. The drivers of the other two cars involved in the crash were not injured. The accident and subsequent investigation clogged up northbound streets through Everett for hours as drivers tied up Broadway, Evergreen Way and Colby to avoid I-5.

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