Snohomish County 2023 Annual Report Breaks Down Accomplishments

Snohomish County 2023 Annual ReportSnohomish County Executive, Dave Somers, released the Snohomish County’s 2023 Annual report, which provides a nice breakdown of accomplishments last year.

The report breaks down accomplishments by department. We break down the highlights in case you don’t have time to read the full report. Scroll down to read it all, or click on the shortcut link to read the specific department.

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)
Meadowdale Beach Park Estuary

  • Completion of the Meadowdale Beach Park Estuary Restoration Project, a partnership led by Parks and
    supported by SWM. This video shows the importance of the project.
  • A memorial to recognize and remember the 2014 Oso Landslide was completed in 2023.
  • Groundbreaking for Phase 1 of the Kayak Point Park Day-Use Improvement Project in July. This project will provide additional recreation space, move parking away from the shoreline, improve the boat launch, make habitat improvements, and complete infrastructure renovation.
  • The final phase of campground development at Whitehorse Park was completed adding a restroom and 12 non-utility spaces for a total of 30 campsites at this new campground.
  • 3 culvert replacement projects and 3 drainage improvement projects were completed (approximately $7 million in spending).
  • SWM & the Marine Resource Committee (MRC) removed 7 derelict vessels from Snohomish River Estuary. 5 of those vessels were located within Tulalip Tribes’ tidelands and the work was completed in partnership with the Tribes. The total cost is being 100 percent reimbursed by Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Derelict Vessel Removal Program.
  • The Healthy Forest Project activated 6.31 acres across five parks in 2023, surpassing its acreage goal. Restoration activities at those parks included invasive plant removal, mulching, weeding, and installing native plants.
  • The grant-funded Weatherization program provided weatherization improvements to about 90 homes in 2023, saving residents on average 30 percent on their annual energy costs.

Department of Emergency Management (DEM)

Snohomish County DEM Planning

  • Hosted more than 50 classes focused on a wide range of emergency management skillsets and best
    practices. In all, 1,100 participants received more than 14,290 hours of instruction.
  • The drone fleet doubled with the launching of two new aircraft equipped with higher-quality cameras and real-time positioning. Pilots flew nearly 20 missions to ensure the accuracy of emergency dispatch maps, capturing the precise locations of 3,200 new addresses and confirming 5,300 more. Drone missions also were flown in support of Public Works partners to document the effects of river flooding.
  • Updated and upgraded the Snohomish County Hazard Viewer application.
  • Staff and volunteers engaged in public outreach at more than 25 community celebrations, fairs, educational presentations & similar events across nearly 40 days.
  • Coordinated with multiple Snohomish County departments developing plans to ensure government
    will continue to operate during and after major emergencies. Opening the Emergency Operations Center to more than 140 potential partners.

Economic Development

snohomish county economic development

  • Launched the world-leading Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Research & Development (R&D) Center at Paine Field and received $6.5 million in startup funding from the Washington State Legislature.
  • Launched the “By the Numbers” visitation campaign with federal pandemic recovery funds which to-date has generated $10.3 million in economic impact for Snohomish County.
  • Launched Invest NW SnoCo to provide small and medium sized international businesses an opportunity to explore business opportunities in Snohomish County.

Facilities and Fleet

  • Continued sustainable purchasing through Fleet electrification.
  • Upfit 32 patrol cars and set up over 40 new vehicles for the Health Department.
  • Purchased and put into service 14 all-electric vehicles including one box van.
  • The department of 96 employees celebrated 832½ combined service years.


  • In 2023, the Finance Department received the GFOA award for 2021. This is the 14th consecutive year to receive this certificate of achievement for excellence in financial reporting.
  • The Finance Operations Division in 2022 wrote over 74,000 paychecks and paid over 115,000 invoices
    for 26 departments and 45 junior taxing districts and compiled and reported on over $170 million of federal grants and awards.
  • The Purchasing Division received the 2023 National Procurement Institute’s (NPI) Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award (AEP), which recognizes excellence in public procurement.
  • The Purchasing Division has issued in 2023 over 100 bids and over 79 RFP/RFQs. In aggregate the Purchasing Division has processed 31% more formal procurements in 2023 than in 2022.

Human Resources

  • Over 20 COLA’s processed, including multiple retroactive.
  • Established monthly Learning & Development newsletter for countywide distribution.
  • Procured LinkedIn contract to increase county-wide applications and improve public engagement.
  • Relaunched Wellness team operations in spring 2023.
  • Had 900 participants in Healthy Habits Program
  • Launched a discount program for local gyms, yoga studios, and fitness facilities.
  • Provided 4 live video trainings on County EEO policy for County Supervisors and 2 in-person trainings for
    Public Works.
  • Employee Relations HR Essentials for Supervisors Trainings conducted countywide.
  • Executed 24 Memorandums of Understanding.
  • Negotiated and Transmitted 5 Contract Amendments. 14 Collective Bargaining Agreements and currently Negotiating AFSCME Master including 22 separate Addenda as well as 15 other separate Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Human Services

  • The Veterans Employment Program assisted 21 veterans in obtaining employment.
  • The Senior Housing Stability Program (SHSP) had 259 contacts with 144 seniors enrolling in the program.
  • The Energy Assistance Program helped 5,782 households with $5,990,714 in energy assistance services.
  • The Community and Homeless Services Program assisted 200 households experiencing homeless with obtaining housing.
  • The Housing and Community Development team opened affordable housing projects that provide 165 new units of housing.
  • The Human Services Department has dispersed over $28 million in federal pandemic recovery funds to
    provide a broad array of services including access to basic needs. The Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA), which started in the summer of 2020, ended in 2023 and assisted 18,854 households with $188,279,840 in federal ERA funding.

Information Technology (IT)

SnoCo IT

  • Modernized District Court and Superior Court audio visual and recording platforms.
  • Sheriff body camera procurement and data storage implementation.
  • 48,440 support portal tickets processed.
  • Average of 287 projects completed.
  • On track to train more than 95% of the workforce on cybersecurity annually.
  • Installed new full-body x-ray for Medical Examiner’s Office.

Medical Examiner

Medical Examiner

  • Successfully installed new Lodox full-body x-ray machine.
  • Onboarded two new Associate Medical Examiners.
  • Secured significant grants for 2024.
  • Identified Gary Lee Haynie, a 1979 cold case previously only known as “Spencer Island Doe.”

Office of Operational Excellence (OPEX)

  • Completed 100 projects for Snohomish County Departments/Offices, Courts, and Corrections.
  • Streamlined internal processes to increase the speed of project management. Reducing average length to complete a project from 401 days to 139 days.
  • Established standards for OpEx staff to complete projects by size and type. Decreased % of total projects on hold from 64% to 41% while receiving 8 new projects per month.

Office of Recovery and Resilience (ORR)

  • Awarded $8 million to five capital projects that increase behavioral health and substance use treatment capacity by 440 individuals each year, with the ability to serve thousands more. Most projects focus on youth and families.
  • Launched the Small Business Innovation Assistance program with 44 graduates, nearly half of whom spoke Spanish as their primary language .
  • Provided $1.5 million to Sno-Isle Libraries’ digital equity efforts, which will increase their loanable computers with hotspots inventory by 750 devices and expand their digital navigator program.
  • Invested $4.3 million in seven workforce development and job pathways programs.

Office of Social Justice (OSJ)

  • Provided a total of nearly $210,000 in sponsorships to 33 community organizations throughout Snohomish County. These funds support local organizations advancing efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Worked with a local organization to develop a new visual identity for the office; “Love Lives Here” was
    the inspiration for the new OSJ logo. In addition, OSJ launched a website that includes definitions,
    proclamations, and information about OSJ’s impacts in the community.

Paine Field Airport

Paine Field Tower

  • Secured a $6.5 million grant in collaboration with Washington State University and other
    partners to establish a Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) Research & Development Center at
    Paine Field.
  • Completed and submitted the final draft of the Airport Master Plan to the FAA, outlining growth
    strategies through 2040.
  • Successfully obtained a new 737 assembly line at the Boeing Everett facility.
  • Undertook infrastructure improvements, including the conversion of the Terminal Area Ramp to
    concrete, road repaving, and the demolition of aging structures for future redevelopment.
  • Expanded community engagement with hybrid Airport Commission meetings, newsletters, and events like Aerospace and Aviation Career Exploration Day (ACED).

Planning and Development Services (PDS)

  • Code Enforcement had 921 new cases.
  • There were 252 Fire Investigations.
  • Department wide there were 9,864 issued permits.
  • During 2023, the PDS office underwent a significant remodel. The result is that all divisions in the department have been consolidated into one space.
  • Public Records Info Requests (1,608 hours saved).

Public Defense

  • In Superior Court, public defenders litigated 50+ cases to trial and received complete exonerations in
    30% of trials.
  • Organized 12 Community Member Guest Speakers.
  • Able to offer 47 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits internally.
  • 31 Anti-racism Committee Meetings.
  • 8 Spanish Speaking Employees use language skills on the job.

Public Works

Snohomish County Public Works

  • Reopened Index-Galena Rd from milepost six to seven after 16 years and $20 million in construction costs, restoring essential travel and emergency services.
  • Raised Mann Rd/Ben Howard Rd in three places to mitigate perennial flooding south of Sultan.
  • Completed the Little Bear Creek Advance Mitigation Site (LBCAMS) on July 12, 2023, capping off four
    years of restoring 17 acres of wetlands and costing more than $4 million. Work included demolition
    of numerous structures, removing wetland fill, and planting more than 21,000 trees and shrubs.
  • Awarded the 2023 APWA Washington Chapter Project of the Year for the 180th St SE Phase I Improvement Project. The project improved the corridor between SR 527 and 23rd Ave SE.
  • Chip sealed and overlaid 102 lane miles of county roads and used more than 26,000 tons of asphalt.
  • Collected 3,400 bags of litter on about 450 miles of county roads in 2023 through the Litter Wranglers program.
  • Received $12 million in grants for bridge seismic upgrades, roads and trail improvements, and intersection enhancements.

Snohomish County Health Department (SCHD)

  • Secured funding for overdose prevention work, including a five-year grant for up to $5 million total. Launched naloxone leave-behind pilot program with EMS partners.
  • Opened a new in-house STI Clinic to provide low-barrier, accessible, and compassionate care.
  • Delivered efficient, quality Environmental Health and Vital Records services. Performed 4,200+ food safety inspections, 550+ new food establishment plan reviews, 700+ new septic and well site reviews, 1,000+ building clearance reviews, 200+ septic repair applications, 80+ solid waste facility inspections, 600+ pollution prevention assistance visits, 100+ school inspections, 1,250+ water recreation inspections, and 4,000+ each of birth and death certificates.
  • Implemented and expanded the Savvy Septic program, which promotes human health as well
    as healthy, resilient natural environments.

For a look at the full document and to see the vision for 2024, click here.

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